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  1. Lathe advice needed

    Logans like yours are/were are in the "home shop" (South Bend, Atlas, Sears, Clausing, etc) category and are a bit on the 'light duty' side --- but even so its amazing how much 'light duty' parts you can turn out with it - bushings, clevis, threaded rods, etc, etc. I sometime think back over a project/rebuild and remind myself of just how many items I was able to whip on the lathe out in minutes that would have taken many hours/days to run down - and pay for! I seriously doubt I would stay in this hobby otherwise. As for rust --- for some years I would scrounge up metal lathes (and other shop machinery) that had been neglected with rust usually being quite bad. I never had a machine that I couldnt get the rust removed and come out with a nice tool. That wouldnt apply to all the other problems of worn broken parts!!! Rust will take some elbow grease - sometimes a LOT! - but from the looks of yours should be a breeze to clean up. My personal lathe is a 12x13 South Bend that went through Katrina!! Talk about rust!! I have now been using it for some 6 years and while the bed is visibly pitted it is a remarkably accurate and functional tool. And I agree, that box of "stuff" is a treasure!!
  2. 48 inch mower deck

    Excellent pictures and good description of an item --- wish all sellers could make an ad like this. I would jump all over this deck if closer!!
  3. Just finished putting my decals on.

    Arent Terrys decals the bestest!! You can paint, shine, clean, etc, etc and it still wont POP until you get those decals!! And speaking of a 414-8 ---- I just finished one myself and of course it got decals to finish it off....
  4. Aftermarket gaskets from "the Bay"

    I too have had good luck with the import gaskets, and have even used on several occasions now the overhaul sets (piston, rings, gaskets, etc) In one case of refreshing a K532 I used piston/rings off the bay for a K301 as mentioned. Ive got some 40-50 hrs on it now and working great.
  5. WOW!! is that thing ugly, or what!! One day I was closing up the shop and noticed one justa burrowing, grabbed a garden trowel (it was handy!) and flipped the critter out. Put my #13 boot on it to keep from running away --- That little thing was lifting my whole weight up, I do believe if I could have balanced on him it couldve supported me - amazingly strong!
  6. Oddly enough, we did not see any crispy critters. Reason we can strongly suspect moles is the presence of their runs all around the area. When re-digging the trench for the wire/conduit we found there were quite a few grubs, which are a favorite of moles. Its full blown Spring down here and the critters are active! Sarge, I have one of the spike traps (impalers!) and will watch that area for fresh runs and see if I cant get a couple - I never had any lick with the poisons.
  7. So I have a water well for our water source, been in service some 40+ YRS. Couple yrs ago the service pole finally rotted enough it had to be replaced, so I ask my retired licensed electrician if he'd help me freshen the underground wiring -- being the GOOD friend he is he said , sure! He had a goodly supply of various commercial grade wire and donated what he said was extra good quality stuff - mice, rodents, squirrels --- MOLES! would not touch it! Well, couple weeks ago, no water, go ck and breaker tripped reset and all good for couple days does it again-- and again... Call friend, he does his magic and says its going to ground (not being much lectric smart, I says ... um, OK!) So since the donated wire was multi strand he switched over to another two legs and -- OK! for about 10days and starts tripping breaker again. Yesterday we pulled the wire out of the ground and ---- HOLY SMOKE (literally!) see pictures. Amazing it was functioning at all. He was blown away, said he had used that wire in hundreds of applications and had never seen or heard of anything like it. There was about 35-38 feet of it buried and almost every inch of it was either nibbled on or --- worse, as can be seen at the charred places!! We replaced it with wire in conduit!! The well - and my bride, and me - are much happier now!
  8. I too have become quite pleased with the head band type and have accumulated 3 of them conveniently located around the shop (you know --- where I cant find a one) and then I've got the conventional drop light with the absolutely necessary rough service bulb.
  9. Same as above, been buying stuff there for some 20+ years with no problems and some good prices. My only mild gripe is they dont seem to have hardly any surplus stuff like in the past, boy I have got some crazy things in surplus. One that stands out was all the electrical from some kind of large copier, the dangdest bunch of wires, switches, relays, etc, etc for the crazy price of $19.85!!
  10. Wow Matt, Now I remember that lovely "green hornet" thing and you have certainly made it in to a "silk purse" Terrys decals will make it killer!! 'gren hornt
  11. OK, Garry, I knew I wasnt really up on them but was thinking would be a shame if he got the wrong decals. Was thinking the 160s were phased out in the late 70's.....
  12. I'm not totally sure on this ----but, I dont think there was a D160 in '81 nor did the 160 have the twin engine - you have likely got a D180 since there is the twin and it has the 5 gallon (small) gas tank. Before you order the 160 decals you might want to confirm this, Oh, and the decals are AWSOME!
  13. I think? I have read all of Lamour's books (theres so many I probably missed a couple) Lee Childs (think "Reacher!) and dozens more, I and my wife make a weekly trip to the library and bring back 5-8 books of which we will read 2-3
  14. Yep, its almost a given that one or both screws will break or strip. I still do it this way because I found a way to survive it. The threads/hole in the shaft are almost perfect for going back using button head 4/40 screws (or any 4/40 screw) I carefully redrill the old holes and tap for the 4/40 screw. Ive done some 5 of those that way --- jeez, its crazy not to get a brand new carb for less than $20! I recently bought a Massey Ferguson with a K341 engine and its choke arm was even yet more different and the carb on it was completely ruined, so I ordered one of the $12-14 carbs and did the choke arm swap and ---voila!!
  15. D 180 need information

    The "Big D's" are sort of an .... anomaly? some of us - like me, I've got 3 - really LOVE them and others .... not so much! (course this is true for the black hoods too) They are a good bit different from the other horses, big and robust and, well, tough looking! They are prone to quirks, the hyd drive can be a problem, the steering box is weak and turning radius is -- well you need a good bit of room, the seat is too close to the steering wheel, (the gas tank is in the way). But with the 3 point hitch and PTO it is one versatile tractor and is super strong pulling. The big Kohler twin is a fantastic engine (tho parts are getting scarce - but, arent they all)