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    5 857's,401-8 speed
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    chevrolet dealer ,,,parts wholesale
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    my interests have always been family,,my 2 great children and 35 years of marriage,,,
    THIS horse hobby started with a W/H 401 at the dump,,,
    5 years ago..no hood,,no engine,bad rear.
    So the story begins.....................

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  1. Between Steve and Criag,,,,,they could put together a crime scene,,,,,,,,, By this is by no means a crime,,,,, Looks great Steve,,,,,,,,,no better way to a great finish !!!!!! Howard 857 Horse,,,,,in Va
  2. I am not social media savey ( not completely digital compliant,,,, after struggling to move around Red Square ,,,,becoming a supporter as a member,,,,loading pictures was a breeze,,,, AMC Ruhlz always makes it simple where help is needed,,,,and he is a good translater when I need it,, loololo Good to have you aboard...... Howard 857 Horse,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE BIG SHOW is coming....get the days off at work,,, load the truck....your still not ready
  3. Is that a 54 inch plow.?? Looks like 60 more years of easy labor !! Howard 857 Horse in Va
  4. Although,,,,,,,i am not a registered Virginia Wheelhorse Gentlemen....,,,,,,and normally offer little if any technical support,,,,,Even some prevailing common sence topics ....can have me at witts end,,,, So,,,,i go with rules of thumb,,,,flip of a coin,,,,and watch whats behind door #2 That said,,,,,,,,,,,,,i just wanted to be clear...... I do know,,,,,,i like any model running and a grand dad brave enuff to let his grand child be at the wheel......that just tickles the S)&&#)t out of about 4000 grand dads that watch this stuff,,,, I will mmiss that parts of life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HOWARD in Va
  5. Wow,,,,,,i was supposed to be next,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,That is nice Mr, outdoor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good score
  6. EMT JOE,,,,,,,,,,,,,i just realized,,,,,,,I know everyone in the Big Picture,,,,,,,, Now,,,,i know they all appear to all look like adults,,,,,where,,,in fact,,,,,,,your going to think They are a pack of 7th graders on a playground,,,,,,Most of them will be running,,,,jumping,,,not watching where they are going,,,,it seems more like the county Fair,,,,,,,,and yes,,,,,,alot of them will be loose on running tractors without parent supervision,,,,,,,They will even be wearing I,D,badges around their neck..................................I wouldn't want it any other way...... Howard 857 Horse in Va
  7. Jman,,,,,,give it a bath and bring it to the tractor show in June !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good find,!!!!!!!
  8. First,,,,,,,,,,,Welcome Joe,,,,,,,,,,,,The show is the Weekend after Fathers day,,,,,Its in Ardentsville PA,,,,,it runs Thursday thru Saturday Noon,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bring a lawn chair and some $$,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. Elcamino Jim,,If I said 24x4,,,,,,,then that works..... ..ED,,,,i have it,,,,,,but yes It did,,,,,but,,,it came home,,,,,lololool
  10. Well guys Its coming at us at 22,000 miles an hour and theres nothing we can do about it,,,,,,Yup...THE BIG SHOW,,,,,,,,,,, I didn't think I was going to need to do this thread,,,,,But the other day,,,i was sent a P.M. about the mash MASH POLE,,,,,, He was a vendor inquiring about space on the pole and how much $$.......So,,,with this post ,,,I hope my message is on point and clearer than I usually talk,,,, The pole is more about the person,,,the passion,,,and 3 days in June,,,, The cost is NOTHING,,,,,you get a space that is all yours,,,,18 inches long X 4 inches tall.....you bring it,,,it will be mounted aiming towards your hometown,, But this year,,,,its gonna have a change ALL vendors get a space 18 X 8 inches,,...AND make them look like AD space Mr Vender !!!!!!!! ,,everyone gets to do both sides,,,,it should tell ,,miles from home,,,your name,,,,your screen name,,,,,only 1 single exception !!!!!!! just remember when creating this,,,,the last 4 inches on 1 side will be against the pole,,,,, NO GREEN NO YELLOW,,,,,,no mower blades,,,no mower decks......No chain saw chains,, Anyone that can get this message to Bill Jenkins ,,please inform him,,,,, also,,,if anyone has contact with the WHEEL HORSE CLUB....it would be cool to see a sign,,,from the Heads of Wheel Horse Community,,!!!! Karl,,,,I know yours will stand out,,,, I will supply screws,,,screw gun,,,and official Bus Stop Commander ..the Original SQUONK to personally install it.....and if you show up reasonably on time,,,, If I have not mentiond you by your name,,,,than I am depending on you for a sign.,,,,,, I do ask a favor,,,,,,will someone post a pic or 2 of the pole.....and the Bus Stop Sleeper,,,,he is an official and needs recognized ......... I want to thank Richard in helping my head create this,,((,,or what ever you want to call it)) Show creativity,,,,,,Show your devotion,,,,,remember,,,,This is the GREATEST TRACTOR SHOW ON EARTH !!!!!!!!!!........ OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I almost forgot,,,,,,when you present your sign,,,,,ask for your ID Badge,,,,, any pics of all this is appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Howard 857HORSE ,,,,,, thanks for all the support !!!!!!!!!
  11. Deadguy.......good to see you again........ You make Grandparents happy here.......That lilfella is welcome anytime.... thank you for the pic......Priceless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Sorry,,,,i had to hit this post,,,,,,I thought you said Onion rings,,,,lololool and it was looking interesting... I'm hoping some one will be along shortly,,that can help.... Howard 857Horse, in Va
  13. Hi Lowell,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Howard 857 Horse here.......I need a tye rod kit for an 857,,,,,and a set of dual wheel adapters,,,,what do you have,,,,??

    thank-you in advance,,,,,


    Howard in Va

  14. Jeremy,,,,,are you referring to the cutting edge??? I wnent to the steel guy or (LOWES) got a piece of 1/4 x48 steel,,,,,,drilled the holes and called it a day,,,,
  15. .................What the farmer said,,,,,,, and what the farmer eats ............. Howard 857 in Va