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  1. Arcadia MD

    Football is going good we are 1-0 so far. Practices are every day, so I only have weekends down at the barn
  2. Arcadia MD

    Haven't been on here for a while I've been so busy with highschool football. Finally got them out to another show! Having fun
  3. Will that motor be hard to find?
  4. Back then did they offer conversions to kohlers? It's painted like a jd and I saw another one at the show that was exactly the same. Honestly I hate Tecumsehs.
  5. The motor is a k181 is that original? I know some I've seen have had Tecumsehs
  6. I have not gotten to far into this yet but I will have it down by show time. I noticed that when I started to tear the tractor apart it had been used very hard. I found that the dash was welded to the frame. Is that original? I hope to sandblast, and then paint in my grandmothers paint booth. I do know that the steering wheel is not original. Most of my other pictures are on a different camera.
  7. I may take the tractor up to the state fair! Thank you guys for the posts.
  8. Building A Puller

    I will probably have to wait until show to buy one.
  9. Building A Puller

    My plan is to get an 8 pinion gearbox and mount it to a regular l157 frame. The only thing is I don't have any 8 pinion gearboxes... Also if anyone know of any pulls around Maryland let me know because I know there are certain rules.
  10. 8 speed rebuild

    Hey jake I got the part today I may be able to make it work. Are the 8 speeds the good pulling trannys?
  11. Hey I just restored my 701 and its displayed at my fair the whole week so I'm bored. I heard that they may have a garden tractor pull and was wondering if a 65 101 landlord simplicity would be a good puller. I thought since it has a 10hp Briggs and straight shaft it would be a good puller…
  12. Done! Got the best award you can get at the fair!
  13. My plan is when i reassemble my tractor that i will spray a final coat (not including the motor and wheels). Heres a few pictures of what i did over the past couple days. I need to have the 701 back together by Friday, so that i will be able to enter it in my fair.
  14. Thanks guys! Heres some pics from yesterday and today... In my dash i had some divets my dad checked it when it dried a little bit and he said they had mostly gone away.
  15. Another day of painting, and bodywork!