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    5 857's,401-8 speed
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    chevrolet dealer ,,,parts wholesale
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    my interests have always been family,,my 2 great children and 35 years of marriage,,,
    THIS horse hobby started with a W/H 401 at the dump,,,
    5 years ago..no hood,,no engine,bad rear.
    So the story begins.....................

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  1. 416-8 has been neglected

    Nothing goes better Diet Pepsi and a Moat !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Plow cutting edge

    I was gonna say,,,,go to Lowes,,,,,,48x3 is 25.00 But WVhillbilly,,,,,has a better suggestion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gOOD iDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Front bar on frame for 314-8

    Well,,,,,i just learned a new word,,,,,,and what ever ED just said,,,,,,sounded pretty bad Azz........Thanks Ed,,,,!!!!! Weldment........<======= Id like to use that someday,,,,,If its OK,,,,with all concerned !!!!!!!! thanks much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Howard 857,,,,,down under in VA
  4. Chrome and Stainless Hubcap project

    OMG,,,,,,,,,,,,,whos got the goods,,???? Where can I get them.....????????????? LANE !!!!!!! I'm all ears,,,,, Howard in Virginia
  5. Who made this... Take 2...

    I would go with TEAM RULZ recommendations.......good advise and good sourse to work with...!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Roadapples

    Jay,,,,,,,So you clicked off another one,,,,,,,,,,,glad you did,,,, Glad we met,,,,,,,good buds..always
  7. loader wh on the mass pike

    Everyone agree;s,,,,,,,,we need some marketing,,,,,,maybe we need to pay a visit to some of the tractor pages,,,,,i know there must be 3 wheel horse pages,,,, a few Cub sites,,,,,and a place or 2 that talks green stuff,,, In April and May I hit the road and visit other sights on line to Advertise THE BIG SHOW,,,,,........What this site offers anyone is pricless,,,,,,, All we need to do is spread the word,,,,,,,,,,
  8. How to get stud out?

    DHR,,,,,, welcome to the group !!!!!!!Always remember,,,,If we don't know,,,,ask !!!! Howard857Horse,,,,,,,,Stafford,Va
  9. Brake failure

    gm trucks blowing brake lines,????????? TO GAIN EMMISIONS CREDITS,,,gm LOWERED THE NICKLE CONTENT IN SOME BODY PARTS,,,,,,((BRAKE LINES)) WECOME RUST.......
  10. Mower deck options for C-100

    The BIG SHOW,,,,,,,,,,,Wow Jay,,,,,,,dont get me started,,,,,, Joel,,,,that is THE Wheel Horse Show of the year.....Jason will be there,,,,Road Apples lives almost in walking distance,,,,,, Oh,,,,if the tractor came from Jason,,,,,you got a nice machine....and no unpleasant suprizes,,,,,, OK,,,,,,,im off,,,,,,,,,and Welcome to RED SQUARE,,,,,,you sourse for Everything Red,,,,,good friends,,,,,,,,and any advise or parts you will need.!!!!!!!! see everyone in 6 months Howard 857 Horse in Va
  11. Happy Birthday Jack & Jim

    Well,,,,,,,i confess,,,,,,born in 55......Not takin any wooden Nichols.....remember Ricky and Lucy,,,,,,,,, .34 cent gas,,,,,, there was no such thing as sugar free syrup......... But this winter I will be runnind a Kennell STACK !!!!!!!!! of course ,,,results as the snow comes,,,,,and film at 11
  12. excellent score,!!!!!!!!!
  13. Loaded tires

    I know old red ryder and squonk know short hand,,,,,,,this must be long hand lolololoolo
  14. Loaded tires

    I have been following the roller chain thing for a couple years now.......But this year gentlemen,,,,,,its a new year,,,,,and we are gonna pull the trigger on this chain idea,, Also,,,,,I will be running 50lb weights on both the inside and outside of the rear wheels...as well as double chains...Also gentlemen,,,,,I will running what will be referred to from now on and in the future as ...an ED KENNELL Stack,,,,,sold on the idea,,,,,,,,,thanks ED,,,,, OK,,,,,,,Let it bring it on !!!!!!!
  15. Testing the Waters

    Wow,,,,,,my computer was gone with Fritz,,,,,,for 3 weeks,,,,,,I see what I missed.!!!!!! I would be present,,,,,!!!!! I'm all counted in,,,,,and I like the Waldo thing,,,,,,easier to find friends and famly that are on the plan,,!!!!!!lolololoolo