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  1. 60" Deck question...

    I did the same thing with a 416-8 with the twin Onan. I did some very close measuring and had my friend who was a welder/fabricator help me to re-locate the deck hanger brackets slightly forward on the deck itself. This moved the deck back slightly closer to the rear wheels (but did not hit) and then I had no problems with the front wheels. Prior to this the front tires did scrub at full lock. Of course I had to use a different mule drive belt but no big deal at all. Cut quality was absolutely awesome!!!! I was so impressed with how smooth and even that big 60 could cut! As for the engine, I swear that 16 Onan loved that large deck. Power was NEVER an issue and the engine never seemed to be over worked. I try to maintain my grass height so I never "Bush-hogged" with the tractor but the power was more than adequate for a normal lawn. It was really the perfect tractor.... Steering was smooth and easy, turning radius was great, cut quality was wonderful, cut speed was great due to the large deck and the power was perfect. And of course, I never had a mechanical problem out of the tractor. WHY DID I SELL IT??????
  2. D-180 foot hydro!

    It would probably take a lot to modify a D to foot control! But it sure would be nice. When I'm plowing, its a real challenge to keep the hydro motion where I want it, keep the steering straight and control the depth of the plow all at the same time.
  3. plow days 2012

    Some pics from plow days in SC 2012 and 2013. Weather stunk both years! Rained the night before but it was still a great time as always!
  4. NICE LONG WEEKEND! Vince and I are going to use the horses to plow up some food plots! Fun! Fun! If All of this FREAKIN rain doesnt ruin it!

  5. NICE LONG WEEKEND!!! Vince and I are going to use the horses to plow up some food plots! Fun! Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. My New C 160

    Good Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the tires, weights and blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. New, Looking to buy and need information

    Im in South Carolina and I have only come across 1 Gt 14. It was a good tractor for the short time that I owned it. A man and his wife came all the way from Texas to buy it! Wheel Horses are hard to come by around here! If you like what you see and the price seems fair, dont hesitate to jump on it!
  9. C-101 redo

    Thats exactly what I did. As much as I use my tractor I didnt want to do a total restoration. I took my D200 down about as far as you did with the C101, did a little minor sanding, some major cleaning, taped off a few things and went to work with the rattle cans! Thats been about 4 to 5 years ago now and its held up fairly well. Good luck and looking Good!!!
  10. New, Looking to buy and need information

    I think it sounds like a fair deal. As long as the engine runs well and the trans pulls good, considering the attachments, I would say go for it.
  11. NEW 1966 wheel horse mower

    I remember several years back there was a "NEW" in the crate wheel horse for sale on ebay. I think it was an electro 12. They had just pulled it out of the crate to take the pics of it. SOOOOO awesome! There are definitely some hidden treasures still out there.
  12. Horrible day! I ran over the front grill of the D200 with the D200. It WAS flawless before today. AHHHHHHH

    1. oldblue1993


      sounds like my mower issue I created, I feel your pain.

    2. chrisd200(inactive)
  13. NEW 1966 wheel horse mower

    Hard to say. It is expensive but when u consider the fact that its probably the only "NEW" reo still out there, I'm sure someone will want it. And where are you ever gonna find another 1966 wheel horse shipping crate thats still in tact?
  14. NEW 1966 wheel horse mower

    yeah it sure is
  15. NEW 1966 wheel horse mower

    Any of you see the "NEW" 1966 wheel horse REO rider on ebay. Its still in its original crate. I thought it was pretty neat. Even though its not the traditional wheel horse "tractor" that we all love....... you don't see NEW wheel horses too often, especially one from the 1960's.