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  1. Allis chalmers b10 in great shape

    In my neck of the woods, 500 to 800 dollars. Turn key of course.

    :WRS: Good evening everyone! I thought I would post some picture's of my snow removal team. Sorry, I love my Allis... Just had to share!! Saved the best for last. That would be a Vert! Yes I know they aren't good lawn and garden tractors BUT I beg to differ. :thumbs:
  3. wheel horse comando 7

    2 bit 4 bit 6 bit a dollar all for high school stand up and holler. 7 hp 4 sp that includes reverse. If you dont want it I'll take it. Vert's aren't go for anything but mowing lawn from what I hear....... :hide:
  4. Off to the scrap yard

    :scratchead: yea right
  5. Allis, simplicity & minneapolis moline

    Nice 110 :scratchead:
  6. snow blade?

    :scratchead: Don't know know what A 33r is off hand but if you have a welder you can make anything..
  7. Great idea for a cup can/bottle holder

    If there is no pictures......It's not real... :scratchead:
  8. allis chalmers b-1

  9. :thumbs: Time to take a walk out to the wood shed...... :thumbs2:
  10. wheel horse comando 8

    "Commando 8" had a kohler 8HP
  11. Wheel Weight Identification

    I have a set that I a adapted to my V-10. I think they came off a White tractor.
  12. got me a loader tractor

    Perry your wife is PISSED!!! I'll come and get that thing out of your yard. :omg:
  13. simplicity & panzer blue color codes??

  14. Lurker

    Nice tractor. :omg: