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  1. Then came bronson movie and series
  2. 1950 Farmall Cub In-progress

    gotta love those farmall cubs
  3. Slat Moldboard Plow

    Picked this up at a yard sale this weekend, never seen a slat moldboard plow for a garden tractor. I think it's a 8 inch. Looks home made, but kinda cool anyway!
  4. Price of Smores will be going up

    I want a marshmellow tree lol
  5. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    great pics looks like good weather too.
  6. Great day at the show!!

    great pics ,especially those pedal tractors
  7. 1054/953 Lawn Ranger seats

    Hi Bob, Sent you a message! Thanks!
  8. Dump Cart Restoration

    good work
  9. Bought another one last night...at least it's Red

    awesome tractor ,enjoy
  10. that was awesome ty
  11. Hydro vs. 8-Speed

    My 72 charger10 automatic has done it all, mow ,snowplow, pull moldboard plow ,disc ,cultivate, but I also love my manual shift tractors, havent had any issues with them either .
  12. a old farmer told me not to long ago its better to ask forgiveness than to ask permisson, very nice machine
  13. Plowing with a 48 Cub

    awesome cub,one of my all time favorites.

    Sending prayers for glen and family , get well soon .
  15. Getting the garden ready!

    Still a little chilly, but a good day to plow!