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  1. Newbi question

    Welcome to the forum! ... on the 300 400 500 series, look below the seat. Can you give any more information? For example; does it say 312-8, 416H or something like that on the hood decal? And we all Love pictures here! Cory
  2. Winter Storm Hunter

    @squonk have you tried a cable lube tool like this one? I haven't tried in on a WH but use it on lots of other things. Cory
  3. Lake affect Snow Storms

    It is a single stage. The 2 stage that my brother uses is much nicer. I don't think there would be much difference between a 516h and a 416h as far as snowblower performance. Cory
  4. Lake affect Snow Storms

    Here is a pic taken from my driveway after the Latest snow removal. Near Erie PA. The 416h did good. Have most of the little things fixed now. Cory
  5. Lake affect Snow Storms

    I think most of us here in the Erie PA area are too busy clearing all the snow to take a lot of pictures! Here are a few Cory
  6. Wheel weights

    I right there with you @Horse's ass I'm in North East and we have about 8 more inches today with lots more in the forecast! Just crazy... As for your question, all I have to offer is that my weighs are off a 2005 husqvarna garden tractor. Sorry not much help. Cory
  7. We had/having another big snow storm here off lake Erie today about another 14 inches and my chute control wire broke. Does anyone know the proper procedure to install new wire? I have a metal wire OR .065 weed eater line. Thanks and Merry Christmas! Cory
  8. Snow blowing 416h

    I see that Jack, but not to worry, we'll be ready! Cory
  9. Snow blowing 416h

    Yes the hydro lift is essential for snow blowing imo. I've used a 416-8 before and it's not a fun time!
  10. Snow blowing 416h

    We had a big snow storm the other day here in erie, pa and the 416h didn't miss a beat! Cleared about 10-12 inches of wet heavy snow. Also, thanks to the person that gave the great idea of using my 4 wheeler helmet and goggles. Great way to keep warm and keeping the snow out of my face!
  11. Barn find-520H

    At 1100? That is a really good deal around here too. Someone wants 4k for a 97 520h with only the deck which is imo WAY TO HIGH. C
  12. Barn find-520H

    Are you asking how much would be a good deal for your package you got?
  13. Onan p216G bad after 10..15 minutes

    Did you make sure to re-install the heat shields over the exhaust ports located under the air cleaner assembly. I've seen where that can cause vapor lock to occur. Good luck and keep us updated. Cory
  14. 522xi out of the bushes?

    The 520-522XI does have a neutral. The 520h 416h does not with the Eaton 1100 tranny @EricF An xi, It should be easy to push on to a trailer in neutral. Cory