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  1. Engine stalls when warm.

    Yes that is what I meant. I do not remember exactly anymore why they said that. I used to go to the Briggs update schools with father-in-law years ago. I thought it had to do with the Magnetron makeup. I actually have one with Tecumseh and part number on it. A piece of microfiche card works too.
  2. Engine stalls when warm.

    Actually Briggs says not to use the metal deeper gage to set the air gap on the Magnetron. They sold a plastic gage to set these. A business card will set it close enough. We had this stuff at work so I had access to the stuff.
  3. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    Model number on that Briggs probably on the valve cover. Is usually on the top side of the cover. When they have that plastic cover on top that is where the number is.
  4. Engine stalls when warm.

    Just pull the plug wire and see if it is firing when that happens. Not an uncommon event with the magnetron coil. Have seen it a bunch of times over the years.
  5. Question for engine rebuilders

    I have one of the bored rods in my Raider 12 K301. Sent two of them to Brian Miller for rework. My local NAPA machine used to do this but machine shop no longer around. Used to be a shop in Ft. Wayne,IN that did this. The insert I believe was from a 4 cylinder Continental engine. Have the crank turned to the first undersize it will cleanup at.

    The second shaft is the camshaft extended and is usually used for reverse Any engine will work just would not have reverse without it.
  7. I saw the two painted green. Just had to shake my head on that one.
  8. 1987 WH 108-5 ___33-08B503

    If it is leaking out there the needle and seat in the carb is not shutting off the flow of fuel. Get a rebuild kit and go thru the carb.
  9. Will be there August 24th. Probably not the whole day.
  10. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    Where that screw landed it may have collapsed the top ring land, which freezes the ring in its land. Possibly even breaking the ring in some cases. No easy way to check without a teardown. Have a Honda engine here that happened to. Yours may be ok, if not May tear up the cylinder wall.
  11. HH55 and HH60 engines

    All the H series engines were aluminum blocks and the HH series are cast iron. Some H series blocks had cast iron sleeves and some were aluminum bore. There is probably a way to tell which is which on the block but I don't remember how to tell.
  12. HH55 and HH60 engines

    Physically they are the same size. Have not worked on any for a long time as to the differences.
  13. I liked the miniature Allis Chalmers G. Think I saw that at Winamac also.
  14. The 1054 is home

    People who saved them are laughing now because restorers pay big money for them! I've seen them in the GTO world and i will not be buying one.
  15. That is just twenty miles up the road from me may make a run up there.