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  1. This will be the thread we use to post anything you would like to buy/sell or trade at the big show this year. If you are interested in an item you see, please use PM's to work out deals and details. HAPPY HORSE TRADING!!
  2. I know one of the admin started a thread last year that had some good rules at the top. Can someone do that again? That was a pretty helpful thread.
  3. Indiana Newb

    That is a nice score on two great tractors! The 314 will be a great worker for you, much better than your current set up lol As for the C100 it doesn't look rough to me other than what appears to be a broken spindle. Looks like it would make a fairly simple restoration assuming the engine and transmission are ok.
  4. Time to bring in a Kohler!

    There's a few pulleys on Ebay. Some cheap some not so cheap, but you know how Ebay is. I'd paint that engine Black, love those series of tractors. My grandparents bought one brand new back in they day, and they never used anything other than Wheel Horse. Probably explains why I love Wheel Horse so much lol Here is a pic of my grandma on it for it's first mowing.
  5. How much is in this picture?

    Looks more like this. This is my 1076, I REPLACED THE SEAT I SWEAR lol I never took any pictures of it other than the night I brought it home lol
  6. How much is in this picture?

    I believe the one bottom plow and cultivator are both brinly with the sloth hitch style hitches. Not a huge bummer as they still have value. Not sure on the value of them since they have that style hitch. Planter is missing the fertilizer hopper but that is common. Those things can fetch a shiny penny. Can't tell you much about a mid mount cultivator, never priced one. What is the asking price on all this? There's great stuff there!
  7. Wheel Horse RJ

    Where did you get the spring? I have an RJ 58 that would use a lift handle spring like that.
  8. Original 1962 Paperwork

    Awesome!! Love to see old paperwork like that. Can't say I've ever seen a brochure like that.
  9. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    I think you have been given two good potential solutions. 1. Drill the spindle for a cotter pin. 2. Replace the spindles with ones that are tapped for a bolt on the end or tap the existing spindles yourself. Each solution is a good fix and better than the C clip and will depend on your personal preference. Personally, I don't have the equipment to drill and tap the end of the spindles nicely and I prefer the look of the bolt rather than cotter pin so I would find good used spindles from an earlier C series to swap with your tractor. Just my preference. Mike
  10. Been there. I usually don't like to put the oil seals on until after I have the transmission back together. Seems like I don't ruin them as fast this way. The horse is looking good, keep it up!!
  11. Wheel Horse Reo Royale Reel Mower

    Yes I believe so.
  12. Wheel Horse RJ

    Definitely looking foward to this build!
  13. Just showing my Facebook find

    We're only 2.5 hours apart so that could be bad
  14. Wheel Horse Reo Royale Reel Mower

    I think the engine was painted at one time. I say that because the Tecumseh decal on the engine shroud isn't there.
  15. Wheel Horse Reo Royale Reel Mower

    Wheel Horse reel mower in good condition. Runs good and has a tecumseh h25 engine on it. Has original diaphragm carb. Asking $75. Pick up or I can deliver to the big show.