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  1. Great Project, really enjoy following along. As you continue, are you going to put the self leveing components back on? Don't recall you saying yes or no about it.

    I just finished mounting an Ark 500 onto a C-81 which should be the same frame set up as your C-161, just sheet metal difference. I stand corrected on last statement if I'm wrong. The loader came off an Allis Chalmers 314. I'll be brief here but will elaborate more if you wish. It has a full subframe just like our WH snow plow subframe, just a bit heavier. THe AC broke the rear axel housing (nothing to do with the loader) and I wanted it on the WH for many reasons. As others have stated if you can find a loader with a full lenght subframe you'll have half the battle won putting it on your C-161.
  3. Took the horses for a ride

    Chris, Very nice tractors and FAMILY, all look very happy
  4. C-101 steady progress

    Just a note on the painted spark plug. It may not apply today but in years past paints had lead in them. We were taught never to paint the porcelen of a plug as it was possible for the spark to travel to ground thru the paint to the nut of the plug and give a no fire or misfire at times. As an example our teacher took a plug and lead pencil, drew a line from the top terminal to the nut and it prevented the plug from firing.............Oh I was 14 then, now I'm 68, at least the memory is still ok.
  5. starter generator

    Thanks SOI, you are getting to the point I was going(I think I was going ) a lot faster than I.
  6. Very nice job Sean, neat and clean . Thanks for the pics and text. I have thoughts on something similar, that is why my inquiry.
  7. starter generator

    Hey there Garrett, lets see if we can walk you thru a couple of things, others will help too I'm sure. 1 Not familiar with an 854, does it have an ammeter on it? If yes, when running does it show that it is charging. If it is charging does the needle work its way back toward zero, after say running for 5 minutes or does the needle stay over to 5 or 10 amps or higher? 2 Trying to find from you if the SG is charging to high and causing this excessive heat. Give some more info. Is this tractor new to you? Is this SG problem something that has come up recently and had been fine before? Did you inherit the problem when you aquired the tractor? 3 We know the original SG gave you grief and now the used one you bought (it could have problems of its own) is acting up, so there could be a wiring problem with the tractor. Did the used SG come with a regulator or are you using yours? Ok give us some answers and we'll go from there.
  8. Nice job on the tractor, the old man is smiling and happy you got it!! Questions on the dump cart, not clear to see. Linear actuator or hyd cyl? Bought that way or mod by you? how about close up pic(s) and your source of powering it. TIA.
  9. My $100 score!!!

    My guess on the wheel weights is that they are sheaves off a crane boom with the flange removed from one (the inner) side. Comon guys fire the guesses before we know "The Rest of the Story" And yes, Great find on the tractor!!!
  10. Hour Meter

    Hour meters in our tractor systems run when the key is on as stated. If your engine has a pressurized oil system and a port is available, you could add a pressure switch to complete the electrical circuit to the meter and you would have accurate engine hrs. As Kelly stated hooked to the stater/charging system prob possible. All hr meters I've ever seen are 2 terminal, one for power in the other to grnd, most marked + and -
  11. Not going off track here, but when no salt on the road, my daily driver is a Ford---------------------------------1966 F-250, sorry Chevy lovers, at least I gave you a capital C Hope you find carb prob!
  12. Look no further than the float / needle seat not sealing and stopping the gas from entering the carb once full. Realizing the carb is rebuilt, a spec of something that may have been in the new hose, gotten thru the pump, may be lodged and keeping the seat from sealing. If the inlet elbow was not removed during the rebuild there could be some old hose debris in there and it will lodge at the seat but to big to pass by. All respect to the rebuilder, there are sometimes glitches
  13. Another busy day!

    The tractors are realy awesome. Wondering what the green horse is powered by? Looks like the shiney thing below the exhaust is an external magneto. TIA
  14. 75 B80 4 speed quit

    You mean like this, thanks Heath No hijack intended 75 B80, hopefully i got a bit smarter
  15. 75 B80 4 speed quit

    its a great feeling to fix somthing with no cash needed Amen to that. Folks I don't know how to use the quote thing, any quick tutorial from somebody?