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Found 45 results

  1. Wheel horse RJ

    Nice RJ looks like someone started restoring it and gave up Half way I am asking $750 obo I do have an extra deck that goes with it for Any questions texting is best I may be willing to trade for a suburban I am also looking for an oil bath for K91 Showerhead muffler And a nice set of hubcaps for an RJ And a wheel horse trailer If you have any of those things I'd be willing to trade or work something out let me know thanks
  2. Sickle Bar For Wheel Horse RJ

    I am looking for a front mounted sickle bar for my wheel horse rj. I am located in OH and can travel a some if need be. Let me know what you have. Thank you in advanced.
  3. 2 Wheel horse RJ's

    I have two RJ's for sale One runs and Drives great comes with plow and mowing deck and I have another K 91 that's in good running condition that goes with both tractors if you're interested text me
  4. Wheel horse RJ

    Wheel horse RJ 58/59 runs and drives good asking $900 obo comes with mowing deck I have a video of it running on my phone text me and I can send it to you
  5. I'm selling replacement bearings for part number 1519 which both the rj and suburban series tranny's used. Please let me know if you are interested. I have 10 available for sale. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm rebuilding an RJ-58 tranny and its all together except the left side cover will not go on because the brake shaft is not lining up with the bearing. Its off by about 1/16th of an inch. The bearing on the other side cover is not cocked. The only parts that are not original in the tranny is the big differential gear and a couple bearings but they are the correct size bearings. It is the correct gear, its just out of another unit. Same part number and everything-3502. Did those big gears vary slightly in size during production? because it seems like if the big gear was about 1/16 smaller, I would be able to push the gears together and the cover would slight right on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. As you can see, I don't need much of a reason to take the RJ for a spin!
  8. For Sale; Blade Dozer 42in HD-42, Fits early WH tractors, includes OEM Wheel Horse adapter to install on RJ-58.
  9. 11"' x 16.5" poster is a copy of Sheet 1 of the original patent application for the RJ "POWER DRIVE MECHANISM" submitted by Cecil E. Pond, "INVENTOR". Filed on September 8, 1958. Quality copy on satin finish acid free heavy weight poster paper. Suitable for framing. Please message me to order. It's easier to keep track of everyone that way. I have a number of these available. $18 delivered to the Big Show. $23 shipped in the USA. PayPal is best at burleyfarm@yahoo.com. Contact me for overseas shipping options. UPDATED PHOTO TO SHOW DETAIL
  10. It seems to be a Wheel Horse LMR-301 front reel mower. It mounts to RJ or Suburban types. I was told it was operational when it was removed. Its missing the rod that engages it right now but i might mount it to my friends suburban and make a new one. I havent seen many like this for sale. Only selling because i dont own any nut roasters any more. I may take some 701 parts or a tombstone as part of the payment.
  11. My First wheelhorse

    Hello red square new member here, I would like to share my very first tractor with you all. A 1958 rj58 that I picked up the other day. This past Friday I left work a half hour early to make it to the bank to only travel 10 mins down the road from my job to purchase a rj. So I took it home and enjoyed my weekend staring at it! Can't play yet with it... Have some searching and work to do XD
  12. As many of you know, the correct rims (especially the front ones) for the RJ's and Suburban's are becoming pricy. So from a hobby (verses technically correct collector) What other front rms are the same or similar offset and look. Did any other brands use the RJ/suburban front rim, or use a similar looking rim. What other WH or other brand rear rims are similar.
  13. Suburban 400,401,550, 551, RJ Parts needed

    Looking for parts for my 1960 Suburban 400 project 2- 1608 motor pulleys (for K91) 1- transmission pulley for 3 piece transmission 1 - spring, tension (transmission belt tensioner) (or if someone could give me a picture with a length and wire size so I could fine a similar one at the hardware store) 1- clutch idler pulley & shaft assy (if I drill out the rivets, is it possible to match this bearing at bearing supply? Does the shaft press out of the bearing?) 2 front rims 1 shower cap exhaust muffler Kohler K91 dry type air cleaner Will need them shipped to Marble Falls Tx
  14. Reproduction Heat Shields

    I'm selling reproduction heat shields. Take your pick! $35 per a shield. If you buy 2 shields I will give you the second one for $20. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks
  15. I had a good road trip with my wife and kids today ! They let me bring this home with me.
  16. Does anyone have any info on this style of front weight ? Original WH ?
  17. Suburban/RJ Heat Shield

    Up for sale is a suburban heat shield. I believe it will also fit the rj series tractors. Please email if interested. Thanks
  18. rj question

    What years did the rj 's have the small cast steering wheel ?
  19. I need some help identifying this WH. I'm working on learning the details to look for, so here's what I see! The hood stand is solid. The front axle is swept across the width and swept back. The lines on the top of the hood seem to fade out and not go all the way back it has a solid seat pan. The extra frame space in front of the hood looks too long? so would that make it a 1960 Suburban 400 or 401, or could it be an RJ? it's in poor shape, but maybe a parts tractor, or the start of an RJ restore. is the hole to the back left of the hood not factory? it's been for sale for a while, and I'm about ready to check if the price is getting a lot more negotiable
  20. first horse - a rj-58!

    hi there everyone, I just picked up my first wheel horse on Saturday, an rj-58. I got a seized mower deck, a plow blade, which I think might be from a newer wheel horse. (it has the blade that angles) the best part was I got the cbr sickle for it, and its in really good shape! I have a few green tractors, a bunch of red and silver ones, I thought its time to try a different brand! now I found a lawn ranger not far from me! and so the sickness continues! I'm sure I will be on for questions about the rj, so thanks in advance! - newt
  21. Convert From Ohio

    Yes you read that right I'm a convert, well sort of. I have been into Cub Cadets for several years now and decided to go out on a limb and buy The Wheel Horse Story Book. And to make a long story short I've been bit by the bug. I now have an unhealthy desire for an RJ 35 which is apparently the hardest model ever too find because I've been looking around for about 8 months with no luck. The closest big City to me would be Hamilton Ohio anyone else close to me?
  22. Just brought this back from Jersey. It has the wrong motor, my dealer friend said it was supposed to have a 4hp Kohler that he has but has to find it. Got the tractor, slot hitch, snow plow with hookup, rear plow + deck. I'm trying to find out if it's a 58 or 59 from the experts here.
  23. I've started the rebuild of my RJ58 and the CBR32 sickle bar that fits it. I've been collecting parts for it for a few years so I thought I'd get started on it. I didn't take many pics of the tear down, mostly just close ups for reference. I've got the engine tore down and cleaned up, ready to go to the machine shop. This one will get bored .010 and the crank will be turned .010. I got the parts for the engine today so I'll be able to take it to the shop this week. While it's at the machine shop I'm going to have them bore and tap the exhaust port to 3/4" N.P.T. Any opinions on which rim is correct for the RJ would be appreciated I picked up new blades for the sickle at the show in Le Sueur last year, I finally got those changed. Now I need to get it and a bunch of small parts sent to be plated.
  24. `55 Cable Steer project

    Hi all I have a project tractor and have a couple of questions.The steering shaft has been cut to adapt another steering wheel and I was wondering if the steering shaft length is the same on the early cast wheel and the later regular wheel,also the front wheels have been replaced ,I know early tractors have a narrow rim,does this continue through the rj59`s? Thanks! Chuck
  25. I bought this RJ at the big show and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a lift like this before? Does anyone know why its different?