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    5 857's,401-8 speed
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    chevrolet dealer ,,,parts wholesale
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    my interests have always been family,,my 2 great children and 35 years of marriage,,,
    THIS horse hobby started with a W/H 401 at the dump,,,
    5 years ago..no hood,,no engine,bad rear.
    So the story begins.....................

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  1. Hey guys,,,,,im looking for 4 ==6x12 ags,,,,,even if you have 2 maybe some one else has the other matching set...let me know what you have ,,no hurry,,,,i can pick them up at the big show and settle up now,,,thanks , ,,,Howard857Horse...you local Mash Pole.Guy.........the Pole will be up at the Show.....will you be ready.?? Howard857Horse in VA
  2. Looks pretty Laget to me,,,,,,,I like it !!!!!
  3. Reading this thread,,,,can make yeah want a thicker skin more than your coat,,,,,,, lololoololol
  4. Wow.......I hope there were some final words,,,,,,,, You guys are just not right !!!!!! LOLOLOL
  5. I will take what is behind door # 2 Some one better look out there door,,,,,,,,its coming....
  6. Eveniing Sparky,,,,,,if the sale falls thru.and ...if it don't knock or smoke,,,lololool I will take it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks again.... Howard in Va,,,,,,, Oh,,,,,,,and bring a MASH POLE SIGN,,,,,in june... Howard 857 Horse in VA
  7. that is a steal...if you change your mind....let me know,,,,, Wow....that looks great,,,,good deal in my book Howard 857 Horse in VA
  8. I think its fair to say,,,,i can never be able to address the debate at hand,,,,So...here goes...... I have never been able to afford a set of hub caps...... BUT !!!!! I can afford to buy one when I see a very nice one,,,,,, Result.???? I now have 6 sets of the cleanest caps I have ever seen,,,and that includes,,,2 complete sets of the old chrome ones this is where my story crosses paths with this post,,,,,,I have never used mine,,,nor mounted them.....never got out the gate... I have to give these guys respect for showing there stuff (( N3PUY and ELLIOTT )) SO,,,,,,I have no self respect.???? lololo
  9. This is a case of releasing the traditional exemption to enter the BIG SHOW,,,,, Due to color conflicts.....Meaning RED is enter,,,,,and GREEN and YELLOW are a no,,,,, think about it !!!!!!! Let the SHOW begin
  10. You know your friends when you snooze with the chickens and the hens....... So Mr Kohler,,,,,,,,to know this group.....stop by the Mash Pole.......bring your pole sign,,,,,and get your personal I.D. have your hand out ready to meet ....greet,,,,and introduce your self to 800 of your newest friends.... OH,,,,,,and the snoozing,,,,that was doctors orders,,,,,,,,, and all these guys giggling?? they watch guarded with a fly swater,.......!!!!!! A FLY SWATER !!!!!!!!!! But seriously,,,,,,,,,,,bring a comfy lawn chair,,,,,,your feet will thank you later
  11. Someone post the man a few pics.....my old computer,ate all my film......I don't have a single pic of the mash pole,,loaded,,,The Sea of RED..the 3 or 4 dozen pics that were pulled off the Post office wall,,you know your names,,lololo,,,,,the RJ Motorcycle...Maynard lookin like a million Bucks after a near no so fatel roll over........Bob Rocks inventions....and Jeff Slayen the tetter totter on the Single seat TRAC Machine................Oh,,,,and the homless guy on the bus stop bench,,,,,,and all that is just 15 minutes of a 3 day weekend....... Howard 857 Horse ,,,,,90 days till Wopner and the BIG SHOWWWWW
  12. I just watched the weather,,,,,,,,,,,,snow Friday and Sunday........jusss shoot me !! loloololol
  13. thank-you to everyone for all the pics and the video,,,,,,,,this was great to learn.... Howard 857 horse in VA
  14. Proud moments,,,,proud DAD...... We celebrate with you,!!!!!!!!! Howard 857 Horse in Va,,,
  15. Elcamino Jim,,hit it on the Head,,,,,,,,,the odds of hitting that kind of find in VA,,,,,,well..........the nail would need a very wide head,!!!!!! olollooollol