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  1. 84 Workhorse Wheelhorse 1600 GT

    I spent last year building this back up from a rusty abandoned shell. Unfortunately it was stolen from my yard. That's Flint MI for you! I am working on another one now, just waiting on the snow to go away.
  2. 1969 V8 Charger

    1969 V8 Charger
  3. Why am I slow? Eaton 6

    I... what?..... no.... You know that special place in the brain that helps you believe in happiness, Santa, and God? Yeah... that just snapped...
  4. Why am I slow? Eaton 6

    Thanks sparky! I have another question now, how do i drain the fluid out of the Eaton 6? I have the manuals and cant find any drain plugs anywhere. In the WH manual it just says probably wont need to be changed. And in the Eaton manual it references a hex plug that I am about ready to smash by head in trying to find it. And everything online where people are talking about this, don't seem to be asking this question so.... please help.....i'm.......going.....crazy.......
  5. eaton seven hydro

    Hi rhal, this may be the firs time i get to help someone on here, search for my user name under forums and click on the topic "why am I slow" usually it is a poorly adjusted linkage that is to blame.
  6. Hello from Flint MI

    Very cool, thanks!
  7. new horse for the new guy

    Welcome! Nice Work Horse! This thread has made we wonder how many VW people we have on here (I have had 15 so far).
  8. Hello from Flint MI

    I see, a drop piece is really good thinking. Did you get your tires local or have them shipped?
  9. Hello from Flint MI

    Yeah seriously, i'll tell you that if looks could kill, the look she gave me when she saw this thing in the truck would have knocked me out cold...
  10. Hello from Flint MI

    Yes indeed it was the same! That Lawn Ranger looks good after you restored it, I have to ask where you get your diamond plate? I was considering purchasing a sheet from ALRO in Grand Blanc but i'm still looking. Also, is your seat mounted directly on the rear fender piece of the Ranger? Thanks!
  11. Hello from Flint MI

    Yeah the prices around here have been a bit high for someone like me. There was a old round hood model on craigslist but it was sitting in waist high weeds, missing parts, and appeared to have rusted thru the body, and even that was over 2 bills. It takes patients to find a good deal I guess. Its to bad those verts of yours are no good, my wife said there was no way I would get this thing to run, but in less than a day I was driving around the yard!

    Hello, I have used Lucas oil products my whole adult life and have personally seen the oil treatment correct oil sensors in two cars, and the transmission fix provide better shifting in many cars and trucks. But I will share why I use there products, in the mid to late 90's they would set up a big display at the michigan agricultural festival for at least a couple years. They would hand out daily schedules for the demonstrations where they would take engines and transmissions and tear them down to show the audience the condition of the innerds, then rebuild and add the products. They would do a long abuse cycle or some loud demonstration, then tear the thing apart again to show the difference. Needless to say, this took fooooorever! and most people would wander back and forth for the interesting parts (myself included). I personally work on people and not engines for a living so I can't say something too technical about what I saw at those demonstrations, but I will say that carbon deposits were cleared and some nasty old gunk deposit spots looked polished up. Just sharing my meager knowledge on this...
  13. Why am I slow? Eaton 6

    !!!!!! Why didn't I think of that! now that you mention it, the old rubber pieces in the hole thingy of that arm whatchamacallit (I assume the DCL) were pretty much shot. They were so bad that I could not rely on the clutch neutral to center it or else when I turned the key it would go forward. Thank you, I will try that tomorrow. I hope that I can find something similar to rig it up at the hardware store.
  14. Hello, I have a 69 V8 charger with hydo trans and a eaton 6 pump. I admit that I purchased it knowing that it had not run in years and the seller thought the trans was shot. Well after half a day of tinkering, I got her fired up and moving! Sort of... My question is, why would this tractor be so slow at full forward and full throttle? Would it be just old fluid (many years)? Was there a filter on these that i'm missing that could be clogged? Am I too fat for a 8hp engine? Any info is greatly appreciated
  15. Hello from Flint MI

    Thanks everybody!