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  1. First wheel horse purchase.. need some knowledge!

    Great find!! I've had two 1045's over the years and passed both of them on to other horse lovers. The 1045 has not id plate on the dash tower, but instead it has a sticker above the lift assembly as pictured below. I see the outline of the sticker in your picture, but it is covered with dirt. Your 1045 is a great survivor and those front tires are very sought after!
  2. DOH!

    I've done that more than once and every time I do, I step back, shake my head, smile and say you idiot lol
  3. 69 Workhorse K321 engine swap

    And to think someone was just willing to melt it down. Great work!!
  4. 69 Workhorse K321 engine swap

    It's a shame someone would scrap things like that. Nothing wrong with that 700. Looks a like a good one to get going again. I also can't believe that someone would scrap a sickle bar mower of any brand away! The think the k321 will be too tall and too wide for the hood. You might have to find an 7 or 8hp kohler if you want the hood back on without being cut up.
  5. 69 Workhorse K321 engine swap

    If you put on a K321, I'm not sure the hood will fit back on. You might want to check that out. A k321 on a short frame should look pretty awesome though! Mike
  6. Trailer tuesday

    My wife on the 855, sister-in-law and two cousins in the cart. The kids really love riding in the cart!
  7. New shop lights

    I put new LED lights in my shop last summer and it was one of the best things I ever did! Looks good!
  8. Another Kohler K91 restoration

    Nice! I think just about everyone loves a nice little k91
  9. C-160 8 speed rebuild

    Man i love those big tri ribs with the ags! Wait till you sink a plow in the ground, it''l be great!
  10. 655 transformation to 855

    Don't you hate to see businesses like that go under? I'm looking for a set of lights like that. They have a vintage look to them. Want to put some on a panzer I'm working on right now.
  11. 1077 99% complete

    Ah, that's the 953/1054 style wheel. Don't have one of those, sorry. Did you check with AZ tractor?
  12. 655 transformation to 855

    That thing looks ridiculously sweet! You did a great job! Also, where did you get those headlights?
  13. “The 582”—my red headed stepchild!

    I love the red cubs and have a soft spot in my heart for them. When i was a kid i spent MANY hours on my dad's 382 mowing grass for people around the neighborhood to make a few $$.
  14. 1077 99% complete

    I agree lol
  15. 1077 99% complete

    I think I have a steering wheel I can dig out too.