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  1. Is this tractor still for sale?




  2. C-195 with a loader. Great condition. Can be viewed on Worcester, MA craigslist. http://worcester.craigslist.org/grd/5404055175.html
  3. C195 & Ark 550 more pics

    The ID plate on loader frame says it was made by Wheel Horse. Does anyone know if this is an Ark loader or was it made by Wheel Horse.
  4. WH2

    Factory loader on my C195
  5. WH1

    Factory loader on my C195
  6. another c-195

    Thanks but this loader is not a Kwik way. It was made by wheel horse, that's why I think it's rare.
  7. another c-195

    I have a C195 with a Wheel Horse Loader. Is this loader rare?
  8. C195 with Loader

    Looking to change the hydrostatic transmission oil. Reverse is weak, forward is fine. Is regular 10w-30 OK?
  9. C195 with Loader

    Great info, Thanks.
  10. Kwik Way Front End Loader

    Thanks for the info ThreeHorses. I have 280 pounds in the weight box but only 20 psi in the front turf tires. I'll pump them up to 30 psi. I also have wheel weight's. Traction is not a problem, I just need to figure out how to get it to steer easier. Thanks again.
  11. C195 with Loader

    I also have a C195 with a loader. Steering it is hard, any tricks?
  12. Kwik Way Front End Loader

    Quick question. I have a 1984 C-195 with a factory FEL. Just wondering how much weight I should put in the ballast box and how much air pressure in the front tires. It's very hard to steer. Thanks.