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  1. 520xi shutting off

    Ok, we replaced gas line and filter, new plugs, air filter so far. It is still shutting down after about 10min or when it gets up to operating temp. It will start after being off and run well and then **** down again. Seems like a heat issue affecting a sensor/relay or something. Thanks Cory @kurt-nepa, I haven't tried to change the ignition yet that you mentioned.
  2. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    Did I mention you need "replacement" coverage? Lol
  3. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    # update First of all... Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! Structure settlement went easy. Holy crap, the contents loss not easy! Lol... it's a back and forth battle with the insurance company. *Note to everyone* Get "replacement" coverage on your contents on homeowners policy. That is one thing that's made this easier.
  4. 520xi shutting off

    Lol, I seen that the 62-7770 is just the key after I posted. The switch I've found is expensive at $45 but I was worried it would be stupid expensive... like 200 or something. Cory
  5. daughter needs tractor

    Like @pullstart said above... Have you tried Fastenal? I've heard very good things about them. Cory
  6. 520xi shutting off

    @Kurt-NEPA Is the switch your talking about part number 62-7770 "key ignition". Or the 92-6785 "switch ignition" or am I way off in the part number? Cory
  7. 520xi shutting off

    Thanks @Kurt-NEPA! If the maintenance that we do to it does not fix it, then I could try swapping out the ignition switch. Thanks for the idea
  8. 520xi shutting off

    Hi everyone, We have a 2002 520xi with about 500hrs we recently bought. While mowing the other day, it would just shut down and after waiting about 10 minutes it started and ran good until finished mowing. Here's my and Dads plan... Already changed oil and filter. We will replace all fuel line and filter. New plugs. And clean fuel tank and continue using 91 octane ethanol free gas from local Country Fair. Clean carburetor. Any other obvious things we should do? Thanks Cory The newer 520xi is on the left.
  9. SW MO 420 LSE

    I can't find in on cl. How many hours?
  10. Deck attachment, 520H Wheelhorse

    Hi @pazephyr, If you post pictures of model numbers or general pictures then we are more able to help you out. Welcome to red square!
  11. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    Structure loss is already settled. But the contents is the hard part. I have 10 pages of things lost. Thankfully I have replacement coverage on homeowners policy. It's a little more but as I'm going through this, I'm glad I opted for it.
  12. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    @Daddy Don you are right. I am almost done inventoried everything and assigned a price. This has taken Many hours! What a pain.
  13. My dreaded Onan surge and it's cure

    @cleat, Can you show us pictures and how did you get the Welch plug to properly seal? I have a P216 and it's developed a surge that I haven't figured out yet. Thanks Cory
  14. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    Yes Kurt it is a big mess but, Im glad the 520xi my dad just bought wasnt stuffed in my shed too like a couple days ago. I am covered up to a mathematical point. Of course it doesn't make sense to me but I have to write down everything that was affected by the fire. Then I get to argue with the adjuster about value of melted wires on a Horse. And all the toys, tools, ect that I'll have to inventory. This is thankfully going to be the worse part of having the fire as no one was hurt. Cory
  15. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone... The fire is currently listed as "unknown" I called State Farm to make a claim and expect an adjuster to come some time today. I haven't touched much so I don't disturb the scene