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  1. Wheel horse tractors

    Yep, --- same here! I've bought some 11-12 horses over the last 5 yrs and I think I made about $25-50 on ONE of them, and thats just money spent not counting the 100+hrs labor in it. And that one turned out that way mainly because I didnt have to buy tires. I get a bit of ragging with a couple of my buddies about it but I just throw back at em about their bass fishing (MAJORLY expensive!) or another a photographer (another high dollar hobby - showed me a new telescopic lens at $6000!) Bottom line is I just LOVE to get out in my "office" and get dirty, nasty, greasy, etc messing around with my tractors
  2. Other brand pictures.

    This is my Massey Ferguson 1650 -- has Kohler 16hp K341, Eaton hyd drive with 3 point hitch and PTO, 48"deck and a 42" tiller. I've really come to like this tractor .
  3. 3pt Wrecker attachment

    Been waiting for this ever since you started talking about making one And looking good too!
  4. Doggone farmer, this is one NICE post ---- and And the tip for heating that rim to loosen the stuck tire is what Ive been waiting for. I have one right now that I have been struggling with, -- Thanks
  5. Steering wheel help

    Yeah, replacing it is as simple as that - just drop it back into the splines (line it up with your knob or ?) and run the nut up......
  6. Steering wheel help

    Hah Hah woooeee, aint that the TRUTH!! But thats OK -- dont try and take my Big D's from me!!
  7. Steering wheel help

    Sarge is so very right!! Do not hit the shaft, blowing the end out of the Ross box is NOT good - it is aluminum and couldnt stand a blow. Besides that puller he shows is a quick and easy way to get it off, they CAN be stubborn.
  8. Good show!! I do mine the same way - satin black and I chose silver for the lettering, sure makes them look better! Is tedious tho
  9. aftermarket carbs

    Yep, just what Fred sez. I have bought some 6-8 of them with overall good results (last one was for a K301 and all of $14/free ship!!) I choose to swap out the butterfly/shaft from my old carb and yes I have noticed float level is way off. Also you may find your fuel inlet wont go in very far (metric threads?) I use my 1/8" pipe tap and run it in til I can get a good seat.
  10. Onan parts

    Re carbs --- I have a 16hp B43 with a DD-14 carb, not the style of those 2 in your pic. This style could have the fuel pump on side or not - mine doesnt. This rotten fuel we get nowadays has about eat mine up!
  11. Removing The Flywheel screen

    " using a chisel, and tapping them counter clockwise along the edge on the head of the screw. " I also prefer Craigs method using a chisel.... Then on going back I either use machinist button head screws or - more preferably - flange head screws as replacements. Course often times will have to add a flat washer since the screen is often mangled Dang we could almost place these things in the removing steering wheel/axle hubs as "most irritating"
  12. Shaft drive on Flywheel?

    On the D's the flywheel screen simply has a hole cut in the center to allow for a splined shaft bolted to the flywheel that connects to an 'adapter' that mates to the hyd pump. I have a Massey Ferguson GT with a K341 that also has a similar setup driving a drive shaft back to a PTO drive point and then on to the Hyd pump. Neither of these are ideal, the D at least has a rubber spacer between that will allow some 'give' to the drive, but still can have a short life span. The MF has 3 solid splined connectors that allows NO 'give' accelerating the wear. And of course parts are NLA!! Heres a pic of mine with a mod I have done in an attempt to take slack out by adding set screws - I have a few hrs on it now and so far is still tight...
  13. Dark Blue K-Series

    I bought a D160 with a K341 that had a blue color and the guy said that he had replaced and it that was the way it came when he bought it. Kinda backed up by the tractor being a 1974 model and the Kohler tag showing its a 1994 model.
  14. 1974 D 160

    I agree with Jim, $1000 is not unreasonable, especially with the 3pt hitch and apparent good condition there (and the 16hp 341 engine is an added bonus) I recently sold a D180 with 3pt and mower deck in similar condition - paint/decals/etc - asked $1500 and on 2nd day guy came, looked and had $1400 in cash on him and he left with it. Down here in La. horses arent well known, so I was pleased to get that.
  15. D -160 cooling fan

    Yeah --- I have even drilled a tiny hole say -- 1/16" in the covered area over the back bearing for a drop, and as paul sez, a drop on the shaft will often wick its way way into the front bearing.