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  1. Thanks Garry. But I have that manual already, it just says "Drive Belt", nowhere does it say what lenght it is. My belt got completely destroyed, so I can't even measure it...
  2. How long are these drive belts? I have a GT!4 with snow blower, just snapped the belt. I think I recall it being 79 or 80"? Does that sound correct?
  3. Tire Chains 27x8.50-15

    Are these the standard GT14 size tire chains? If so, I'll probably take em!
  4. GT14 PTO switch failed? Failed closed?

    Gotcha, thanks. I'll have to try that, and see if it works on mine.. ...
  5. GT14 PTO switch failed? Failed closed?

    ​No, sorry. I never replaced it. ​What is "the safety function"? I don't recall it doing anything other than engaging the PTO.... ?
  6. So to me like the WH fuel pump is NOT self priming. hmmmmm.... I like the primer bulb idea, I'm going to do that. thanks.
  7. My GT14 has one front wheel that looses air, a slow leak. Over about 2 weeks it starts getting flat. Anyway I can fix it? Tubes in these? Can I get replacements? I was recently in Gettysburg, PA and drove by a huge golf cart dealer/ distributor. They had really nice wheels and rims for their carts. Can we get similar for the wheel horses?
  8. I installed a fuel shutoff inline on my GT14. I recently had an issue starting the unit, which was either a clogged carb, or some kind of vapor lock. Anyway, I'm wondering if I can cause fuel issues by closing my fuel shutoff, and running the carb and lines dry (aka let it run out of gas with fuel turned off)?? I do this on my log splitter and small 5hp outboard motor and it works fine. Does the fuel pump on the WH not like running dry? Is it not self priming? Am I better off not running it dry?
  9. LI (NY) Wheelhorse "mechanic"?

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I'm not 100% sure, but I think "can whlvr" got it. I was getting fuel out of tank, I was getting fuel thru the little inline fuel filter, I was getting what looked like a good spark. But it would not start at all. So I took the fuel line off the carb after the fuel pump, nothing. So I removed the front of tractor, fuel tank, heat shield (much easier than I anticipated), and then removed the fuel pump. I took the pump apart, cleaned it, tested it by flipping the littler "thingy" to make it pump while holding my finger over input fuel line. I felt a bit of suction, which meant it was working. I then blew compressed air into the carb via the fuel line. Re-installed pump, connected up the fuel tank and cranked it over. It started right up and is running like a champ. Weeeee haaaaaw! Took 10 minutes to put all back together and now I understand the whole thing a bit better.
  10. LI (NY) Wheelhorse "mechanic"?

    Do I have to remove the front end (large cast piece headlights are in) and fuel tank to remove the carb?
  11. Are there any Wheelhorse machanics on LI? I've got a problem with my GT14, and would love to have somebody fix it and do a few things to it. My GT14 has been running just fine, but last week I needed to move it, so I started it up and it sputtered out as I shut off the choke to fast. Nothing out of the ordinary.... When I turned it over again, it started for about 5 seconds and then just konked out and I have not been able to start it since. I checked the spark which looks fine and strong. It has fuel, which was not new, but did have conditioner in it which should have been ok. To be sure, I emptied the fuel, removed the inline fuel filter and blew it out (it seemed fine). I then added some new fresh fuel and re-tried and still nothing. It turns over just fine, as I have a nice strong AGM battery on it. Clogged carb possibly? What else ? I could remove the carb no problem, but what I don't like is all the linkages on the thing. I'm afraid I'd never get those all back on correctly....
  12. I have a GT14 with the single stage snow blower. Mounting and un-mounting it is not too bad, one large bolt across the frame in the front of the tractor and thru the frame of the blower, then a pin into the lift rod lever under the tractor near the lift hydro cylinder, and lastly the belt and power connection at PTO. Has anyone installed or made or know where to get/how to rig somekind of quick release or something for the front thru bolt? Instead of having to put the bolt thru the frame and then place on washers and a nut and tightening the nut with a wrench, I wonder if there is some kind of quick pin that can be used? Something that would just slide thru without the need for a wrench to make this a quicker process? I use my tractor to move firewood around, and need the blower off to do so (space wise and running it thru the woods). So I often mount and dismount the blower, kind of a pita.
  13. Rear tires keep going flat...

    So, where do you get Tubes for these oddball sized tractor tires? My GT-14 in particular....
  14. Blizzard 2014 Buffalo,NY

    What??? Didn't you hear what he said?? He said, dare I say it again, he is "out of BEER"!! I would find a new place to live!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yea, but where would one get a 100+ octane? As a NASCAR track?