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  1. I think if moisture can not get into the Bondo one is good. If all of the rust is removed from the pits cleaned before applying it should stick. When people started using it to patch holes it started to get the bad rap. I know there are some different types and some may be water proof but I think generally harder to work with. Had an old body man at wife's uncle's dealer ship show me how to do some of this stuff.
  2. Plow Hitch

    That is with the original hitch in front of the new one.
  3. Plow Hitch

    Let's try another one.
  4. WH Model 518 will not start

    I would guess the flywheel was not tight enough, but I might be wrong. Have had smaller engines do this.
  5. Plow Hitch

    Here you go.
  6. Plow Hitch

    I have this 12 inch moldboard plow and needed to extend the hitch. Put an electric lift on my 72 Raider 12 and the motor on it sits across the back of the transmission right in the way of the pl;ow using the slot hitch. With some mockup I saw that if extended 3 1/2 inches it would clear. Went to a local Amish welding shop to see about getting the steel and have him weld it up. I was pleasantly surprised he charged me a whole 10 dollars to do this. Figured the steel would be more than that! Would have been ok with more.
  7. Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    Just wondering how many may be coming to this show? I live here in Rochester so it is in my backyard. I will probably bring three tractors, maybe four if I bring the little Bolens walk behind. Dad bought ir new in 51 in 52. I am not able to travel great distances this year due to medical issues wife has. Couldn't go to the big show. The director at the Fulton County Museum is my niece not that changes anything!
  8. KABOOM!

    I wonder if the block can be sleeved? At a small shop here he has done some K series blocks. Probably be somewhat expensive tho.
  9. I have a twelve inch I have pulled behind my Raider 12 in the past. It did fine with it
  10. Don't forget to call Mom today

    Just talked to my 95 year old mother a short while ago. Make a call every Sunday evening.
  11. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Someone wanted more support on that axle tube didn't they!
  12. 246-H clutch issues

    There should be about 13.5 to 14 volts dc from the regulator. Voltage is converted from the 26.6 volt ac to the 13.5 to 14 volt dc to charge the battery. If you are getting only about 11 volt with clutch on voltage is not gettin from the regulator to the battery. Could be wiring or could be the regulator. I believe you can go from the output wire to the positive battery post with a wire and see if battery voltage is higher with engine running.
  13. Cracked piston k241

    The overbore is going to depend upon cylinder wear and to a degree the machine shop. At one time around here it seems like one didn't like to go .010 with a boring bar but if they use like a Sunnen CK 10 type machine it is very doable. I have opened my own to .010 over with what is called a rigid hone by starting at the bottom where it is still round an working to the top. Frequent checking with bore gave I required not for everyone though. Best left to the machinist though.
  14. Happy Birthday 953 nut

    Happy Birthday 953nut