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  1. I have one of Bob's covers. I may clean this up just to see what it will look like. It is not ripped or split. Drawstring is broken and foam probably not the best. Really was after the metal pan and this is what I got!
  2. My 69 Raider 12 has the red plastic tank. Have owned it since about 1974. Been that way since I have owned it.
  3. Has been a while since I started this, have been looking for a seat. Well looking no more, found this today.
  4. Just unhook the kill switch wire at the engine and crank, see if there is fire. I hardly ever use a meter to check these coils because B&S doesn't give any info. They either work or they don't, look at them closely to make sure 12 volts has not been fed thru them. They would be melted probably. Did they send any kind of diagram for their wiring for this. I have looked there and they have mentioned making up a transition piece.
  5. wheel horse A 90

    Those Peerless transmissions actually hav e grease in them, and don't believe there is a way to check them. most of them I have been around you can not check.
  6. kohler electronic module test(?)

    That will eliminate any stray electrical spikes out of the module..
  7. Still no spark

    Have been thinking about what I posted above and I believe yours is different than the one here. Also different than the pictures above. What I said above does not apply to this one. That is why the flywheel is probably different.
  8. Still no spark

    I do not recall any of my H50 -H60's having an offset key. Just did one this spring. The ground wire from coil is usually on the screw that secures condenser. On bolt from points condenser wire, wire from coil and the kill switch wire. Nothing should be between insulator and the housing. If the bare wires from coil go there it will just ground the points.
  9. Still no spark

    The charging coils have absolutely nothing to do with this engines firing. It needs to disregarded while trying to diagnosis this. It has to be in the coil, points and condenser. Magnets could be weak I suppose. A bad set of points, a bad condenser. Don't know if you have original Tecumseh parts or aftermarket stuff. Some of the aftermarket parts have not been able to get a spark.
  10. WH fasteners

    If there are any markings on the head besides the grade markings it is the manufacturer's ID. Grade markings are the 3 or 6 marks. I worked in that segment of manufacturing for a little over 45 years. All bolts must have the manufacturers ID on them and it is registered with government, so it is traceable in case of failure or whatever. I know in the collector car circle they try to make a lot out of that and it may vary depending on the location of the plants. Who is closer and so on.
  11. Still no spark

    Unless you have a special dial indicator it is hard to set the timing with the head on. I try to not remove the whole thing to change the coil or at least mark the post and the magneto before removing it. Can make a scratch mark on both then line back up. If already removed then this will not work.
  12. Procedure for setting timing for H55

    I use a washer that mikes in the proper thickness lay it on piston use a square or piece of steel on block, bring piston up so it touches the square. Points must be set to .020 before attempting to set timing. After piston is set at proper distance, rotate magneto until points just start to open. Can use an ohm meter or even just a small piece of paper between points. When it pulls out lock down.
  13. Changing the fluid in tranny

    Pour thru shifter hole.
  14. Iola Car Show ‘18

    I have a 70 GTO that I need to finish putting back together. Nothing special but one I have owned since about 1977. My first hot rod was a 55 Pontiac Chieftan hardtop with a transplanted 389 with an Isky camshaft. Was a stick shift car, transmission changed to a Chevy box. Of course it had to have the Hurst shifter!
  15. Detergent or non detergent in 60's Tecumseh?

    I have not used non-detergent oil in any of my small engines for ever. Kind of remember the inside of engines with the heavy sludge build up in them that used non-detergent oils. That said I have yet to see in any of the manuals I have that calls for non- detergent oil. Can hardly find it anyway. Any of the newer splash lubricated engines use detergent oils. I agree oil change intervals in these is very important. Air cooled engines run hotter and the other job of the oil besides lubrication is carrying heat from the components I believe.