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  1. Nice! What model and how many horse power does it have? ~C
  2. Pretty much agree with everyone, priced a bit high for me personally. Also, I don't think its a 1997. I believe the floor boards and mats are more flush with the rear fender starting in 96. At least its that way with the 416's. Any one else see that? ~C image:30
  3. I think if it were me, I'd probably sell the 310-8. And agree with using the 2 stage on the 416H. That would be BRUTAL using a non-hydro or electric lift with how much that thing weighs. ~C
  4. Nice pick up! Looks like a solid machine, good luck with it. I would love to find a deal like that too!
  5. From the First post without the picture, I was thinking $700 for a PERFECT 315 AS DESCRIBED w/o any attachments. After seeing one pic, maybe 400. It's a very nice machine but looks to be left outside a lot. He has a number in mind and mad it's just not worth that much. $0.02 ~C
  6. Is it a consistent tick? When you rev the engine does it tick more frequently or less/same?
  7. @Tankman, Are you looking for new only? I have a used set you can basically have. Just pay shipping.
  8. Welcome to a great site for ALL Wheel Horse tractors! I agree with @WVHillbilly520H. I had a similar issue last year with my 416h and a few years ago on my dad's 416-8. Recently I ended up buying a parts tractor and I now have a spare. You can get them relatively cheap on ebay, less than $20. ~C
  9. Wow! Congratulations, that sure is a rare find!
  10. Update: The 416h ran great today! ~70 out when mowing. No misses or **** down. We got a lot done outside as far as picking up obstructions from the kids, I just now put the muffler cover guards back on.
  11. Looks like a late 80's 520. Even if the real hrs were 800, it seems like a decent deal, but I would offer less but in cash and see where it goes. Goodluck... just my opinion...
  12. Thanks for that info Can whlvr..., I was able to change to the correct filter today and ran it around the yard a little bit ago. There wasn't much oil loss and I only had to add a little over a quart to get it to the proper level. It's raining here again so that wasn't much fun BUT, I now have learned a few things so overall it's all good. Thanks to everyone for their input ~C
  13. Just a quick update... With 3 little ones to take care of, I didn't have the time to work on it today after getting home. I did however buy 2 Napa gold 1410 HYDRAULIC Filters today! Lol.. On sale for a little less than $7 each. I thought that was pretty good deal compared to usual price. Is the Hydraulic filter stronger/thicker or something? What could have happened? I hope this thread help the next guy into MAKING 100% SURE you get the correct parts before performing a (what should have been an easy) job. I will try to get a little time tomorrow. Thanks ~C
  14. Squonk, thanks for that info. I will change to the 1410 later today... good thing I haven't driven it yet. Thanks!
  15. I really appreciate all the support this site has to offer! You guys help a lot of less knowledgeable guys, like me, out all the time. What is everyone's MOST preferred filter set up for the 416? Please include Engine (p216) transmission (eaton 1100) and air/fuel filter. I had always gone to the dealer in the past and told them what maintenance I wanted and then they gave me all parts/fluids to do the job.. Thanks C