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  1. The things we have to do.

    Wearing a suit and taking one for the team, I can relate lol. I'd wear a suit too if it got me in that building, it looks old. I'd love to visit England someday, I'm a history nerd so I think I could find lots of things to do in England!
  2. Planning trip to Big Show 2019.

    If you come once you'll never be able to stop coming! Lots of things to see and do. I stay at a hotel in Gettysburg and there's lots to do there too.
  3. How do you build battery cables?

    This gauge is big enough to handle and horse and reasonably priced with free shipping and many different length options. I've bought from here several times. https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-AWG-Copper-Battery-Cable-Power-Wire-Car-Marine-Inverter-RV-Solar/302709048923?hash=item467add865b:m:mKiFPRowYHYO7DTy8MfYwRg:sc:USPSFirstClass!17059!US!-1 Mike
  4. Front tires

    Any of the aforementioned places can get you good results. I see you are in Beavertown, just over the mountain from me!
  5. How do you build battery cables?

    i buy locally too. Cheaper than buying the proper tool. There are some good places on line to get battery cables made too if you don't have anyone locally that can do it for you.
  6. Old Dump Cart Question

    I always stop for neglected horses! Just kill em with kindness and you will be ok. Can't say much on value without seeing it myself so I will leave that up to you. Hope it works out! Mike
  7. Ignition switch part number for 1968 commando 8

    Use this switch. I've used many and never had an issue. It's pricey, but I'm and originality nut and I don't like to use a solenoid. https://www.ebay.com/p/Key-Switch-Off-ignition-ign-start-Cole-Hersee-95521b-Wheel-Horse-4988-or-7263/22005879834 Mike
  8. Panzer T707es

    I need to get some more picture of this thing, I've neglected this thread! Found some old hot rod headlights on ebay that I liked and put them on. Also, I got the back wheels powder coated and mounted the new tires and they look pretty good! I need to get some pics and put on here! Think I will start restoration over the winter and hopefully have it done by spring.
  9. A Mega collection!!!!!!!!

    Wow, it would be worth getting a passport to go rescue some of those horses! I know it might not be an ideal collection, but it's better to have them there than melted down for scrap.
  10. Can you believe I've never even thought of that!
  11. Gunk degreaser and a pressure washer. A pressure washer is the best way that I have found to remove grease. I've even seen people use easy off oven cleaner and get good results. Mike
  12. What would you buy to keep forever?

    As long as the ID tag says Wheel Horse, then it's worth keeping forever! In all seriousness, I love the lawn rangers as mentioned above and would like to have one someday, but I have an addiction to early short frame square hoods such as the 855, 856 & 857. You just can't beat them in my opinion. Now an 875 or a 876 would be good for small children being that it is hydrostatic. I see quite a few young kids at the big show riding around on tractors like that. Plus one of those tractors would be a great worker too!
  13. Paint Guns on a Budget - Who has what?

    I actually was given a gun by my father in law that he got at a car show and it works great! It's an off brand gun made by astro pneumatic.
  14. Blue Ford Explorer and a C-100...who was it??

    Someone's doin' some horse wranglin' in my neck of the woods! No clue who it is though lol
  15. Decals

    That is as close to the original color as I could find without having to spend a lot of money on custom mixed paint. It doesn't go fast, but I enjoy running it around at shows.