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  1. D-160 three point

    There are 2 of them on the bay now -- $65 & free ship
  2. wheel horse fan attachment??

    Yep, my D200 had one on it, wasnt functioning so I just took it off. And my D180 had the comfort seat and there is no way it would fit it.....
  3. What size Battery is needed?

    Amazingly I have a wally 230a in a D-180 big twin tractor that is coming up on 5 yrs in Oct!! But the last 3-4 that Ive bought I did go to the 300a, theres such a small price difference. And, it doesnt get all that cold down here in La, which undoubtedly would make a big difference.
  4. I dont think the decals placement are super critical, between mine and Pauls pics you can get the idea - About 3/8-3/4" above the edge of hood and an inch or so from the hood latch. My D-180's decals were original, as were my D-200 and I have used their placement to copy when adding the new ones.
  5. These are Terrys decals on a (obviously!) D160, - D200 would be same. His decals are the BOMB!!
  6. K341oil pan swap

    My apologies here - I have read that post of Kellys a couple times on the K series big blocks but ......... well old age I guess, I just never thought of it this time. Thanks for jarring my memory 953nut. The change I was thinking of is a K341 off a Massey Ferguson with a shaker mount set-up to a K341 off a D160 with a conventional pan - after re-reading Kellys post I'm reconsidering ..........
  7. K341oil pan swap

    I have a K341 thats a bit weak, has the deep,odd shaped oil pan --- then I have another K341 in pristine condition with the conventional oil pan. Question being is what is involved in swapping these oil pans - just a direct swap or is the rod oil slinger different or ??? any thing else to do this swap?
  8. 1973 18 Automatic Kohler Carburetor question

    Probably is a replacement carb --- most of the very inexpensive carbs that have appeared on the bay have the wrong choke lever for the WH's. There are a scattered few vendors that offer the correct lever, you just have to carefully check the ad - and there are MANY! I love to be able to get a 15-20$ carb so I take the choke arm off my original and switch them out with the new one.
  9. Making Purchase

    Yeahbut.... for only a couple hundred more you could've got a brand new Murrey at wallyworld.....----- NOT!!
  10. I believe it will cross over, but a check on the crankshaft as suggested would be wise. On rebuilding this type engine, one major problem can arise - the rods are/can be a problem. Someone here on the forum recently had a post on a full rebuilding a 482. Might do a search for that or maybe he'll see this post.... You could come close to the $800 on having some one do the rebuild... would depend on what it needs?? I bought a D200 with a terrible smoking K532 but on tear down and all it needed was rings! The $800 is a bit steep and without hearing/seeing it run??? maybe $400-500???
  11. Is it a D180???

    As Dman sez, could be a 18auto or a D180, The D160 didnt have the big twin, and the D200 had a bigger gas tank .... If you can get it reallllly cheap jump on it, the possible big hangup is the Sundstrand Hyd drive and you cant check it without it running so you do need to get it cheap ....If every thing will check out, these 'BigD's' are brutes.
  12. Valve Stems for Fluid

    I agree on using tubes! Once you have removed a tire off a rim that had fill in it and see the awful damage it can do to a rim - even destroy it - youll quickly see why to go with tubes! The vise grips on the valve is wise any time when installing a tube - like nut says "dont ask me how I know!"
  13. Need help with mower spindle

    A spindle can be made fairly easily --- if --- you have, or know of someone who has a metal lathe & mill. I have made 2 of them for hard to find, expensive, non existent, etc.... That one can even be saved by welding over the stripped threads and take it back to size on a lathe and rethread. But, that beyond most peoples ability. There are usually spindles on the bay, keep an eye out for them ... We will HAVE to become more and more inventive? as our parts become more and more scarce 7mill. I have made 3 of them so far
  14. Kt17 series II no spark

    Seems this engine has a bit of a reputation to blow coils, and they ARE horribly expensive. Look into using a Harley Davidson coil, I dont recall off hand the particulars of using one, maybe one of the other guys will come along and shed light on them. Might do some search using KT17 and Harley coil. On mine, I found 2 unknown older coils at a flea mkt for $5 - worked like a charm!
  15. I would add to all the above (all good advice) that you find a top grade tap, the hardware store or big boxes are likely not to be this. A good grade HSS tap, and a comparable drill bit, will make a lot of difference - especially doing multiple holes. If like most of us you have one of HF's little angle grinders it will do a nice job of getting a flat spot on the hub, and the axle - it can be difficult to keep the drill bit from "skittering?" in trying to get it started otherwise. Ive have added 2 extra set screws on several on mine!