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  1. Thanks so much for all the information you guys have provided so far. Got everything back together and did the first mowing of the year yesterday, the new pressure plate on the PTO worked great was able to cut through tall grass, last year the PTO would slip if I tried anything thick at all. However towards the end of the day the belt started to slip when I got into thicker grass? My question is, is there a way to tighten the tension on the belt? I have a C-161, with a rear discharge deck, if that matters.
  2. Help! With drive pulley/belt C160

    thanks so much for all the help guys
  3. Help! With drive pulley/belt C160

    Gee thanks so much for posting that photo, I noticed something else I have wrong and you can't see it on my pics, I have the belt on the wrong drive pulley on the front end, it goes on the stationary pulley not the out side PTO pulleys duh. I knew I should have taken pics before I took it apart last fall. Lesson learned. Garry I measured the belt it is 82, so I'm going to run out there and put it on the right pulley and see what happens. Thanks guys
  4. C-160 implement lift?

    Thanks Garry
  5. Help! With drive pulley/belt C160

    thanks Gary, I will measure it, and yes it is putting pressure on the back of the bolt, I will fix that, thanks again
  6. Last fall during my last cutting of the yard my idler pulley slipped? and got into the drive pulley that goes into the rear end. SO I've been putting this off all winter, now it's getting close to time for getting this fixed. Anyhow, here is the question, does this look right? According to the manual either the pulley is to large or the belt too short IMO. the arm holding the idler should be more straight up and down instead of in the 2 o'clock position that it is in now. This is the belt that was on the tractor when I bought it, I don't have a picture of before, but the pulley I have on it now is the same size, so I assume it looked like this when I bought it, and it ran ok but still don't think it's right. I also replaced the spring on the left side that basically hold tension on the belt by holding the idler pulley back. Another thing I did was replace the pto clutch plate the one on it was just metal on metal, so I bought a new pressure plate that has the "abrasive" material on it, should make a big difference in being able to cut taller grass, which I could not do at all last year. That was long winded, I will post the pics of what I'm talking about in the next post. Oh one more question, as you can see in the first pic, I have no brakes, where can I get the material that goes in there
  7. C-160 implement lift?

    Ok sorry for the delay, what do you guys think, is there something I can do to fix this so I can raise and lower rear attachments?
  8. C-160 implement lift?

    thanks I will post pics ASAP
  9. Does anyone have a build along, or diagram, or pictures of how this is suppose to work. I can lift my mower deck, sort of, doesn't seem to lift very high. But there looks like there used to be some sort of lifting mechanism attached to the rear also, for lifting a garden plow or other rear attachments. However on mine there doesn't seem to be much of it left. Would like to restore it so I can use a garden plow at least.
  10. pto chirp

    Anyone have a picture of the PTO face to face? I would like to know what it's suppose to look like, is there suppose to be some kind of material in there, like a clutch, or brake pad, or is it metal to metal? Mine looks like it's just metal to metal, I don't see any rivets or wear marks, it looks pretty smooth. I have trouble with it slipping when mowing if I get into any grass that's a little to tall or thick, and I mean just a little, I have to really stay on top of my mowing or it just don't want to cut.
  11. Will not stay running

    Thanks so much for the information, this will come in handy for sure.
  12. Will not stay running

    New information, I charged the battery with a battery charger, engine started and ran for at least 20 mins, which was all I needed to finish mowing the yard. So sounds like battery is ok, now I need to fix the charging problem. Still looking back through past post to find what I need.
  13. Will not stay running

    I’m no mechanic, but can follow directions, and these engine look fairly simple, so if my question sounds like it’s coming from a novice that’s because I am, please forgive me. Ok, here is the problem, I can hook the jumper cables up get it started, shortly after taking them off it dies, like within 20 seconds. I did it again and this time just took the pos jumper off waited for it to start dying, put it back on and the engine caught again and continued to run. So to me that means there is no spark being generated by the engine. Ok here is the novice part of me, there is no alternator on these things, so what generates electricity to provide the spark? And how can I fix this problem? Or is it just that my battery is so dead it is causing the problem? I have a C-160 with a Kohler K341 AS engine.
  14. PTO

    Thanks Andy, that helps a lot, I will make that a priority to check that out.
  15. PTO

    Don't know how long the belt has been on, looks in good shape, I know you can't always tell by looking. It is a manual pto, I don't think the belt is the problem because when it "slips" the PTO slows down or quits spinning until I stop and back up or just let it "catch up"