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    1974 C100
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all from Rolling Prairie IN
  2. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Try Steiner tractor, I bought parts for a ferguson to35 from them, and Im pretty sure they have AC parts too.
  3. New addition to the garage family

    awesome tractor
  4. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    nice c120, one of my first WH tractors 72 charger10 came with a modified short frame snow plow ,its closer to the front wheels but works good.
  5. My finds last weekend. 1054 and 855

    love them originals, nice
  6. 1974 C-100 8 Speed

    My new find! 1974 Wheel Horse C100 with Original Paint bought from the Original Owner!
  7. C-160 lift cable installation

    recently i installed a cable with two shackles on my c100 8 speed, i loosened 8 bolts ,two on top of trans,two holding plate beneath shifters, four bolts closest to running boards on steering tower, i pried up with large screwdriver on left side and wedged a piece of steel 1/2 thick to keep in up position, then run a straight wire through with a little hook on end, latch on and pulled cable through, this worked for me .
  8. Rural Past Times.

    love that mini d great pics
  9. Sometimes you just know...

    awesome !
  10. good pics,nice variety !
  11. Purchased this Planet Jr tractor wrench at a local flea market for $3. While changing oil on my Wheel Horse 10 HP I noticed the wrench was the same size as the top of the dipstick. Thought it was kinda cool, so now it's in my Wheel Horse tool kit. Check it out!
  12. New member from UK

    welcome, your gonna love this site ,great info, we have family in southport, enjoy
  13. awesome pics ,love the f20 ty
  14. Thoughts on a Charger 12

    I have a 72 charger10 automatic I use a moldboard plow, disc, grader blade, it performs flawlessly.
  15. 1967 Wheel Horse 1257 - SOLD SOLD SOLD

    very nice ,if still for sale could i get phone no ?