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  1. Mule drive

    @Hurley1 You can search the classified section or put up a want ad. Welcome to red square!
  2. New shoes for 520

    Great buy! I like those, looks good.
  3. It’s Scrap Pile Saturday!!!

    Poor old girl...
  4. STOP looking after a purchase like that. You did good.
  5. Fuel Pump on the 520

    It really sounds like you need to take the carb completely off and take it all a part and clean every port. I've had to do that several times with the Nikki carbs.seem very temperamental. The carbs on these Onans really need to be clean to run properly. Cory
  6. Best mower for 10 acres?

    With the total amount of acres you need to mow, I don't think wheel horse is the best tractor for that. My brother has an Exmark commercial mower zero turn for his yard. Works great. I think Exmark is a Toro brand? So it's loosely related to wheelhorse. Hahaha
  7. Fuel Pump on the 520

    Have you done any recent maintenance to your tractor? I replaced the ignition coil to fix an identical issue on my 97 416h. It has the "little brother" p216 Onan compared to the 520's p220 Onan. After replacing the ignition coil. My 416 still shut down after mowing on warm days. THAT problem was I forgot to reinstall the heat shields covering the exhaust thus causing a vapor lock. Good luck Cory
  8. 520 hydro tranny

    It sounds like you have the Eaton 1100 tranny. Great transmission but changing oil is a pain. First, make SURE you have the correct HYDRO FILTER for it. And use MOTOR OIL 10w 30 for the HYDRO transmission. Sounds funny but that is what Wheel Horse designed it to use. Second, when filling, I've found that when cracking the filter open a little WHILE FILLING to let the air escape works well. Third, it is a long process! Usually messy for me. 4th, as said above, a dry system takes 5 quarts. 4 quarts +/- is typical. Cory
  9. Help

    Yes Garry, it's part # 102742. According to toro.com, the new part # is 94-2501 Cory
  10. Appreciate that @ebinmaine!
  11. LONG STORY short. I can't get this load of tractors now. My wife is having surgery soon and I can't justify going out of town alone and being away. It just wouldn't be right. Thanks Cory I contacted the seller but haven't heard back yet.
  12. It’s Motor Monday!!

    1997 416H Onan. Bone stock. Runs great! 800ish hours
  13. Shed find

    Nice! How much?
  14. What Horse, and how old

    "First" one was 1991 when my Dad bought our 416-8. My 2 yrs older brother and I, not knowing destroyed the tranny. ( lots of shifting hard fro. 2nd to 3rd and vice versa when going down a WAY PLUS 15 degree grade. Still have it. Rebuilt tranny of course
  15. Also the 269h has a bagger so I wouldn't use that deck on the 520xi either way. (I Highly doubt that it would fit without major changes)