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Found 24 results

  1. 1990's 416-8 Wheel Horse project

    Good project, includes 48" mower and grader blade, will trade, engine problems
  2. Wheel horse v belt

    Hello all, I am a new private in the army and have just been assigned to fix an old 416-8. Within the past year the v-belt snapped and it has not been touched since just sitting in the garage. I have looked online and a quick search has shown 0 manuals that have the v belt as shown. Are there are manuals or videos out there that can help me with this v-belt replacement and potentially more repairs once I get into it more? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. PVT Jack Tanner
  3. So I got this a few years ago and figured it was time to freshen her up a bit. Not perfect but a lot better then when I started. I decided to do a black frame and underside.
  4. Mikezephr73

    For sale wheelhorse model 416-8. This also has the mulcher attached to the back of the mower with its own motor. This has the kohler 16 hp motor and the high and low speed transmission. I also have the original owners manual with it. I bought it from the guy that bought it new. It starts and runs excellent.my selling price is $1,500. Must be picked up by buyer.
  5. This is the tractor~1989 416-8 I grew up with so I want to get her back up and running. I am not getting any juice, nothing lights on the dash and the voltage meter on dash. The battery is fully charged, I changed the fuses and relay, the ground cable is clean. I know last time someone tried to start they cranked for a long time and likely burned something out.... any ideas?
  6. The 416-8 I picked up a few months ago takes the larger diameter wheel bearings in the front wheels. The parts list show two bearing options depending on the rims you have. Mine unfortunately take the 107124 bearing that I can only find as new/old stock for $55.00+ each or $230 for 4 with shipping. Has anyone found other bearings that can be used in these rims? Thanks!
  7. Working in the Woods

  8. I'm working on the 416-8 I picked up a few weeks ago. I need to replace the front tires so went to pull the rims. One rim came right off as it should but the other will not budge. I have removed the grease fitting and been filling it with WD40 for several days. I have WD40 coming out through the bearing pretty well now. I found a piece of tubing that fit over the axle perfectly and with a piece of wood over it pounded on it a bit hoping to break it loose but it just doesn't budge. The wheel that is frozen to the axle does hold air. My next thought was to repair the other tire and just put the cotter pin to give some room on the frozen one and drive it around a bit in hopes that it will free itself once warmed up some with to pressure of turning, etc. Any ideas on getting this thing off?? Thanks!!
  9. Started on the 416-8 that I picked up two weekends ago (posted under tractors). The PO thought it was the starter but that is turning fine. I have been able to start the engine by jumping at the solenoid and it runs quite well for not being started in a year or more. Seems really decent. My issue is it may or may not crank with the key! First thing to mention is the battery is charged. The night before last I turned key to start and it cranked but did not fire right off so I let up and hit it again. This time it barely started to crank, then hit it again and nothing it just stopped trying (it acted like a dead battery from the first crank that gives you just a bit before getting worse on the second and nothing on the third try). Last night gave it a squirt of WD 40 in the carb and plug then turned the key and cranked strong and started right up (as I mentioned the battery is charged but tonight it acted like it!) . Then I let it run a bit to warm up going from slow idle to full throttle then back down. Shut it off with key waited a minute and NOTHING! Let it cool down to where the muffler was cool to the touch and still nothing. Any idea where I should start? Thanks!!
  10. Finally I have a few pics from the 416-8 I picked up last weekend. Only the seat pan is pitted so I think the original had been damaged. I had written that the PO had thought the starter had issues but it does crank. Issue is electrical! Think I will need to rewire a lot if not all. Got it to crank a bit but it quit just when it was ready to come back to life! Hope to short the switch so I can get it running so I can start in on it when time allows. They were asking 750.00 but in the end I got it for 550.00 with a 42" deck, dozer blade and grader blade.
  11. 1987 Wheel Horse

    I am considering buying a 1987 416-8 and would like to check it out this weekend. It's a hour drive for me and wanted to check with the group if there are any know issues with a 1987 416-8? Good reputation or Bad? Owner mentioned it needs a new starter. Otherwise used it until this Spring. Does come with a plow, grader blade, 42" deck and cart for 750. Any thoughts appreciated!
  12. Hi Everyone, I am not selling this easily as the loader on this machine was the find of my WH collecting daze! For sale is a 1991 WH 520H with a 1970's Wheelhorse ARK Industries Loader, sub frame and the weight box. The clock on the 520 shows 1183.8 hours. However, the engine was bought off Ebay and I had it shipped to Pennsylvania from Michigan. This Onan P220 had less than 800 hours on it and I have put 40 hours and some change on it since installing years ago. (It doesn't get used a lot)! Before installing, I de-carboned it and replaced the top-end gaskets. I need room for home projects, space in the garage and I picked up another loader tractor of orange color so this one has to go. What's wrong with it!? Well first off, everything works as it should except a gauge light is out on one of the dash gauges. The gauge works, You just can't see it at night. One of the pivots on the loader left side is wallowing. It's not bad but it is something that I will mention. There is a small seep from the left side bucket dump cylinder hose connector. The tractor is also is a ***** to start if it sits awhile. What is right with this machine? All the gauges work! All the lights work! It has the forward swept front axle which makes turning with a loader wonderful. It has the heavy-duty front spindles so it can handle the stresses a loader with weight will induce on a tractor. The bucket is as solid as you can get and built heavy-duty! With the weight bucket full and with the 26x12x12 rear tires/rims, you won't get stuck unless you really try or are in some seriously bad terrain. Though this tractor's speed and direction is still controlled by the steering wheel lever, you will also get a complete foot pedal conversion kit I bought a few years ago on RedSquare and never installed. The motor runs great! The tranny is powerful cold, warm or hot! The loader works 100% and can handle many tasks least of which is snow removal. (Now is where I start to sound like a late night commercial) You will also get the original Onan P220 motor, (rear cyl valve seat went), with all the parts intact including the muffler, coil and fuel pump, PTO, etc. It can be rebuilt if you so desire. (If you buy it now).............. For the asking price, you also get a complete 1992 WH 416-8 that is 100% mechanically sound. (Electrical gave me fits so it has a push start). It looks like hell and a tire loses air but it runs and mows great and starts each and every time. It comes with a 42" SD mower deck that works well. The Onan P216 runs great and has good compression in both cyl. If anything happens to the 520H, the 216's motor can be dropped right in! I really need both these machines out of my garage and storage shed soon. I have NOT offered this on Craigslist or on our other popular classified website here in Central Pa yet. What I really want is for someone on Redsquare to buy it and take care of this machine. ARK Loaders are getting scarce and this unit runs great. I just don't use it as much as I though I would and having two loaders is nuts when space is tight. This machine has never sat out in the weather since I have owned it. (Almost 10 years). It has always been serviced and regularly maintained. It hasn't mowed grass in 5 years! The price is negotiable but I don't want to give it away. I won't ship it either as it's too much to take on and I'm busy as heck! Emails or PM's. I'll check in a few times a day until it is sold or if no takers, it goes on the block to someone who most likely won't care much about it! If you have any questions, let me know. More pictures are available if you want to see something up close and personal. Here are some of the views I took this afternoon of the loader/tractor. $2500 or best offer. Give me an offer. I'm not criminally insane. I'll counter or just say no. Just be serious folks. Thanks!
  13. T-WH 418-6.. Worth it to purchase?

    Hello gang, Have a question about this model as I have an opportunity to purchase a used one in god shape for $425 delivered. It has 632hr on it and the infamous run and then shut off. Which I'm guessing is the Ignition Voltage Regulator under the flywheel being that it's a common problem with these Onan Engine and the amount of grass and garbage that collects under there in that area. Seller states that the "engine runs strong and tight"... The unit is NOT a Hydro but is an 8 speed and looks to be a good condition. Has new Deck Spindles and Blades with grease fittings. It comes with a 50" deck. I currently have a 1988 Belt Driven 52" Scag walk behind with a Kawasaki v420 engine with a slight knock it. But it's been that way since I got it about 8 years ago... With the work involved in the repair and the price is this 416-8 tractor with the time and money? Especially not being a Hydro... Should I just wait to find a good deal on a Hydro or get this one as I can always resell it... I like the Hydraulic setup of the H series as well as the slightly wider stance in the front end... I've Attached some Photos. I haven't seen this unit in person ad the gentlemen selling me the unit is going to be driving 15-20 miles to drop if off. There are a couple Hydros in the area but they are asking $1200-$1750... Thoughts and experience? Thanks. Andrew C.
  14. 416-8 in VA?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had or knew of a Wheel Horse 416-8 located in Virginia. I am looking for the model with the Koehler engine and a manual transmission. I am just looking for the tractor, it doesn't need any attachments. If you have seen one sitting or own one that you are willing to part with yours, I would appreciate if you would let me know. Thanks!
  15. 416-8 info?

    Hey all, I have found a wheel horse 416-8 for sale. I was wondering what you all could tell me about them in general. I am mainly looking to turn this into a pulling tractor, would this be a good one to do so with? If not, what would you recommend? Also could you tell me what you know about the engine, it has a Koehler 341S one cylinder engine. Many thanks!!!!!
  16. Would someone be able to measure the length of or even take a picture of the last couple inches of 416-8 uni-drive transmission dipstick? I jacked and drained tranny, just a little more than 3 qts, flushed with diesel, and serviced with 2 qts of Lucas 80W-90. Nothing on the stick. The stick ends right after the PN 106447, may be broken off perfectly smooth, and has always been that way since I bought 5-6 years ago. I noticed it but didn't think much about it due to an inch of fluid being on the stick when you checked the level, the extra 1+ qt of oil. Assumed the top of PN on stick must be full line. The oil I drained looked fine, just a little fine metal flake from the oops's over the years from accidental grind and go's (or remains of the missing dipstick?). No appearance of water contamination. I changed the fluid due to a low whine I can't say I noticed over the years or at least it sounds a little louder if was present before. No change in whine after oil change either. Just over 450hrs on it so maybe just "broken-in" whine? Bought with 225 hrs on it from a local old timer Cub Cadet restorer who had changed all the fluids before selling it for a friend. Just to note, the whine has a bit of a hydro tranny noise to it. The higher the range, gear, and speed the louder it is, no whine in neutral. Not too concerned about the whine, just have nothing to compare to. The other 416 is an H to push around the two-stage blower, which I bought together this March. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the hydro compared to the -8 though. Love the -8, hydro is a bit sketchy to operate and drinks gas. May need to buy the pedal control kit I see posted here. Thanks up front for any help guys. Maybe my first post but you all have already helped me quite a bit with your experience and knowledge reading the old posts over the years. Great site.
  17. I have a Wheel Horse Model 416-8 with 16 HP Kohler engine for sale with roughly 1000 hours on the meter. Along with the tractor I have a leaf rake which needs work as well as a plow, wheel weights, and chains. Within the last month I have put on two new front tires, new blades, and replaced the fuel pump. The seat is pretty beat up, but is the original. I have the original purchase receipt from the original owner as well as all manuals. The only issue is the mower deck recently started leaning on the front edge. I'm sure it's an easy fix, I just am ready for a new tractor. One of the roller wheels in the front is also cracked in half. The deck is 42", I can provide pictures if you are interested. Located in Newtown, CT
  18. Raider 10 and others

    Hello. i am not new to Wheel Horse, but am new to the old stuff before Toro got into the act. I have a garage queen 416, a well used 520H with a Predator engine, and just bought the Raider 10 for $300. The Raider is very solid and it mows and adjusts better than the 520H. I swept the barn for parts and came up with a much better seat for the raider and mounted it 4 inches higher and added pivots and rear springs to it. Unfortunately, I was mowing weeds and grass higher than the hood and the center mower drive bearing got tight. Should have greased it before use, but now I have the opportunity to go over the entire deck. I cannot say how impressed I am with the design and durability of the older machines. I like the simple stuff and the Raider looks as tough as woodpecker lips. Not perfect, but straight with all the original stuff working. The original tires were leaking from the sidewalls and they had used that horrible Fix-A -Flat on them that had hardened like glue. nothing worked as the sidewalls were too weak to support removal. An idea hit--So i got out the propane torch and heated the bottom edge of the tire through the rim in about a foot of arc. When the smoke first appears after about a minute of heating I applied the tool and off she came just as slick as you please. I then used a 36 grit segmented disc wheel and finished critical areas with wheels like this http://www.harborfreight.com/4-1-2-half-inch-nylon-abrasive-wheel-94017.html and this http://www.harborfreight.com/4-in-80-grit-nylon-abrasive-wheel-with-14-in-shank-60325.html Primer and paint and a new tire tube and she works for a fraction of what a new tire would cost. I found some nice small Led lights at Rural King for $15 and they might fit by removing the logo panel at the top of the hood. The rear of the frame where the tilting seat pan mounts was also reinforced with angle as it was in poor condition. Just minor stuff ,really on a machine of such experience. Of the two wheels, the polycarbide wheel is also a good choice to strip paint on sheet metal as it leaves not much in swirl marks and can even leave a shiny finish if used with care. Try one. . I used the 80 grit abrasive wheel to get at the tight radius areas and then finished up by hand sanding
  19. Embarrassing question

    Hi guys! I'm embarrassed to ask what is probably a really simple question, but I just acquired my deceased uncle's 1995 416-8 with a 48" SD mower deck and a 42" snow plow. Since my other herd consisted of 2 older steads plus a 99 Toro 15-38hxi wannabe, I'm a little stumped as to the proper process to dismount this mower deck. The Attach-a-matic works great, but the lift lever mechanism has been fully enclosed apparently on these newer machines, so I don't see a clear way to get the lift mechanism disengaged from the lifter chain. Is the only option to just disconnect the chain where it connects to the mower? My other 2 (854 & '69 GT-14) both have solid rods/bars running from the attachment up to the lift mechanism. All I had to do was reach in, pull a cotter pin and pop it off. I downloaded every manual I could find from this site, but nothing seems to reference this question directly. For those who just want to know the details...this thing is relatively clean, the hour meter shows 673 hours, and it has the Onan P216 engine on it. Seems to fun fine except boy does this mower deck load up the engine briefly when the PTO is engaged. And I'm going to need some practice using the clutch to keep from doing wheelies each time I stop and start again! Here's a few pics. I'm guessing the shield over the engine was to keep excess grass/leaves out of the fan??? My aunt says he only used it to vacuum leaves in the back woods each fall. Thanks for your help/advice! As always, you guys rock! Joe
  20. Keeps Running

    I recently reinstalled my Magnum motor back into the 416 after I had it freshened up. It runs great but I have a little problem. It will keep running after I shut it off. Every thing powers down except for the motor. Any thoughts ??
  21. LEAF HARVEST 2015

    Just thought I'd post a picture of the 416-8 at a refueling stop during the 2015 leaf harvest. The leaf vac is the reason I got back into Wheel Horses after twenty years because a riding lawn mower would not handle the load.
  22. Wheel Horse Honey Hole

    I was looking for a small tractor with FEL and came across this honey hole,only interested in the D-160 but offered to buy them all to help out the owners son,father is not well,only thing I know is the D-160 (350 hrs on tractor)was re-powered a year ago with Wisconsin engine,no specs on that,supposedly they all run,414-8 has a belly mower so gents judging by the pics what's a decent price for all three tractors. D-160 W/FEL 416-8 414-8
  23. Just bought my first wheel horse lawn tractor (416-8) and am excited to determine its age to start diagnosing start problem and purchase the correct parts. The tractor doesn't have a label plate but my best guess so far is a 1986. It has a 16HP Kholer Magnum Engine. Any help would be appreciated. Pics below.
  24. Hey all, look what I grabbed for 500 bucks! I'm out in SLC Utah and these just don't exist out here, in fact its the only one that I've ever seen. It came with a 42 inch rear discharge, and a 2 stage snow thrower. I have one other garden tractor a JD 317, and several throw-aways. My wife thinks I'm crazy, maybe a mid-life crisis or something, but I'm in love . It had been stored outside for years, the paint is bubbled, the deck spindles were frozen. I lubed them up, took a wrench to them, and presto they freed up. I drained the gas, changed the oil which smelled like gas btw, and it fired right up. The engine sounds more like a Harley than a mower which doesn't suck. I'll be going through the carb, changing plugs, and adjusting valves. It's low and mid range seem to be a bit rough. I'm also going to clean around the shrouds make sure there aren't any rats living in there. So to commemorate the 4th and wheelhorse, I put it in our neighborhood parade, and dragged the wife, kids and neighbors kids around in it. The float sign says "oh say can you see" in case it is tough to read on the pictures. I also did something I now regret, which was hook a power inverter on it and powered a smoke machine. I think I may have damage the stator. It doesn't seem to charge anymore. So I could use some help on where to start with that one. I have it on a battery tender charging it and can mow just fine, but each time I try and restart it cranks slower. I know this should be in the electrical section but I wanted to show it off here. Also, does anyone else's throttle creep down when they mow? If there is an easy fix for that it would be much appreciated. I'm planning a repaint, in fact purchased the Earlex HVLP that I saw someone mention on Red Square. Any bits of knowledge that are obvious to long term WH owners but maybe not to me are appreciated. Anyway thanks for the great community, hope you like the pics. Edit- found the forum post on how to fix the throttle