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  1. Today's Haul!

    I figured the pedal tractor would go high. Was interested but kind of knew what was going to happen. Had something else going on so did not stay. Lot of bidder numbers out according to my neighbor who worked the sale.
  2. GT-1100 ignition switch help

    If this is Briggs then the kill switch wire goes to the spade connection on the coil. The wire to the screw is the ground for the coil and will not kill the engine.
  3. Today's Haul!

    Didn't buy the Wheel Horse pedal tractor did you?
  4. Simplicity 4108

    Those filters are available, if it is a 10 or 11 hp the number is 270843S. If it happens to be an eight horse it is 270528S. Sorry couldn't tell from the picture.
  5. charger 8

    I see it now, those did not have the solenoid on them. Sorry, didn't look at close enough.
  6. charger 8

    What was said above let it idle down for a bit first. Make sure it is not idling to fast also. Some of those had the anti-backfire solenoid on the carb also. Can't see if that one has one.
  7. Another one hopped on the trailer

    You can use the stator on there. Just have to isolate or remove wire going to breakerless ignition. My 69 Raider 12 since the early 80's.
  8. I go commando

    Drain that crankcase before doing much else. I kind of wonder if the leaking carb drained into there. If the crankcase is that full it will push it out that pulse line. Could probably rebuild that pump or use one like Briggs uses. I would clean and rebuild carb also.
  9. I go commando

    Looks like the tank is high enough for it to gravity feed the carb. Not sure why they would put a fuel pump on there. If one were going to be used there are others that are cheaper.
  10. I go commando

    I would think the pulley would come off the top of flywheel. Looks like it is on there. to wrap a rope on to turn engine over.
  11. charger 8

    Reason I asked there are other filter housing that are maybe smaller. Don't think I have. both here to compare the two. A 1/4" isn't a whole lot of territory to have to deal with
  12. charger 8

    How much clearance does it need?
  13. Push it, blow it or ride over it.

    Looks like it has some snow moile engine in it!
  14. Stripped drain plug help needed

    I do not know if they make a helicoil for the pipe thread. I guess they do, is. pricey at Fastenal though.
  15. Back main needle out a little more and see if that helps. The 1-1/2 is just a starting point.