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    Nice Pictures Steve,,Looks Like Anything and Everything There. Now I Know What I Am Missing By Not Going.
  2. 653 WH wont move?

    Got the transmission back together and everything is running well. Smooth shifting and sounds great. But only took 1 quart of oil to fill it up. I think it should take 11/2 to 2 quarts,,,,right. Thanks to all that helped me with advice, parts, and video on rebuild.
  3. 653 WH wont move?

    PM me with a quote on the input shaft and cluster gear.
  4. 653 WH wont move?

    I'm sorry,,,I meant the small gear that the input shaft meshes with. I think it is the 2nd and 3rd gear. Yes it is a 5025 transmission on a 653 wheel horse.
  5. 653 WH wont move?

    Wow,,,,those gears sure look better than mine. . Steve do you have the high-low gear as well. The cluster gear on mine is bad also. Thanks. I am interested.
  6. 653 WH wont move?

    I am not giving up,,,LOL. Just looking for input shaft with cluster gear and some pinions. I am not in a hurry. Just anxious.
  7. 653 WH wont move?

    Took apart the differential and looks like I need the 4 pinion gears as well. Everything else looks OK. Will the 855 4 pinion gears work on the 653? Looks like I will be watching E Bay alot.....
  8. 653 WH wont move?

    And the last 3 pictures.
  9. 653 WH wont move?

    Here the first 4 pictures.
  10. 653 WH wont move?

    Oh bad news,,,Transmission was worse off than I expected,,,needle bearings, 1533 bearings, maybe some gears that have some bad teeth on them. Am cleaning parts now. Oh, well. I'll have a list up soon with the bad parts.
  11. 653 WH wont move?

    Also,,,When I turn the transmission pulley,,,Both wheels turn in the same direction a little. I tried turning the wheels again by hand and the left wheel seems to turn and then lock up,,,,sounds to me like transmission repair time. What do you think guys?
  12. 653 WH wont move?

    OK guys,,,,I have raised the wheels off the ground with a floor jack,,,turned each wheel by separately by hand. Only 1 wheel turns, the other does nothing. Removed the shifter and put into different gears and still the wheels turns only 1 at a time,,I can turn the wheels and they turn freely.

    Thanks Steve for the overhaul information and pictures,,,,I might need them. Pictures sure help a fella out,,,especially me.
  14. 653 WH wont move?

    Thanks guys for the information,,,,Right now I am a bit under the weather..But will start checking the WH ASAP.
  15. Riding the wheel horse around the yard the other day, when going up an incline a popping was heard and the WH quit moving. Could this be an axle?