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  1. First horse in my stable

    Nice tractor, welcome to this addictive hobby
  2. Added one to the stable

    If it was the original HH160 I would definitely rework it to keep it original, but I've got the 341 so that's the route I'm going. Who knows maybe I'll luck out and find one down the road and slide it in to make as it came from the factory!
  3. Added one to the stable

    Thanks Steve, yes I'm waiting on the parts to arrive to finish my k341. The tecky is not original it's an OH140. Going to plow the garden then start the restoration process.
  4. Picked up a 74 C-160 with electric lift, 36" rear discharge deck, snow plow this week. That tecumseh has got to go.
  5. 1998 520 LXI Worker Rehab - Survivor

    Glad you found one close to you. Just finished rolling the yard with mine. This thing is growing on me. Like everything about it but the smart steer has got to go! Love the decals.
  6. Would a Wheel Horse 1056 Make a Good Puller

    We use the cub cadet blocks. We have done several of them around here. In sport stock we were limited to stock valve size in stock location. Stock altered has to use stock valve size any location just have to maintain the 11 degree angle. Not until you get into prostock can you run any size valve you want to stuff in the block.
  7. Would a Wheel Horse 1056 Make a Good Puller

    I used to pull stock altered and had a motor built for me by an engine builder in Illinois. The valves were very close to the cylinder bore and it made a bunch of hp. Of course these are aftermarket blocks where you have to put all the holes in it. Bore and valves so kind of doing the same thing making a 12 out of a 10
  8. Would a Wheel Horse 1056 Make a Good Puller

    To tighten up the combustion chamber, which increases the compression ratio.
  9. Would a Wheel Horse 1056 Make a Good Puller

  10. Dealer List

    Old mill power equipment Ashville, Ohio ........closed Sugar loaf power equipment Chillicothe, Ohio ......open Ditmars power equipment Lancaster, Ohio .....open
  11. Would a Wheel Horse 1056 Make a Good Puller

    When I build a 12hp sport stock motor I start with a 10hp block and offset bore it towards the valves and sleeve it. Then do some trick work to the head to really tighten up the combustion chamber. Works out well.
  12. its good stuff, been around a long time. I think that's what I'm going to put it in. I've got a spare tranny just in case.
  13. Sorry I should have said Case International. No, you need to make sure your seals are good, having a lower viscosity. I ran it in everything from stock altered to pro-stock with no issues.
  14. Has anyone ever run hi trans in their 8 pinion transmissions? It is thinner than gear oil, we used it in our cub puller rear ends ( less resistance). Seems to stand up to the punishment of the large farm tractors.
  15. Gear shift lock

    I thought so, that is a good idea using the hinge. Thanks for the reply. I'm excited to get this belt drive competing against all the Cubs in our club! We run at 3850 rpm' s and based on my calculations with a stock 4" pulley I will be running 1mph faster than what a stock cub is in 2 nd gear.