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    chevrolet dealer ,,,parts wholesale
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    my interests have always been family,,my 2 great children and 35 years of marriage,,,
    THIS horse hobby started with a W/H 401 at the dump,,,
    5 years ago..no hood,,no engine,bad rear.
    So the story begins.....................

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  1. Not quiet sure I understood what I just read....................
  2. OK,,,,I'm up IM UP,,,,,,,,,,,,breakfast,,,,pack a bag,,,,stop for gas.......... heading North......2 1/2 hour drive ,,,I brought tooth picks !!!!,,
  3. John,,,,,,you believe it !!!!!! we're gonna need a size xxxxl space.!!!!! I will try for a 30x10 space.. lololo OH,,,John,,, I found it !!!!!!!! So no mail...................its loaded,,,,,
  4. Ed,,,,I saw the sighnnn.....Isnt that a song.??? I will be in town Wednesday by 12 noon,,,,, Nothing to do,,,,,So I'm gonna check out the show,,,,and see IF,,,,,they will let me put up the POLE,,,,,, Hey,,,,while I'm runnin my mouth,,,,thought you guys should know..... Mike and Deb Wall,,,are regulars at the BIG SHOW,,,,,seems,,,,Deb needed a surgical procedure.....and NOW she is in the Intensive care,,, Now,,,,I go to about 4or 5 tractor pages..and saw it posted,,,,,it cant be to good ,,,I'm guessing something didn't go as planned,, Richard,,,where are you.???? You always find the words,,,,,,,,,We could use a few,,,,, Howard..........
  5. I will be in town by 12noon Wednesday,,,,,540-295-8407,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, opens at 9..??? really.?? Why am I thinking 7,a,m, Hey as long as its a no rain AM,,,,,,im ah happy WheelHorse camper,,,,,,
  6. What did Aldon say,,,,incetiviffing.??? I don't have any coupons,,,,, and now its gonna rain,,,,, No Steeeevo,,,Elcamino Jim is gonna make an entrance,,,, And the spaghetti dinner,,,,,does it require a dinner jacket,??? or will a spaghetti over coat be ok,???? I will be there by lunch,,,,,i am loaded,,,,,and ready,,,,,,,,,,, Lets hear a little more about this 3 day rain,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 day show,,,,,3 day rain,,,,,,,
  7. I gave a SS12 to an old man,,he bought one new in 67,,,,,the is gonna be his last hurrah,,,,,,,,,,This machine looks fantastic,,,,,,,,,Great job !!!!!!
  8. (( have a repo set,,,,,very clean cut set,,,,,15.00 5 shipping
  9. pm sent
  10. Four grankids headed my way......what else can a Granpa ask for??? Oh yeah,,,,,THE BIG SHOW next week..... Cant beat perfect,,,,,and to all Muh Boyz,,,,,Happt Fathers Day,,,,,Seat time is also in a lawn chair,,,,,you know where to find me,,,,, Big Show in a few days,,,,See you there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to the ones that wont be coming,,,,,,you will be there,,,,you know it,,,we know it....... OK old guys.......have a great day......be safe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Howard857Horsein VA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. WELOME TO RED SQUARE Next weekend is the Wheel Horse Show of the year Bieglersville Penn,,,,,,,,,,,,Its the worlds Fair of tractors..... Welcome Home !!!!!!!!! Howard 857 Horse in VA
  12. Elcamino Jim,, it has a name,,,,,,,its not a Dew Hickey,,,,its ah,,,,,,ah,,,,, Karl.tell um,,,,,, Howard 857 Horse in VA,, Opppps,,,,,there it is,,,,didn't see Karls response,,,,, I knew what it was,,,,,,there was gonna be a quiz later,,,,,, Good job Jim,,,,,we try,,,,,loololololo
  13. Lowell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I looked at the sight,,,,,,read all the comments......looked at the sight....read some more.....Looked at all my tractors,,,,and your tractor with the New Hitch,,,,,(( Very cool,,,by the way )) I'm not gonna paint my tractors another color,,,, I guess I like RED !!!!!!! Let the show begin !!!!!
  14. We assume,,,that Ed K_____ll wi;; be bringing the Rottotiller,,front yard driller,,belt driven thing to the show,,,,,,, it can be displayed in the (((( Evolution of Cultiviccation ))))) section in the lower field,,,,, and based on the vote in this thread,,,,,,,,,It looks like Front end Loaders/Jonny Buckets,,,should be the feature tractors next year. We don't need a 3rd year of Modifieds,,,,,,,,, just IMHO Howard in Va
  15. Not changing the subject,,,,,,but I have a 1961 401 Suburban,,,,about 5 years ago,,,,,,i bought a NOS replacent hood,,,,,the box came in pieces,,,in a small box... ,,,feel apart,,,,The hood is on Red,,,this Hood is it !!!!!!! I actually have a small can of touch up paint,,,,,,and it is also has the GM paint code,,,,,perfect match,,,,, Only issue is,,,,I am not taking the tractor to the BIG SHOW,,,,,,I am taking 2 machines for sale,,,,a pair of 857's