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  1. Howdy new guy here in CT

  2. Picked up a C-160

    Yeah I was suprised to find this one so I figured I would snag it, next time you find one you should do it too :thumbs2:
  3. Picked up a C-160

    Mike, I am surpised you dont have one Trade a 161 for a 160 :thumbs2:
  4. Picked up a C-160

    Thanks Mike And nope just the tractor but I sent you a PM about attachments for it :banghead:
  5. Picked up a C-160

    Well today I picked up a C-160 8 speed from Russ(SALTYWRIGHT), and it is always a pleasure to do business with a Redsquare member as usual. Its a nice machine with a good running 16 horse Kohler and I might end up restoring the tractor or using as is. I will try to post pictures soon :thumbs2:
  6. Nice lookin shifter! I got a few B&M ones(One on my C-125 and the other in my 87 K10) and PBR :ROTF:
  7. New to red square

  8. Got my first Power King

    Mike, I would just like to say thats a great looking Economy and I completely agree with you as well. I was thinking about restoring mine but I like the original look, its definitely a hard decision. I just hope if I redo mine it could look as purdy as yours And Vince I agree with you there but so far I havent had my front end off the ground :woohoo:
  9. I Went a Little Crazy

    So much for a simple repair But you got an awesome looking GT 14 now and you did a great job on it!! :woohoo:
  10. New member- Wheel Horse 1075

  11. Got my first Power King

    Well to start with your question on the tires, it originially came with a set of 16x6.5x8 turf tires on front of it but one of them had a slow leak. And not too long ago Ed was looking for a set of tires to put on the front and he liked the look of the tri ribs so we made a deal and he threw them on. I might switch back to the other set of tires and buy new tires for the front who knows...I am also on the hunt for ag tires and I think I may have found a set but I have to make the trip to good ol New Milford soon And for your question on the wheelie bars, the tractor was going to be pulled with and in the rules/ regulations it requires wheelie bars on the "big wheel" and 'super stock" tractors for the club that I pull with. And for the smaller garden tractor classes I am not sure but it may be optional to have wheelie bars even though most people usually have them to be safe and smart.
  12. Got my first Power King

    Thanks for posting the pics Steve! Im going to try and get some better pics when I got the new work horse outside
  13. Wasn't Looking But Had to Buy It !!

    So this is the one you wouldnt shut up about Nice find Steve! :woohoo:
  14. Got my first Power King

    There comin, there comin geeze! Im still trying to and :D
  15. Got my first Power King

    Thanks rexman! And I completely agree Ed, always a pleasure to do business with you and its great when each person on each side of the deal is happy too. Im glad hear your wife loves it too And cant wait to see the 1045 done I took a few quick pics a little while ago and am gonna try to load them up in a few