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  1. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    Absolutely beautiful! Nice to see people still craft things like this! Mike
  2. Which horse is your favorite

    My 855 is by far my most favorite Wheel Horse. There is nothing on this tractor that I didn't go over!
  3. Wanted: Hood & Crankshaft for 1045

    I got a transmission and hood over the weekend! Thanks!
  4. Wanted: Hood & Crankshaft for 1045

    I am in need of a crankshaft for a Kohler k241AS Spec #46219A for my 1045 and a good hood. A hood from a 1055 should work as well. Shoot me a pm if you have anything! Thanks!
  5. ST-3072 Snowblower

    Changed Price to $50
  6. 1045 Project

    Finally took some pics. It's getting there.
  7. Another horse followed me home today!

    Stole it for that price! Great score!! Mike
  8. Kohler k241 out of a 1045

    It appears to be that the PO was on the flywheel nut with an impact wrench assuming they were left hand thread like an old Briggs engine and snapped the end of the crankshaft off.
  9. Kohler k241 out of a 1045

    You are correct the pto end is 1".
  10. Kohler k241 out of a 1045

    Question for you guys. The rod on the k241 in my 1045 is shot and the crankshaft is broken at the nut. The flywheel just kind of fell off. Now I know I have to get a new crankshaft, but my question is about the rod. It appears to me that the oil sling on the bottom of the rod is shorter than most due to the shallow oil pan on the engine. I looked at and it appears that rod is NLA so my questions is can I buy a standard rod for a k241 and grind down the oil sling or what is best to do in this situation? I'm sure someone else here has rebuilt and engine on a 1045. If this helps the engine is a k241AS Spec 46219A Thanks! Mike
  11. 1045 Project

    I got it mostly tore down and the transmission definitely needs a rebuild. I can almost pull the input shaft out of the tranny lol I know I need to get you guys some pics!!
  12. ST-3072 Snowblower

    Price reduced.
  13. ST-3072 Snowblower

    I have here what I believe is a ST-3072 snowblower that was put on a 1045. It'll fit short frame tractors like the 701, 702, 753 etc. I believe it is complete with some modification being done to the lift link. IT is 30 inches wide and spins freely. It would definitely work to blow snow. Asking $150 and it is pickup only or I can deliver to the big show. If you have questions shoot me a pm.
  14. New to the herd

    They look good! I can relate to that as well, I sold a few recently and then bought a few more. I guess I'm destined to always have a big collection lol
  15. Good Morning America

    Fall is my favorite time of the year just for that reason! Got a nice 8 point opening day or archery so I guess it is time to do some small game and turkey hunting!! Mike