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  1. Drive belt pulley sparking

    Late Reply here, turns out the transaxle plate was cracked bad and had play in the bolts causing the misalignment and sparks..... I seen a guy on here made some brackets to stiffen the rear end/cracks without welding or removal of the trans. Thanks.
  2. Drive belt pulley sparking

    I have a c160 and when I bought it the pulley coming off the parking brake (engage,disengage) on the main drive belt was loose or disconnected. The tractor still was functioning fine without it. I noticed sparks flying off the right panel covering the drive belt. I tore it apart and noticed the pulley from the parking brake was riding too high and grinding on the cover. I reconnected the parking brake like it should be and put the cover back on. It's still grinding for some reason. Metal is straight,pulleys line up great, any ideas why this may have all of a sudden happened? I was thinking about adding a few washers to space the cover off the pulley. Thanks in advance
  3. Cam Plate

    I'll have to give that a go, appreciate it
  4. Cam Plate

    Thanks fellas, i ordered 2 of them @$13 a piece. What is the best way to replace one of these? Take the 2 metal retainers (guides) off with the 2 small screws and put the new one in? the philips head on them is stripped out on mine..
  5. Cam Plate

    I have a c-160, I am looking for a cam plate to replace the plastic one that broke this weekend. Does anyone know the part number or know where I could buy one? Thanks,
  6. K341 c-160 loss of power

    Added another c-160 to the fleet. She runs like a top and is in very good condition. You can kinda see the motor torn apart from my other one behind it. I called a machine shop and they quoted me $100 for bore,hone, and complete valve job. Thought that sounded pretty cheap!
  7. K341 c-160 loss of power

    I'll do that for sure. Thank you. I couldn't find a stamp on the top after I cleaned it up good, I'll have to look again though. I'll also try freeing up the tow valve when I get a chance. For the muffler, I used the stock down pipe, cut the muffler off and flipped it upright and welded a stack on it. I wrapped the "up pipe" in fiberglass exhaust wrap and put hose clamps on either end to hold it down.
  8. K341 c-160 loss of power

    Been quite a while since I've been on here. I ended up pulling the engine and tearing it down. Everything appears to be in decent shape besides the cylinder. The cylinder walls have some strange scoring that I am blaming on oversized rings? I believe it has been rebuilt before as the connecting rod isn't Koehler. Haven't been able to track down a bore gauge locally, tempted to just buy one online. If I were to buy a .30 over kit and brought it to a machine shop do they need measurements of the bore or can the use the new piston and bore to that?
  9. K341 c-160 loss of power

    I will do some investigation there for sure next weekend when I get home.
  10. K341 c-160 loss of power

    The guy who looked at it noticed the dipstick constantly pops open when starting and blows some oil out and it also blows back into the carb. He thinks the valves are shot or possibly the ring... What a bummer. I'm still not ruling the hydro out like you said, don't know how to approach that any further. Picked up a parts c160 and fully functioning c160 with another tiller for 100$ today! My 74' plans are to make 25hp if I rebuild.
  11. K341 c-160 loss of power

    I couldn't get the tow valve to budge, just a flathead slot in it, why they didn't make it so you could use a socket is beyond me... Going to have a guy that has 3 c160's stop over later today to take a look. Will post again with any new info
  12. K341 c-160 loss of power

    I've set the points from .020 and .018 to see if there was any noticeable difference. There wasn't any change. The push handle brake just in front of the seat is the brake I'm talking about. I will look into the hydraulics next. Thanks for the added input fellas
  13. K341 c-160 loss of power

    I did a compression test and it came out at 110 to 115. Seems like a good number. Adjusted govenor shaft counter clockwise, it stopped after 1/16 of a turn so I tightened to arm back down. I put more tension on the spring for more sensitivity. It still wants to die when brake is released. Tried adjusting some things on the carb and that didn't help. Engine sounds like it is idling too high still.
  14. K341 c-160 loss of power

    It doesn't smoke at all, I will try to run a compression test on it tomorrow. I talked to a mechanic briefly about it and he thought maybe a govenor gear? Going to try and do some more testing and research before I dig into the internals, thanks!
  15. K341 c-160 loss of power

    I have a 74' C-160 automatic. Kohler K341s Cast Iron 16 hp that I've used for about 4 years now for tilling only. This past week, it wants to die when the brake is released and the drive belt is engaged. The safety switches have never been Hooked up since I got it.Absolutely no power. idles pretty good when brake is on. New Parts Installed: Battery Coil,plug and wire Ignition Switch Regulator Cables ( all wiring connections went through) fuel pump, Fuel filter,carb cleaned condenser and points stator Any help or recommendations would be great! Thanks in advance