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  1. 520 Onan Oil Filter Number ?

    I know this is an old post but in case someone needs the info. My manual says that my 1990 520H takes a RS14YC not RH ! I don't know if the manual is a typo or not haven't had time to see what's in the mower yet ! But did call a couple of automotive stores and they couldn't tell me what it took because had no listing for it.. I just got a 520 myself and have been checking into it.. also..was wanting help on the oil filter to !! Now I know thanks guys for the input ! Sam on the Spark Plug dont you mean a Champion # RC14-YC instead of a RH14-YC ? My Parts doode doesnt show those and not much on a Google Search either. On the RC's there are over 10 pages on the RH only 2. The reason why I ask is cause I need a set for my 520H. Thanks for the other grocery list. Oh and on the Wix filter does it have an ANTI drain back valve? I wouldnt use it if it does cause the toro's dont have them and the ant drainback valve restricts flow. ~Duke