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Found 29 results

  1. Hello everyone! I recently inherited my grandpa's Wheel Horse 753. I remember it running before his health declined about 15 years ago. My intentions are just to get it running and do a mild restoration, it'll stay in the family. Without further ado, here it is! Having a hard time with pictures due to no phone service at my shop. I'll be sure to update soon.
  2. Got the 753 running

    Got the 753 running this evening, I didn't get it driving yet because I have to get a belt guard and gear oil but the engine runs great, started up third pull and idles very clean.
  3. Wheel Horese 753

    I have a wheel horse 753 for sale! The tractor has a couple mods down to it like a "6" speed swap, earlier foot style foot rests, and a wheel horse backrest. I am moving on from this hobby and need to sell it for so I can pickup my new project.
  4. WANTED: A steering wheel, a set of HL-22 Headlights and an ignition switch for a 753.. I know that 2 are a shot in the dark but I guess I'll start looking! Here is what the lights look like.....i got this off another post here on redsquare so someone has seen these before.
  5. 753 dash panel

    Looking for a dash for a 753 or something from other models that will fit
  6. Wanted Deck for 1963 753 Parts/Deck

    I have a 1963 753 and mainly looking for a mower deck for it. I have one for it, but a lot of pieces are missing/broken and it's in parts. The gas tank on it also leaks a bit, and I just cannot get it to seal right and ended up putting a tank on the back of it. There's some other miscelaneous parts that are missing, like the lift cable etc. I'm just looking for any parts that I could you or need, or any implements that I might be able to add.
  7. My 753

    I finally got my tractor finished thanks to all you fine redsquare folks. I want to thank all of you for all the input and advice you've given me. I appreciate it. Also, I wanted to add a few pics of her on a lazy Sunday strole. Hope you like it. Thanks, Zane
  8. 753 kohler k61 engine trouble

    After mowing the yard at higher throttle for about 2 hours my engine starts to smoke out the exhaust and when shut off... it has trouble starting back up.??? Anyone have any ideas? It runs good most all the other times and never starts hard never smokes but I usually just joyride around the farm at low speed and rpms. Thanks for checking any help is very very welcome
  9. New to me 753 Carb questions

    I just got a 1963 Wheel Horse Model 753. It has a K161 with a Carter Model N carb. Its my first Wheel Horse and I was looking for some advice. It runs great, starts right up, idles good, accelerates fine... but after running for 1/2 hour or so when going full throttle the engines sputters just a little bit. Does anyone know what to do? Its not a problem just annoying to me. I have adjusted the carburetor best I can. I made it have a slower idle speed and normal fuel to air mix. Any thoughts?? Thanks
  10. which way does this go help!!

    Which way does this go? It fits both ways so I'm confused. Also the air canal for the adjustment screw (top hole on picture number 3 on the carb )just sucks unfiltered air. Neither way covers up that hole. Is that right?
  11. how to run throttle and choke cables

    Does anyone have any good pictures of where the throttle and choke cable goes on my 753? I'm thinking one runs over the head and the other goes under the engine shround but I can't remember for sure. Any pics or help is appreciated. Also does the little hooked spring on the govenor arm go through the notch on this disc? Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm not so sure this is OK to do even if I plug up the holes and stay away from seals. Just a thought I had because it would save me loads of time. But I don't want to risk anything. If anyone has other suggestions please let me know. Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone. As you know I'm hot and heavy into wheel horses now and many of you have answered many of my questions and helped me TREMENDOUSLY. But I've finally decided to give my horse a paint job and I thought I'd post pictures along the way. Here's the engine cleaned,sanded, prepped and primed. This is the first thing I've done. :)
  14. nelson or stanley muffler

    Ive decided I'm putting a new vertical muffler on my tractor. Has anyone had any experience with Stanley or nelson mufflers? Those are the two I'm interested in. Thanks
  15. factory muffler?

    Hey again everyone. My 753 has a vertical muffler on it. Ive seen one other one like this on another 753 but I didn't know if it was a coincidence or if it was original and just not very common. Any answers are appreciated! Thanks guys. Zane
  16. Hey guys. I need help finding a steering gear and shaft for my 753. I need it stat! There are a few on eBay that look like they might work but when I ask the seller they don't know can anyone help?? Thanks, Zane
  17. leaking carb

    Hey again everyone. I've gotten SO much done on my tractor thanks to this site and most of all my new friend stevasaurus. What a great guy. Anyway my carb bowl is leaking around the bolt. I tried a small rubber washer but it stretched around the bolt. Should I try a bigger one?
  18. I'm thinking of mounting farmall cub headlights (the thin looking ones) to my 753. I know they're not original wheel horse obviously and I'm usually a stickler with that type of deal but I think they would look good. Is this a bad idea in you're guys' opinion?
  19. Should I flush my transmission with diesel fuel or is there really a need?
  20. index lever

    I installed the blade on my wheel horse. I've had a good time grading the driveway and such with it so far. I'm missing the index lever though. Anyone know where I could find one? Its a 42" dozer/snow blade. Thanks
  21. Hey again guys. My 753 tractor has an hour meter installed on it. (Very neatly done.) It says it now has 1739 hours on it. I would say it might have a little more than that if its not original which I'm guessing its not? The meter does appear old though. How long can a trans last in a 753. (Approximately) I know you can't tell me exactly but it doesn't jump out of gear going up or down hill. Just wondering. Thanks guys, I appreciate it, Zane
  22. steering gear

    I want to tighten up the steering on my tractor. I think it might be the gears? Without being able to see it do you guys know what I might need or have what I might need? Thanks a bunch, Zane
  23. OK, I know hl 5 kits are really rare and expensive. I be seen guys just mount small headlights to the hood which I think looks pretty good but I know its not original wheel horse style. Are there any good alternatives or should I just wait for an hl-5 kit to turn up? Thanks in advance, Zane
  24. detergent or non detergent oil?

    I put 30 wt castrol in my k161. The botle says HD on it. Do you guys run regular oil or non detergent? Thanks in Advance, Zane
  25. detergent or non detergent oil?

    I put 30 wt castrol in my k161. The botle says HD on it. Do you guys run regular oil or non detergent? Thanks in Advance, Zane