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  1. Great Wheel Horse 2013

    it was our first time too, took my RJ, and my buddies 400 surb. I restored both, but was amazed at what I seen at the show.perfect weather, great and honest people. we drove 10 hrs. from greenville sc.came with 2 horses and left 4 horses and some much needed parts.I want to thank the guys I bought parts from over the last year and you know who you are. THANKS....
  2. What are you bringing to the show?

    bringing RJ 58 400 suburban 24' enclosed and a empty truck bed & maybe some carolina Kool-Aid. want to bring back a couple of round hoods and a crap load of parts.
  3. belt guard suburban 400

    thank you my friend, already tried joe, and his order for the 400 didn't come in. said he would try to get me one but no promise. thanks for the response.
  4. belt guard suburban 400

    hey guys, need a belt cover for a surban 400 really bad to finish re-build to bring to pa. w/ my rj. I know somebody has one under that work bench. thanks
  5. need pics or diagrahm of throttle cable routing on suburban 400. from hood across heat shield to governor. thanks if you can help....
  6. RJ 58 sc.

    8 month resto.
  7. need id help

    thanks boss, iv'e got it printed out, thank you much,...charlie
  8. need id help

    thanks boss, do you know where I might find some picsof this beast?
  9. need id help

    hello my friends, i'm looking @ a horse and not shure what is is,need to know before buying. the model # is either 117931 or #17931. serial # is 405155. it's a square hood big motor in front, 2 little headlights in middle of front of hood, hood flips up toward front wheels, hydrstatic trans. it is in too good of shape to pass up for the price. HELP thanks
  10. need K90 OR 91 KOLHER

    GOOD MORN TRACTOR NUTS, ME INCLUDED, LOOKING FOR A KOLHER K90 OR 91 FOR A wh 60 suburban 400. running would help. help me if you can. thanks guys and girls
  11. need kohler engine for 60 suburban

    hey junkie, what do you have and what kind of shape. got a tranny from pa. and wasn't bad, the guy shipped thru the postal serv. is was waiting for the brown trk. and the guy that delivers the mail had my trany.
  12. hello my tractor friends, finished the trans re-build on my rj58 starting on my buddies 60 suburban. it currently has a 4 briggs and trying to talk him into some kind of kolher. not shure what it came with. I put a k181 on mine with a few mods on hood higth but looks good. if anybody can help steer me in the right direction would be great. thanks
  13. wheel horse show

    hey jake, love blue berrys. thanks for the dates, thought me and some buddies would go to the horse show and see how my ride compares to the big dawgs. my friend has a 60 sub. and we are going to start on it soon and another friend wants a wheel horse so bad he can't stand it.
  14. can any body tell me when the wheel horse show is in pa. thanks
  15. kolhre drive pully

    you are right john, steering is crazy if you can keep front end on the ground long enough.