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  1. Still no spark

    Unless you have a special dial indicator it is hard to set the timing with the head on. I try to not remove the whole thing to change the coil or at least mark the post and the magneto before removing it. Can make a scratch mark on both then line back up. If already removed then this will not work.
  2. Procedure for setting timing for H55

    I use a washer that mikes in the proper thickness lay it on piston use a square or piece of steel on block, bring piston up so it touches the square. Points must be set to .020 before attempting to set timing. After piston is set at proper distance, rotate magneto until points just start to open. Can use an ohm meter or even just a small piece of paper between points. When it pulls out lock down.
  3. Changing the fluid in tranny

    Pour thru shifter hole.
  4. Iola Car Show ‘18

    I have a 70 GTO that I need to finish putting back together. Nothing special but one I have owned since about 1977. My first hot rod was a 55 Pontiac Chieftan hardtop with a transplanted 389 with an Isky camshaft. Was a stick shift car, transmission changed to a Chevy box. Of course it had to have the Hurst shifter!
  5. Detergent or non detergent in 60's Tecumseh?

    I have not used non-detergent oil in any of my small engines for ever. Kind of remember the inside of engines with the heavy sludge build up in them that used non-detergent oils. That said I have yet to see in any of the manuals I have that calls for non- detergent oil. Can hardly find it anyway. Any of the newer splash lubricated engines use detergent oils. I agree oil change intervals in these is very important. Air cooled engines run hotter and the other job of the oil besides lubrication is carrying heat from the components I believe.
  6. I probably would use one of the five terminal switches, just use the terminals you need. Some have the terminals arranged in different patterns, but just wire as needed. I used the original heavy switch on my 69 Raider 12 and just wired in a solenoid, if the switch is good. Just have to run a smaller from starter terminal to solenoid.
  7. Do you spray primer on your engines?

    Since that is a paint and primer I would just spray it on over a clean surface.
  8. What's the correct location for these decals?

    I think that was used on at least the 10hp engine. The 6hp engines on the early engines had a points ignition. At least on the 6hp WH used.
  9. Loss

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and the prayers. There is a lot of power in the prayers of God's people. My wife was an amazing lady as evidenced by what people have voiced in the past couple of days. I know there will be adjustments for me now. I have a couple of amazing kids who are looking out for dad.
  10. L-165 Spark Problem

    Since you have removed that from the engine timing will have to be reset. I generally replace both points and condenser and if that doesn't work go to the coil. I have a coil and condenser tester that have had for years. Always clean the new points first they can be contaminated. Unhook the kill switch wire to take it out of the picture.
  11. Loss

    I am having to do the hardest thing that I have ever done. Tomorrow we will be burying my wife of 52 years. I lost her to pancreatic cancer early Thursday morning. Going to be a rough patch for a while.
  12. I cut a copper piece to fit in there and mig welded around it on one. Sorry did not take a picture before anyone asks! I have a lathe so turned it down.
  13. I think if moisture can not get into the Bondo one is good. If all of the rust is removed from the pits cleaned before applying it should stick. When people started using it to patch holes it started to get the bad rap. I know there are some different types and some may be water proof but I think generally harder to work with. Had an old body man at wife's uncle's dealer ship show me how to do some of this stuff.
  14. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

  15. Plow Hitch

    That is with the original hitch in front of the new one.