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  1. RJ58 Restoration

    Looks good! I like that bracket to hold on the gas tank instead of welding straps to the hood!
  2. Just Curious?

    Turn the volume up on your computer and then hover over one. It made me jump the first time i did it lol
  3. Its not a WH, Lend BRF your thoughts

    Speedex's are fun to mess with too! The later models like to one you pictured are beasts and would make a good addition to anyone's collection. I have a speedex as well and they are fun and a little different too!
  4. 70s c120 snow thrower

    I believe this will work.
  5. Liberal tirade on small engines

    I'd be all for California becoming it's own separate country and then they can regulate all of their own stuff.
  6. Wheel Horse 1045

    Don't be afraid to just make me an offer.
  7. Wheel Horse 1045

    For Sale I have a 1045 here that I have reluctantly decided to get rid of. I tore it all apart with the intention of restoring it but to make it what I want, it will cost more than I can financially put into it right now. It needs a transmission rebuild and an engine rebuild. The engine needs a crankshaft as it was broken and welded. Connecting rod is loose too. Needs some welding done here and there. I fixed one of the original front tires as it had a tear in it. Will need rewired too. I'm being completely honest about this machine as I want to see it go to a good home. When I bought it, it was a basket case but more than I can tackle. I will include some parts that I already bought for it such as a carb and fuel pump and new ignition switch. I have included pics before I tore it apart. Just looking to get my money back out of it or I would be willing to trade. Must pick up at my place. If you have any questions or want any pics of all the pieces message me. I will not part it out. $300 obo Mike
  8. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    Absolutely beautiful! Nice to see people still craft things like this! Mike
  9. Which horse is your favorite

    My 855 is by far my most favorite Wheel Horse. There is nothing on this tractor that I didn't go over!
  10. Wanted: Hood & Crankshaft for 1045

    I got a transmission and hood over the weekend! Thanks!
  11. Wanted: Hood & Crankshaft for 1045

    I am in need of a crankshaft for a Kohler k241AS Spec #46219A for my 1045 and a good hood. A hood from a 1055 should work as well. Shoot me a pm if you have anything! Thanks!
  12. ST-3072 Snowblower

    Changed Price to $50
  13. 1045 Project

    Finally took some pics. It's getting there.
  14. Another horse followed me home today!

    Stole it for that price! Great score!! Mike
  15. Kohler k241 out of a 1045

    It appears to be that the PO was on the flywheel nut with an impact wrench assuming they were left hand thread like an old Briggs engine and snapped the end of the crankshaft off.