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  1. Seat springs missing or not 418-8

    Thank you for the pictures. This is exactly the same setup as mine. Now I just need to decide to change to the U springs or leave it as it is. Johnny Walker
  2. Hello, I have 1987 418-8 31-K18K801 that I bought used and does not have the usual large u shaped seat springs. Instead it just has spacers. I always thought the seat looked to be mounted low. So I looked in the parts manual “Tractor 1987 418-8 31-18K801 TIPL.pdf” and I am not sure if my tractor is missing the u shaped springs p/n 110920 or not? It appears I have the 4 spacers p/n 110808 spacer seat *B. I do not know what the *B defines? Can anyone interrupt this page in the parts manual please? Thank You Johnny Walker
  3. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Hi Goldann520,, This is Johnny Walker up the road in Claremont, We texted yesterday about that 414-8, Sorry I missed it, Thanks for posting the info on rock shaft. Concrats on selling the 414-8 so fast!
  4. K241s in C Series

    Thank you for the information. Johnny Walker
  5. K241s in C Series

    Hello everyone. I am looking at purchasing a C-100 with an engine K241s spec 46636d When I goggle that spec # a 1976 B-Series engine parts diagram is displayed. Does this indicate that the engine is not original, or just that the parts catalogs are listed as such? I searched this forum for K241 and did find other post of C105 and C100 tractors with K241 engines. Thanks Johnny Walker
  6. ID these attachments?

    I have one of those disc. I am almost 61 and I can remember as a youngster my dad having me stand on it for weight on while he plowed the garden. I did not enjoy gardening or appreciate Wheel Horse then. Thanks Johnny Walker
  7. 36" sd deck drumb bearings

    I also am restoring a 36 inch deck and would not have noticed the "grove" if not for this post. I had to find a new 105074 housing because I foolishly drove the old bearing out the wrong direction and snapped of the end nose of the 105074 housing . Maybe my mistake will help someone avoid that. Felt like and idiot. Thank you Johnny Walker
  8. C-160 8 speed

    Congratulations Buzz. Thats my favorite model. I have two, If you were closer to NC I would give you $400 today C-Series are hard to find down South , but I see lots of them on Craigslist up north. And we had a local dealer here in Hickory NC Killians Hardware that sold many. And still stocks lots of parts. I do not know what has happened to all the older ones here in the Southern areas? Johnny Walker .
  9. I noticed the wire from the coil to points appears to be different than other twisted copper wire. It is silver stranded and heaver than the other wiring. What wire do you recommend for this on a 16HP K341 Kohler. Thanks Johnny Walker
  10. Hello All, I do have another question and I hope it helps the original OP at some point. The question concerns the wiring at regulator-rectifier. The wiring diagram shows 3 wires connected to the regulator-rectifier arranged in a side by side pattern. The Kohler 41-403-06 regulator-rectifier has 2 terminals on top and one underneath as you can see in the picture.. And they are marked A A C C B + Which terminal does R from switch connect too, and which terminals do the 2 wires to engine connect? Thanks Johnny Walker
  11. Guys I can't thank you enough! Ebinmaine I appreciate all the information. Thank you 953Nut, I like the Delphi Packard Terminals, and I enjoy soldering and using shrink Wrap. Thank you Bob for reworking the wiring diagram, I may as well wire in the clutch and PTO switch while I am at it. Where do you guys purchase these safety switches? Do you use the Toro brand? Thanks again for all this help. Johnny Walker
  12. Hello, Not sure to start a new thread since my question is similar, so If I may hijack this thread as I have a Similar request. I recently purchased a rusty 1977 C160-8 71-16K802. The wiring is a mess and that is putting it light. Someone wired in an engine cutoff switch and mounted it in the Dash plate. But they put some effort into it by changing out the dash plate, as the switch location is labeled Electrical Clutch. And they added an ATO fuse in the modification. But someone has butchered the wiring further by using the wrong headlight switch, splicing wires, etc. There is no wire loom left at all. Wires are bare and dangling everywhere. It was as running when I purchased, but seller had to jump it off. It had a U1 battery. Yesterday was my first opportunity to purchase the correct battery and attempt to crank. I bought a group 51 as this 1977 C160 has a narrow battery tray. I cleaned all the connections at starter, magnetic switch, etc., and added post type battery ends. The first sign that something was wrong was there was no arc spark when connecting the battery cables to the battery. I have a good ground. And as you might have guessed nothing happened when I turned the key. I fiddled a couple hours trying to match up the wiring with that on my 1976 C160 which is correct, but they are not wired the same at the starter solenoid or ignition switch. And to complicate matters 2 wires are missing from being connected to the ignition switch on this rusty 1977 C160 as you can see in one of the pictures. I found a wiring diagram in the manual section on this site, but I also noticed a colored versions in this post that looks easier to follow. So I think my next step will be to order an ignition switch 103990 and headlight and began rewiring the entire tractor. I included some pictures showing the wiring. It may not appear, but I did clean all the terminals except the rectifier. I just now opened that assembly up to view wiring. My questions: · Please will can someone supply a link to a colored wiring diagram like the above without relay mod and for amp gauge. (I have tried to read factory wiring schematics and I fail at that). · What gauge wires and any suggestion for good terminal ends? · Do you recommend wiring back in the PTO and Clutch switch? · Finally do you use wire loom to make up your harness? If so what size would you recommend Thank You Johnny Walker
  13. Battery dimension or size question

    Thank you very much! Johnny Walker