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  1. Allis Chalmers wanna be.

    I know. When I picked this up there was a stack of manuals I got also and found the original brochure and parts manual. It is a 401. So yesterday I noticed the head gasket was blown, so I planed the head, new gasket, re torqued after a few heat to cold cycles and now the engine runs a lot better, the governor issue went away. Pics cause it did happen.
  2. Allis Chalmers wanna be.

    The wheels are white, just dirty. I go NJ,NY, PA, and CT to steal from other members areas.
  3. Allis Chalmers wanna be.

    I did some carb and fuel line upgrades to this and got it to run, actually cut the grass. No smoke. The governor is a little sticky from sitting. My shoes hit the tires when I make turns. https://youtu.be/ppHCpdlBcCg
  4. Allis Chalmers wanna be.

    This wants to be a Allis Chalmers tractor, but why? Looks like a Wheel Horse RJ58 painted orange, I scraped the paint and there is no red under it. Maybe he blasted it off, but he used a brush to repaint it. It has some p.o. mods, I know these did not come with electric starters. Not sure if it is a 6 or 12 volt starter, as I see no label on it. You pull up on the short handle to tighten the belt then it hits a switch to engage the starter. There is no charging system. Looks like a home made blade also. It turns over by hand, gas tank is clean, so it should take much to get the ol' Kohler running. Pictures for your pleasure.
  5. Coming from a cub guy,after doing all that work I would keep it with the rest of the reds.You did a great job getting it running.Have you figured out why it isn't charging?