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  1. D -160 cooling fan

    Yeah --- I have even drilled a tiny hole say -- 1/16" in the covered area over the back bearing for a drop, and as paul sez, a drop on the shaft will often wick its way way into the front bearing.
  2. Frame capability

    Yabut, changing a frame is pretty labor intensive. As farmer sez a competent welder can sew up the cracks and then add a 3/16/1/4" plate to the original and youre ready to go
  3. had the golden one out today

    Oh my!! that brings back memories! My first rider back in the 70's was one a couple models after that one, had a more squared up hood&grill. Had that same drive system - expand/contract pulleys - and it could be a pain. Mine finally got to where I couldnt adjust to get reverse anymore so I parked it. Sat around in the back for several years until one day was going to scrap yard so I loaded it up ----- DUMMY DUMMY! Sure wish I had kept it!!
  4. Got the rear Woods mower hooked up

    Yep, hooking up a 3 point can be stressful especially when tucked in as close as your mower. There IS a solution --- IF you can locate one for the cat 0 hitch, they are a bit pricey but if you have to connect often would be great, they range in price from $100ish ..... to way expensive. Quick Hitch
  5. Mower Deck underside

    I even tried the highly rated (and expensive!) POR15, first sand blasting the deck then closely following the instructions on use and ------ some 6-8 hrs (4-5 mowings) later it was about 75% GONE! not impressed! Have had as good luck with just cleaning good and using rustoleums red primer. I will add that I have a good bit of bare spots in my yard and when dry I'm stirring up a lot of dust - essentially sand blasting.
  6. K-341

    Likely your rings havent 'seated' yet - tho at 5-6 hrs they seemly shud be, or at least close to? Did you do the rebuild your self or have it done? Hone the cylinder, take care to not 'stack' the rings? I just finished a re-ring on a K341 and it too 'puffed' smoke for the first hour or so, but just this morning I mowed for about an hour or so and I noticed the puffing had lessened dramatically indicating the rings were seating in.
  7. 953 nails it --- will be well worth your time to toodle off to HF and get their set of splitters. They are just plain handy around the shop anyway -- and honestly, I would think you wont be able to get the wheel off without this. That wheel can really get stuck! Put the flat sides of the splitter under the wheel and get it as close to the shaft as you can. Protect your threads on the shaft, I run the nut up on the threads rill it is just even with the top. Put a good bit of pressure on it puller and occasionally 'whap' the top of the big screw with a hammer, this will give a 'jar' to the splines and help it break loose.
  8. Tell me about the D-160

    $450 is indeed too much for a non running D --- what with the unknowns on the engine and the tranny, they are just too big of a risk to gamble much money on. If it was running/driving then that would be a fair price. You didnt mention whether it had a deck.....?? a mower deck or not enters into the factor of value. A good deck can almost equal the value of a tractor, they are becoming more and more scarce what with them rusting so badly.
  9. Tell me about the D-160

    The "Big D's" are popular with a lot of us....I have 4 of them.... The Ross steering is a common problem on these, it can range from a fairly simple repair if the housing is still good, to a bit pricey if housing is broken, it is a pretty good job to remove/replace it. The 3 point is a most wonderful and handy feature, the PTO is if you have the correct attachments - attachments are a bit hard to come by. I dont know much about the Onan, they do have some issues that can be a problem - one of the other guys can elaborate more on them. The hyd drive can be a problem and you really need to know more about it with being able to drive it and ck it, It is also quite a booger to work on. If you feel comfortable with your mechanic skills and cant drive the tractor get it as cheap as possible (hah!, thats a requirement anyhow!!)
  10. Seeing Double D's whats not to like?

    "Love my big D's" MEEEE To!! and boyoboy you got a couple there thats .................. well, just fantastic!
  11. 414-8 won't run

    My guess is its the needle valve - you say you have already had problems with it and from your description seems thats about all thats left. I ordered a new needle/seat once, installed it and engine would not start and like you it would start with a squirt of gas into the carb. After fooling with it for some time I finally had to accept that float was sticking CLOSED! - I had NEVER seen that happen. Sure enough I got another needle/seat and --- problem solved
  12. PTO Hub Resurface

    Yes, have a lathe and have done several. Theres a good bit of "meat" in it so it will take a fairly deep cut if needed. If the plates are pricey (and so much of original stuff is) look at bush hog/shredder clutch plates/etc. I have done that last couple I did - had to trim some excess off but that was minor.
  13. Calling all D-180 owners

    Leave the electric pump, my experience with the original pump was nothing but a pain - once I added an electric all the probs went away. I put them on all 4 of mt D's....
  14. Calling all D-180 owners

    Yes, there is a valve --- sitting in the seat it on the left side thru a small hole in the tin about in line just below the battery. Take a flash light and peep in and see what kind of head it has, some are 3/8" square (I use a 6" 3/8 extension and a 3/8 wrench or crescent) and another a wide slot for a flat blade screw driver. They can get VERY tight. My 180 had the screw driver type and was froze, when I finally had to go into the pump I finally got it loose on the bench with a pipe wrench. While out I brazed a hex head nut to it!!
  15. Calling all D-180 owners

    I think a "Big D" is well worth saving, I love mine! No spark --Firstly check the wiring, see if you have volts going to the coil and then on to the points. If its been sitting (and they usually have been) the points a very prone to corrode, simply dragging a piece of fine grit sand paper thru the contacts will usually cure that. (replace them later) Next culprit is the coil, its somewhat prone to fail on this engine (on the bay for $75-100?) and of course theres the condenser.