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  1. 60" Deck for 48"

    I have a 48' that I will trade for a 60" if it is still available.
  2. Snow Blower

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Snow Blower

  4. WH mower deck, rear discharge

    how wide is the deck?
  5. Snow Blower

    Still have it
  6. Snow Blower

    Changed Price to $250
  7. Snow Blower

    single stage snow blower with wings in fair condition. Recently replaced the drive shaft bearings, auger bearings, auger shaft, drive chain, and belt pulleys. Snow blower works just like it should.
  8. Anti-sway bar

    Looking for the anti-sway bar for a two stage snow blower. Or the specs to make a sway bar.
  9. Wheelhorse 2-Stage Snow Blower

    Thanks for the blower!
  10. Wheelhorse 2-Stage Snow Blower

    Is the blower still available?