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  1. Well, they say the weather Friday will be dry. Rain forecast for Sat rain late in the evening, guess we shall see! I am only Am only maybe 20 minutes away so have not loaded a tractor yet, will do in the morning. They changed the forecast today hope they are right!
  2. I had looked at the V6 years ago, thought about putting one in a Vega. I know the one I saw was cast iron. At that time did not see many of the 215ci V8's setting around. Kind of a unique idea and I like the aluminum engine for the lower weight.
  3. If I am not mistaken the V6 was cast iron and the V8 was aluminum as was the Olds 8 cylinder engine. Used to be a pulling tractor around here with the Olds engine in it. Engines probably a little harder to find today.
  4. Have used JB weld on cracks like that before and it worked fine. Cleaned very well roughed up with coarse emery cloth (might not be necessary) but thought that would give it some touth to grab on to.
  5. I think you are talking about some kind of lab to check the alloy of the piston. A machine shop can measure for you but not check the alloy. Don't know where you could find one of those. Seems to me they would have to have a chunk of a piston to check that.
  6. Take hose from tank off and confirm fuel flow to the pump. If this has been mentioned sorry. Ethanol fuel can play havoc inside those hoses. Have seen a lot of issues with this happening. If there is fuel to the pump then pump is suspect.
  7. Once it is under the blower housing no one will know.
  8. I have used the overnight solution company twice. One was for a Sets suburban and the other surround the ignition executor coil for a Massey Ferguson. He helped me with info to check the stator out and took care of me promptly. Unit works good and has replaceable parts.
  9. There was a guy around here who pulled with a Wheel Horse. He made up his own fuel injection. I did see it once but did not look at it closely. Pretty sure it was mechanical not electronic.
  10. What I have is probably the same thing, but this one is from an Australian company. Its called Fix-A-Thred Plug Saver. Alcoa Fastening Systems. I set the spark plug hole on a piece of hardwood when seating the insert. Did not want to seat it without some support. I came upon this set at a store that does buyouts and got a very good deal on it. Have not seen any more at the price I paid.
  11. I like the type that is an insert instead of the helicoil. When installed the top rolls over and kind of crimps into place. The name escapes me right now though.
  12. Wire should be on the outside of the funnel where it goes in transmission.
  13. If it were me I would be concentrating on the size of the top of the cylinder. About all of the engines I have checked with my bore gage have been bigger at the top of the cylinder. Probably if you take the piston out the scraper portion of the oil ring will be worn off. Will not scrape the oil off the cylinder wall. If dirt enters through the intake and valve area it will wear the cylinder. A lot of these tractors were not serviced like they should have been. Have rebuilt a lot of small engines over the years and one saees a lot of stuff.
  14. Most of the nuts on my Raider 12 were the ny-lok nuts. They have a piece of nylon in the top of them, keeps them from loosing up. If I have to use the threadlocker I use the blue. Local racer turned me on to it years ago, he used it on his sprint car.
  15. I've never had success fixing those. I turned ends down threaded them and made my own adjustable tie rod. Helps to have a lathe though.