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  1. Wheel Horse Foot Control Accessory 8-3900

    These foot controls look exactly like my original I bought 15 years ago from a basement sale at my local wheel horse dealer. Down to the curled top corner of the pedal. Very nice work!
  2. A-65 Elec-trac

    I am getting a quote for shipping. What are the dimensions (Will this fit on a standard pallet) and do you know weight?
  3. 520 60" Deck

    Where in central Va are you? I would be coming from NW NC.
  4. A-65 Elec-trac

    What would shipping cost?
  5. For Sale grader blade,48" front blade

    Would you be able to ship to Northwilkesboro NC? Ever travel this way?
  6. 5' deck for sale

    Would you be able to ship to NC? I am from North Wilkesboro, NC
  7. 520H Onan Surging and Puffing Blue Smoke

    The surging starts after about 10 to 15 minutes of mowing. I can cut throttle back to 75% and the engine calms down but lacks good power to mow...
  8. 520H Onan Surging and Puffing Blue Smoke

    My trusty 520H starts surging and between surges puffs a little blue smoke. It still mows but the surging is annoying and seems to make the engine weaker and rattly (if that is a term). I have cleaned carb, new fuel pump, new air filter, fuel lines, fuel filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires and coil. My next step is to clean out tank and make sure no junk is between tank and fuel pump. Am I getting warm? Does anyone have the same experience and/or know a solution?
  9. Wheel Horse 520H Three Point

    Is this still for sale? Can you ship to NC?
  10. FS: 1992 WH 520H 48"MMM

    Still for sale?
  11. Wheel Horse 520-H

    Still for sale?
  12. Wheel Horse 520H Three Point

    I propose we have machine shop take this in and make some duplicates. Anyone interested? Can you ship to NC? I will pay shipping if not out rageous..
  13. A-65 Elec-trac

    Can you ship to NC?
  14. 520 H with many accessories

    Pictures don't come work. Do you have a link to pictures that will work?
  15. 520-H with 60" deck

    Is it still for sale?