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    5 857's,401-8 speed
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    chevrolet dealer ,,,parts wholesale
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    my interests have always been family,,my 2 great children and 35 years of marriage,,,
    THIS horse hobby started with a W/H 401 at the dump,,,
    5 years ago..no hood,,no engine,bad rear.
    So the story begins.....................

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  1. Testing the Waters

    Wow,,,,,,my computer was gone with Fritz,,,,,,for 3 weeks,,,,,,I see what I missed.!!!!!! I would be present,,,,,!!!!! I'm all counted in,,,,,and I like the Waldo thing,,,,,,easier to find friends and famly that are on the plan,,!!!!!!lolololoolo
  2. Old topic,,,,what i discovered

    Ed,,,,make you a deal,,,,,,,,you bringing a sign next june (( for the Pole )) and pictures will come hither !!!!!
  3. I have seen this topic,,,,,time and time again,,,but.....I made a discovery in my own garage,, I had a can of Rustoleum Sun Rise Red..........I opened it and it looks Like one of my 857;s It is a remarkable match,,,,,,,,,,,,i painted my weights and the color was spot on,,,,,,,,++ Just giving my input,,,,,,,See you on the other side @!!!!!!!!!! 857Horse in Va
  4. Now thats thinking outside the box !!!!!!It would have sold as a factory item !!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Deadguy!

    As I recall,,,,,,,we both had a busted rear hhub !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your getting older,,,,,,,,!!!!! OH,,,,and the guy on your tractor,,,,,A new tractor owner,!!!!!! Good to see your here,,,,,,,,,,maybe next year and a BIGG SHOWW ??!!!????!?!?!?!?! stay safe,,,,,,have cake,,,,,,,,and enjoy......................................pals 857 Horse in VA
  6. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    when you sit on the seat,,?? the seat comes down and hits the fenders?? Y'up,,,mine did that,(400),,,So....I turned the tool box and sprig around,,,backwards,,,,,it rides a lit ittle hard,,,,,but it works,,,,for me,,,,and I'm fine with it,,,,,i have seen others make a wedge of wood,,,and it works,,,,, Its what works for you is all that matters.......have fun,,,,,and post a pic or 2 of your fix,,,,,folks here love piccs !!!!!!
  7. Something Few of Us Have Ever Seen !

    I'm rolling my pennies NOW !!!!!
  8. Something Few of Us Have Ever Seen !

    Is that the same as lining up the newest,,,,biggest,,,duelist ?? Craig,,,,,my son and his friends have a saying,,,,,built not bought,!!!!!!! Lane,,,,,if these sell....im in,,,,just tell us when and where.. ololol Howard,,penny pockets in va
  9. Happy Birthday 19richie66

    Ritchie,,,,,,Hope to see you at the 2018 BIG SHOW,,,,,,,stay safe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. Howard ,hope you are feeling better and got the wind back in your sail.

  11. The 418 C is alive!

    Richard,,,,,thats battin a winner out of the park!!!!!!!! Maybe this will be your ride next June ,at the BIG SHOW......... I think while we are discussing Beverages, a Coffee Cup maybe ,WheelHorse head,,,,,,,,and the YEAR STAMPED ON IT !!!!!!!!!! 2018 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe all Black or Cotton White,, BIG SHOW SIPPIE CUP !!!!!! frequency of refills optional
  12. Do duals pop wheelies more than single rears?

    duals would be able to contribute to this, but the best advice I can offer is to add more front weight. 953 NUT had it his first post.!!!!!!!!! good start would be front wheel weights,,,,,,Maybe even a tombstone.!!!!!!!!! Good post Richard !!!!!!!!!!!! 857 Horse.....Stafford Va 7
  13. Mower deck baffle rotted out - how to fix?

    I cant believe this,,,,,,I have a 42 inch deck,,,looks just like this one,,,,, Mr Jack Where ever this repair takes you.....please include me in your notes,,,,........... thanks for the post 857Horse howard in Virginia
  14. Big Show idea?

    Just for the road.............I do come peek,,,,,and check in now and again....... I'm Trying fo figure out why I'm out of gas,,,i have always enjoyed hitting the road running,,,,,,,and this is not quality of life at the moment,,!!!!! ,,I talk to Old Man Red Rider,,,,,and Road Apples,,,,,,,both ,,,,are solid pals....We talk weekly even if its to keep in touch.... for now back to bed,,,,When I'm back on my game,,,,,it will take more than a base ball bad mitton to keep returns coming,,,, pals N Red Tractors in VA,

    Lane,,,,,been following your travels,,,,,,,,good pics,,,,,,,,,,Lottah nice stops,,,,,,,,Keep gowing !!!!!!!!! . Howard 857Horse in VA