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Found 17 results

  1. Kt17 series II no spark

    BeOk first off I have a older 80 400 series . Was my father's and I am attached to the old lady.. it Was running ok.. This year after a year outside it just will not start. I am Not a mechanic so working blind. I have the seat switch bypassed, also the PTO saftey switch. Replaced a lot of little parts,.Don't know if there is something else . so.. history aside.. cranks no start.. using a test light.love my test light.. fixed a lot on some older engines with this.. anyway. Test light not meter. I get power to the points. Power. To the + end of the coil.. a flashing on the neg side of the coil when cranking.. I do get power after cranking on the neg end of the coil.. the two posts not where the spark plugs wires come out.. I do see A white spark seen and heard at the points when cranking and if I pull the points apart when not cranking .. using test light or inline spark plugs test nothing. have not done the pull plug and ground to see.. but using test light I put in on the cable no light.. no light on the coil tower either.. I replaced the coil, condensor and points like 8 years ago I think.. it was hard to start and I was using the manual.. So no spark if power to the coil but nothing out equals bad coil right?? Well the local shops quote for 280 for a coil was a shock. . but looked online hard to find but a little less.. Cannot rember what I spent before.. So worth buying a coil and if so may as well replace points and condensor at same time?? Am I missing something?? Got power going into this and nothing out as I can see.. but heck what to I know..
  2. Hello folks, Some weeks ago I posted about hammered paints that I was trying out on my vise.I was more interested in reactions to the paint but it kinda went sideways so lets see where this goes. I have had more than one 16.50 x 8 inch wheel that had been beat enough that the bearings would not stay in place.I have a way to swage the hub so that the bearings will take a press fit but that to me is a bandaid for the real issue.I feel that the hub should have been made of thicker material to take the gaff.Other makes use a 1" axle,bigger bearings and thicker hub metal and I am going to upgrade the WHs to this stronger hub style.Is this an issue for the users here?JAinVA
  3. Wheelhorse 416-8 with electrtic dump bucket and snowblower. Machine is in great shape!!! Motor was rebuilt at 900 hours and runs perfect. The machine has served me well and will be a great addition to someone who needs a true garden tractor with plenty of power. The snowblower is amazing for clearing driveways. It clears a 42 inch wide path down to pavement. Awesome machine. If your looking to save your back from lifting and moving wheelbarrows around filled with mulch and other lawn and garden items you will be very pleased to have the bucket!! With all the snow we have gotten over the past few years the addition of the front mounted snowblower is a must!! This is not a cheap lawn mower! its basically a small farm tractor and was used as such. I purchased this machine without a deck for mowing so do not ask for a deck. They are easy to find on ebay and craigslist if you want one but this machine is better suited as a tractor not a mower! It will also come with the rear wheel weights pictured, an extra rear tire, a pair of tire chains and a small rear mounted wooden bucket to add wait. This machine has served me well my only reason for parting ways with it is the larger machine I have recently inherited so i need the space.
  4. Does anyone have a working used one for sale or a place to repair them?Thanks,Sam
  5. She throws it pretty far! I'm trying to decide what I like more. Pushing or throwing. Throwing is cleaner for sure, pushing seems faster. I need to re assess with a foot or more of snow. I really like this setup, the only thing I don't like is the heavy steering. Seems like I'm going to break the steering gearbox! https://goo.gl/photos/FZW5sqHG8Uru1ja76
  6. Question is, Is the rear fender also mounted on springs or rubber somehow? I know the seat has springs but the whole rear fender assembly on mine wiggles as if its sprung also. I haven't had the time to tear into it to look further and figured someone here would know!
  7. Hello Everyone, First off I would like to say this is a great forum, heaps of information, helpful people and respect for machinery! This is the story of my Horse, it was traded in at work on a new machine (not sure what the customer bought but in my opinion they got the raw end of the deal), I was immediately interested in it as I have seen a lot of lawn tractors but nothing like this before, it was in a sad and sorry state it did not run but the panels were all straight and was complete. I got it home and replaced the battery and checked over the engine, it cranked and started once primed, the sound of the Onan roaring to life is amazing. I have done some cleaning on it, polishing the hubcaps makes it stand out, they are not perfect but look good still! My intent is to give it a good clean, fix anything that is on the way out or missing. I am currently tossing up having to repaint some areas around the pump and bonnet, I know since it is after 1990 'Toro Red' is the preferred colour over Rust-Oleum Regal Red, what is everyones thoughts? And here is some pics! Love at first sight! After its clean (looking good) Getting down and dirty (Probably the heaviest engine i have had to move) Yummy, frequent cleaning would have prevented this (and a air blower would help) After its clean! Will keep you all posted!
  8. Hi, I am new here although Ive had a Kawasaki powered 212 for around 20 years, its seen others come and go! I recently bought a 416 -8, the deck and onan are good but the pto has been a bit abused Id be lucky to also find a good enough driven clutch plate to warrant using s/hand but live in hope eh So, if anyone has the twin pulley set in good nick, and the little brake pad maybe?? I look forward to hearing from you Thanks in advance Andy
  9. Very nice snow plow / dozer blade. 48" width and in great shape. Comes with the quick hitch for the rear as well! Model #06-48BC01 well worth the money. call 410-812-1943
  10. 314 or 416

    I currently have a 1993 314-8 that has some engine issues that I do not have the time to investigate/fix. I have multiple attachments (42" deck, 48" plow, single stage snow thrower, cab, wheel weights, chains) for it and would like to find a replacement that all my attachments will work on. This tractor was my sole work horse year around, and I would prefer not buying a new tractor b/c I like these tractors. If you are interested in selling your tractor or possibly buying my tractor for a fixer upper, please message. Thanks
  11. So a lil back story: I mow 1x per week and it takes me 2.5hrs with a 20" push mower... I've never had to purchase a mower @35yrs old, I've always had readily available hand-me-downs & freebies. So I set my parameters 2wks ago @ $800 & 1.5hr drive radius. Well I started looking at green (b/c we have a JD 5525), even some yellow (b/c we have an IH Hydro100 + others), and even looked at the cheaper stuff. While I was looking, I kept coming across these "WheelHorses" and so I had to investigate (basically because I like the look) & didn't understand 'them' and the $ they were commanding. That brought me here. Where I started reading, searching, looking up info, reading about problems, seeing which were 'desired' models, and finding out when did 'they' start using plastic, aluminum and recycled Styrofoam peanuts for parts. Then there was the price point when I decided what I wanted & oh yeah, $800 is kinda short lol. Oh, there's 25 green 2007 model mowers ready to bring to the house... Today I am the proud new owner of a 416h... Even has the original BOS attached to the owners manual. Unfortunately tho, it was closer to the farm than the city (day job) so I had sent my dad & brother to check it out & authorized them to spend my $ so long as it wasn't blowing smoke, slapping heads, spitting oil, etc... there's a bad "idler bearing" which didn't spoil the deal (but I will have to fix & have searched here for that thank you WHF/RedSquare already). Most of us here, we need our tractors to WORK. Me, if I wanted and had the time for show ponies, I would have kept a 70 Olds, or refurbish an AC D17 we have collecting dust. No, life is no parade but a long grind... now is my 2hr mow gonna kill this thing, I seriously hope not lol. But that doesn't mean I can't get this Mare to put out a little more - hehehe... She does require maintenance. She does need heads cleaned & valves adjusted apparently. She needs cleaned/detailed... and these are things I can get my oldest son Ben involved in as I want to have more father-son time... (might upset my lil girl but she'll take/get hers if she wants it later). So I'm planning to put this little horse to work in more ways than she had planned. Yeah, there is more to my motivation here as well... I'm a divorced father (accountant & weekend farmer) of 3 with a new family & an old one I still have to support and there's no reason this can't be fun... So check back in, & I'll keep pics coming. But be patient, as I'm writing this tonight I still haven't seen it much less heard her run... But the DERBY is Saturday, this is KY, and pappa's got a brand new toy! Since I know you want to know - this 416h got listed this morning for $500 & 1hr away... she never had a chance
  12. Proud new owner of 1996 416. Was running but then I messed it up. The lever to the right (forward /reverse) was loose. So in a rush I turned the still connected battery over to get to the set screw instead of disconnecting the battery and it arced on the chassis. Leaving a small weld. I set the lever in position and then tried to start it but it wouldn't fire. So here are the symptoms. Starter spins but won't disengage. If I move a lever the starter will disengage. The tractor is really hard to push and therefore I think it's not in gear.. Brand new battery. Checked fuses. Haven't checked spark but feel like it's some safety switch possibly to do with the fact that it is not in neutral Please help. Want to get her running and have fun. Thanks in advance
  13. I have been working on this 416, voltmeter worked fine for a while, then was off. I mean it was at 12 when off, 14 when key was on, & all the way right when running. Then all the sudden it swept all the way around & is stuck at about 11 o clock position in upper LH corner. I have some issues with the idiot light circuit board. I have decided to let the next owner worry about that. The light work most the time, I mean it takes turns deciding which ones it want to come on lol. I have found that circuit board seems to control A LOT more than you think. Can anyone give me some insight on what may have caused the volt meter to do this? Its a 416-8 with Onan
  14. My 416 with the 16hp points ignition Kohler is giving me fits. It will initially start up and throttle up fine but not soon after pulling it out of the garage it gives me problems. It happens mainly when you go to engage the PTO or put a load on it, it starts running rough like and sounds like its knocking and begins to smoke. As soon as u disengage the PTO or idle the engine down it smooths out. Go to throttle it up and about half way it falls on its face acting like its about to lock up. I cleaned the carb, changed the points and set to .020, put a known working coil on it, change the plug, tried an electric fuel pump, took the hood off to try and make it run cooler. Idk what it is. I used it for about a 45 minutes the first time I mowed and it started doing this. I'm at a loss. Any help is appreciated!
  15. 416-8 at the front of my herd

    My stable minus my 800 special. The 416-8 leads the herd.
  16. 416-8

    My work horse tractor. The 416-8
  17. Just started looking for a wheelhorse, friend of mine has me turned onto them what do you all think of a 416 with 325 hours on it with blower chains and weights lowest the guy says he will go via e-mail is $600. Pics look really good. Let me know if I should show up with cash ($500) thanks Derek