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    my interests have always been family,,my 2 great children and 35 years of marriage,,,
    THIS horse hobby started with a W/H 401 at the dump,,,
    5 years ago..no hood,,no engine,bad rear.
    So the story begins.....................

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  1. Hey,,,,,,just a guess.....When in gear.....see if you can see if both or one axle is turning,,,,a key-way in the hub might be the culprit...if you find tht is it,,,, Don't knock the hub off,,,,it might break,,,,,,,in stead,,,use a hub puller,,,,check back in a while.....off today......and other Horsemen are going to chime in,... Good crowd here. lots of help.... Howard 857 Horse in Va
  2. I like jims answer,,,,,,,OR,!!!!!!!!!!! me and Jim will give yeah $500.00 for either one and we will share,,,,,one year him,,,,me next,,,then repeat ,,,,,,,,,,,either one,,,has to come to the SHOW
  3. I was kinnda hoping for a plow attachment after the development stages ,,,,,,,,lol This is a good idea,,,,,,,,,,,of course,,,there is always the storage space issue,,,,, I like it !!!! Howard857Horse in VA
  4. An 8 H.P. with a PTO.....now that is kinda cool....I would buy it just to copy that set up on a couple of my 857's so I could run the more modern mower decks...... and,,,,,,,are those 10 inch rear wheels.???? Looks like this horse has short legs,,,,if all this is stock,,,,,i cant say that I have ever seen this model before.. and yeah never know,,,,,the rattle job might buff out after it hardens a little more...... Howard857 Horse in Va.......
  5. I like it,!!!!!!!!!!! But you already know my take on this matter,, and thanks for the hints on the shine Steve,,,, Howard 857 Horse in Va
  6. TORO .......just saw the hint.......back to the end of the line
  7. Its alive !!!!!! What a Monster.!!!!!! No stopping her now !!!!
  8. See what you guys started,!!!!?????!!!!!!????!!!!!!! Don't tell him about the effect on family life..empty corners in the garage,,,,,THE BIG SHOW !!???!!! Then there is stocking up on 90wt,,,,,fuel filters on sale......spare tires and wheels..... Now,,,,will he need a TOMB STONE.??? and does she know about that ??? $$$$ weekend road trips ololololololol,,,,,,,,,and what color RED works best...... I'm not sayin nothing !!!!! HOWARD 857 Horse in VA
  9. My ideas always show up out of left field.......While reading this thread.....I had a thought,,,,,A man,,maybe some one here,,,,,Could do this Tomb Stone in CAD,,,,On a CNC machine,,,,and do it in wood.....with Wheel Horse on the front and make it a 3rd choice,,,,stain it or paint it RED,,,,,,,I would buy one,,,,,, and I would buy a tomb stone bracket,,,,,,,,,,,,,You can buy diamonds as the real deal,,,Moizinite,,,and glass,,,,,,,people know it and pay for sparkle,,,, We have 50 year old tractors,,,,,I;d want some sparkle Howard857Horse,,in VA
  10. Best advise given Some times the best ideas need help getting off the ground !!!!!! Howard857Horse in Va-------------------- I will be seeing you at the show,,,,,
  11. mine are blooming everywhere...........Cute Dino,,,,,,,does it drink from a cup??
  12. I could tap holes.......just drill the signs........that might be a good idea !!!!
  13. Ztnoo.........we screw all the signs to a wood pole,,,,a metal or plastic pole might create another delima,,,,,But any input is good...... thank-you,,,,,I am listening Oh,,,,and I just caught what Elcamino Jim said,,,,he only says that because its true... Howard857Horse in Va
  14. You know they will be at the BIG SHOW,,,,,,,the plastic ones are way cheeper than the cast iron,,,,and they weigh the same.. See yeah at the show,,,,,,,and you better bring a MASH POLE sign !!!!!!!! Over and out !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay safe,,,,,,,,,,,,,857Horsein VA,,,,,,,,,,,
  15. We;ll,,you saw it here first folks,,,, when yeah wanna crack a few eggs you drop the hammer. and pick up a pipe wrench accuracy or your money back !!!!!! and Ed don't hollar "FOUR" be for he swings.....!!!!!