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    5 857's,401-8 speed
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    chevrolet dealer ,,,parts wholesale
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    my interests have always been family,,my 2 great children and 35 years of marriage,,,
    THIS horse hobby started with a W/H 401 at the dump,,,
    5 years ago..no hood,,no engine,bad rear.
    So the story begins.....................

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  1. Interesting Auction in Virginia, September 16

    Dells,,,,OLD RED RYDER....Wild Bill Pearson,,,,857 Horse,,,,,JAY in VA........and the SILENT ONE 953NUT !!! ..............................elcamino Jim yup.........we got this, lololollool Of course its an everone invited event !!!!! lolo
  2. Weights

    From one 857 to another......The ones we see posted are the only ones I've seen,,,,,, and uh,,,to
  3. Pics in files??

    Although I am aware the files are here,,,,I am discovering tonight ,,,,I Need a class....how to open them and here is my question that I am searching an answer... I have several tractors that end in a 7,,,I know it is for the year...The seat pan is held in place with 2 bolts in the rear that act as a hinge,,,,When this is dis assembled there are 2 nylon bushings,,,,,,,,,Does someone have a supply or sourse for these,,,,??? Or perhaps a part#,,,,,,????? Thanks in advance,,,,,Pals,,,teachers,,,,,,,Banters,,,,,,any and all opinions welcome,,,,,9-5 Most weekdays Howard in Va
  4. 2018 WHCC Show

    Some one knows something about something some one else knows about,?? Huh???? I'm gonna bring a,,,,"Can you beat Ed Kennell ,,,heavy weight plowing machine,,",,,plow can stay home,,,,
  5. Wheel Horse Show?

    Electro 12,,,,,and anyone that did not receive an I,D, badge,,,,,forward me your address and I will send you i.d. badges in clear holders,,,,,,you fill in the blanks and USE IT !!!!!!!! We handed out almost 500 at this show.................. and for those that could not stay around for the night cruz.......All the young and adult tractor operators,Were handed over 400 Glow sticks and Braclets,,,,THAT WAS A BALL,,,, I will send 2 badges unless you would like more,,,just ask....... Guys SHOW US YOUR BADGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hold My Beer and Watch This

    Been lurking ,,lolololo Did you see the Tomb Stones,,,Derek Workmen is getting done,?????.....I'm hoping they are gonna be nice,,,,,,,,,
  7. Hold My Beer and Watch This

    ED !!!!!!!! Where do you find this stuff,?????lolololololo
  8. Looking for 12x12 wheels

    The rims in the pic are 12 inch x 10 inch wide wheels,,,24x12.00 x 12 rims look completely different with 24 x12.00 tires ,,,the tires will appear flat with 12 inch wide rims,,,,,and will fit under all my steel hoods, Electro 12,,,,857'sand 867;s Get the riims made or,find some puller guys with xtra rims for sale,,,,,, Had these been 12 wides,,,I would have bought them,,,,, good luck,,,,,they are out there,,,,,,or take 4 rims and give birth to a new set !!!!!!!!!
  9. Looking for 6x12 ,,,look like old snoe tires,,BF Goodrich

    This is not what it looks like.....lololololol
  10. Hi guys,,,,,,I need a pair of 6x12 BF Goodrichs,,,,,NOT bar tread,,,,matter of fact,,,,,i would be happy to find a single one if it was still nice and clean,,,,,they look like old fashion snow tires Drop me a note,,,,you could send a pic to my phone,,,,, thanks again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Howard 857Horse in Va
  11. new to me

    Your near Lake Anna,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you fish AND have a Wheel Horse,,,,,you are certainly home,,,,,,,, Welcome to the club !!!!!!! well its not really a club,,,, lol Howard 857 Horse in VA

    Steve,,,,,,,,,,,,,,glad to see,you moving about,,,,,,,,,, Needless to say,,,,the c;lock is ticking once again,,,,,,,, As far as not being at the show,,,,,,,,,,,,,Oh,,you were there and we have plenty of witness's take car,,,,take a number,,,,,you are a piece of the pie,,,,,,and all the crumbs were devoured,!!!!!!!!!
  13. How to Make Bail

    Has anyone seen this magnificent example of a Hot Rod.?? It was at the BIG SHOW........I saw it...... What a machine,,,,,,,We need a spread on this tractor,,,,,, Ed,,,you did to much work,,,and received to little credit,,,,,, We need your idea for next years Feature tractor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I cant forget your winter stacker !!!!!!!!!.......Bring on all the heavy weights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Plastic Hood Hinge Bushings

    these are the ones I saw at the BIG SHOW,,,,,,but not sure of the demensions,,,,,,,Good Eyes Bob !!!
  15. Plastic Hood Hinge Bushings

    3 ladys at the BIG SHOW was selling them....the rear barns,,,Nylon with a curled slit and flanged,,,,,,Dad had several 100 of them,,,,,they come every year and sell off dads old stock.....,,I know,,,,,rhe show is over,,,,,,,,,,But they had them.......3.00 a pair,,,,,,,,,,and NO,,,,dont have a name..... their barn had a ..pig over the door,,,,, I know this don't help,,,and does little good for now,,,but they do exist,,,,, Howard.