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  1. Striped plug hole

    auto parts store sell the coil
  2. "Reese-Sleever" Hitch 1.0

    what dose this do???
  3. it dose work as a straight plow but i will ad the 4 inches to it it hard to find the dozer blades around here there all snow blades ill just make new levers for it so i can use the tilt. she will get modified and restored this summer, the locking pin s warn out and the main pivite bold is lose and warn but i get it all tightened up i bought it off Cl for $100
  4. in the pic with the spring you can see the shafts that prevent it from tripping does that mean its a dozer? and it a 3 hole tilt but cant tilt, it hits the tire without plowing
  5. I'm a aws CERTIFIED WELDER lol I have that covered. I mounted the plow today had to take the tilt handle off I don't think the raider had running boards am I right a least the one I seen I'll post a pic of the tractor with the blade when I figure out how to do that on my tablet haha. I don't know if my blade is a snow blade or a dozen blade the spring have shaft that follow the spring which makes me think that it's a dozen blade
  6. How to tell

    My filter on my 4-16 only fills about half way runs great
  7. Welder attachment?

    If you were doing some thing like building a log spilter and were using a smaller welder you could bevel the end to get better penetration, but building a large smoker you don't have to get to crazy it won't have 20 ton trying to tear it apart but the smaller welder do a good job AWS CERTIFIED WELDER
  8. Filling tires

    Well I'm sold loading my 416 tires
  9. I'm looking to modify a raider snow blade to fit my longer 4-16 few problems I ran Into is it 6 inches to short and the lever for tilt will be under the running boards has any one done this????