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  1. HH 160-170019

    I have heard that some people try to put those inserts in without removing head. To me that is not a good idea!
  2. My GT14

    That's a nice looking tank!
  3. Raider 12 Old switch to new

    I did what you are talking about to my 69 Raider 12 was probably in the late seventies. I do not remember the switch number, but got one of the heavy duty switches for one with the battery ignition. Clipped the wire that ran to the solid state unit. Have never checked the output of the stator always keeps the battery charged. Your staitor is probably bad. You can wire it and use the switch above but you will have to add a solenoid.Wiring is simple on that 68.
  4. HH 160-170019

    I've never seen one of those with bigger threads than the 14mm. I would check about the helicoil insert.
  5. Lawn Ranger

    Auctioneer was not getting much interest it seemed and he did not spend much time on it. I figured it would go higher and goofed on that one. I have five other mower I fixed to sell and they are taking up space. My old garage has a GTO spread all over it so can't get much else in there. Being in town did not want to store it outside! Neighbors do not fuss about what I have and did not want to push the issue!
  6. Lawn Ranger

    Went to an auction Tuesday north of Peru,In to check out the Wheel Horses for sale. Bought a 106 Lawn Ranger without engine for $15. There wa two GT1100 Workhose models there, one was a very decent looking tractor with 42inch deck. Went for $20, could have been made to run pretty easily it appeared. Other one was a little rougher but complete with 36 inch rear discharge deck. It sold for a little less I believe. Was another tractor also not sure on the model figured it was a 70's model. Engine replace with older one with starter generator on it, with the regulator mounted where the solid state regulator would have been. Don't know what it sold for. I thought about the better Work Horse but no place to store it. Did kick myself after I saw what it sold for though. Other buy was a Bolens two wheel tractor for $10, it was complete.
  7. This the one at the auction north of Peru,IN?
  8. That shaft on the engine turns about 600 rpm. It is a 6 to 1 gear reduction box.
  9. Replacing an 856's engine; fishing for advice

    Those clone engines are cloned from a Honda engine.
  10. I have lived in Indiana virtually all of my life but don't know where a lot of these counties are. But do know where Seymour is. Lived not to far from there as a kid. So I just usually look for the city itself. Can't remember all this stuff anymore! BE a pretty good drive for one day for an old codger.
  11. 16hp Vanguard wiring help

    The 10-16 amp systems all used the same stator and regulator. The difference in the was the size of the magnets put in the flywheel. The Vanguard I have on the workbench has the 2 black wires from the stator, a red wire that runs to the fuel shutoff solenoid on the carb. The ignition shutoff is to a terminal coming thru the blower housing. I tried running the stator wires together on a JD and burnt up the stator. Replaced it and did not try that again! I think I would get the correct regulator, find the wire on your tractor that goes from regulator to switch or where ever it went and hook the red wire from Briggs regulator to that. I went and looked at the Briggs Alternator chart I have on the wall to check some of this.
  12. Look at Eastwoods stuff.They have two units. I do not know how good they actually work, but might be worth a look.
  13. 16hp Vanguard wiring help

    Yellow plug with the two black wires are from the stator. Red one I believe is from the solenoid on the carb. Yellow plug goes to rrectifier/regulator. Briggs regulator number 797375.
  14. Engine stalls when warm.

    The tube over the fuel line as you have it is correct. Someone put the filter there, not really a good idea. I don't remember if a fuel filter was ever put in the line originally or not. Someone mentioned hydraulic lifters, these do my have those. To adjust the valves one must pull the head and remove valves and grind end of valve for clearance. Oh, glad you got it running!
  15. Engine stalls when warm.

    The J19LM is what Briggs specifies for that engine. Used t call for a CJ8 but not the CJ8Y. I think that may be the extended tip plug. Next time you run until it stops take the gas cap off and see if it will run. A plugged vent Will only allow it to run for a short time.