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  1. Onan p216G bad after 10..15 minutes

    Did you make sure to re-install the heat shields over the exhaust ports located under the air cleaner assembly. I've seen where that can cause vapor lock to occur. Good luck and keep us updated. Cory
  2. 522xi out of the bushes?

    The 520-522XI does have a neutral. The 520h 416h does not with the Eaton 1100 tranny @EricF An xi, It should be easy to push on to a trailer in neutral. Cory
  3. Welcome to Red Square Bill... Your correct in saying your 416h speeds up going down hill. I have an almost identical 416h (1997) and it does the same thing. Make sure to get that ATF OUT and keep 10w30 MOTOR OIL in the transmission as odd as that sounds. Some prefer synthetic and I've used regular with out issues. Not sure why the Onan would surge though. A couple things to do maintenance wise are take off the engine tins and make sure everything is clean. Lots of gunk ect can build up in there creating dreaded too much heat! Also give the carb a good cleaning and make sure the crankcase breather located under the air filter assembly is clean. That's all I got... Good Luck! Cory
  4. Ag tire chains

    Mostly yea. But a lot on lawn from shed to driveway.
  5. Ag tire chains

    Just my 2 cents... I have a 416h and I deflate the oem original rear tires and then put chains on and inflate. Looks and WORKS great (no damage to fenders) I then install the 55lb wheel weights. Haven't been stuck yet although been close many times.
  6. What have you done on your WH today?

    Great topic idea! On my 416h, I replaced the pto belt. This thread will NEVER end!
  7. Mike, Thanks for the great info! I have done many repairs to my 416 but never have gone too deep other than ignition module under flywheel and I know mostly how to do this but don't want to hurt the aluminum(?) heads. Would a wire cup brush in my 4 1/2" grinder clean and NOT DAMAGE the heads/ top of pistons ect? I looked up a guy called Craig Arndt on YouTube. He shows in great detail how to do the valve adjustment on a 520. Seems like he does good work. Are the P216 and P220 valve adjustment specs the same? Very doable for me. Just need the precious time to do it. Cory
  8. @artfull dodger, Great points about cleaning the carbon out and setting the valve gaps. I haven't done this ever and have 800 hrs. I would like to do this but I would need some guidance. I've always been into Honda 250r' s which are 2 stroke and don't have a lot of experience dealing with a 4 stroke motor with the valves and such. Thanks Cory
  9. @ezeastside, I would love to use your equipment for my test but I'm from north west Pa. The town I live in is North East, Pa which is near Erie by Lake Erie. Your reader is obviously better than mine so we'd have to use your readings for accuracy. I think mine might not be accurate but they are Consistent aside from my FIRST reading which was 5-10 min after shutdown. @doc724, All readings except for the first were done by mowing full throttle for at least 30 min and then I shut it off and immediately grabbed my reader and took the highest number I found for each cylinder. The total time to do that took less than 1 minute. Cory
  10. After taking 3 more readings on my HF temp reader: Front cylinder averaged 273 Rear cylinder averaged 282 After at least 30 min mowing One thing I noticed was the day I mowed and scanned the block on the pto side and it read 300f plus? Got worried and I checked the oil to make sure it wasn't low. (Was full) It is much higher than readings from near spark plug. Again my reader isn't high quality so, @ezeastside can I borrow your equipment to complete my test? LOL I think my test gives a general idea of what the highest temp is on a 16hp onan should be measured by a HF temp gun near the spark plug. Cory Me too @cleat! I'm planning on making cuts for more cooling. It can only help.
  11. BIG SHOW June 24 -25

    @daveoman1966, Thanks again for having me over today to check out your impressive collection and to buy some parts at a good price. It was nice talking with you and thanks for the steering tip! Take care Cory
  12. What is this notch in the front axle?

    Not sure @rmaynard On my 97 416, the spindle arm enters the notch most noticeable from underneath. Now, if you use the steering wheel to turn all the way left, the spindle arm doesn't enter the notch as much as grabbing the tire and pulling it a little further into the notch. I just did this... try it, and let me know Cory
  13. floppy belt 75 c-160

    If you already tried to tighten the trunion and it didn't work, THEN you turned it BACK to your original position??? It seems like you just need to tighten MORE.
  14. What is this notch in the front axle?

    I think I've figured it out. If you go out to your tractor and turn the wheel all the way left. Look on the flywheel side (left) and then look underneath, you should see where the part that holds the tie rod would bind on axle if not for the notch being there. Looks like it helps with turning radius. Cory
  15. What is this notch in the front axle?

    Slammer, I don't think he's talking about the steering stop.... This is a 416h axle pto side. Doesn't have the notch. So it's just the 300,C, and B series? And I've seen how the 520 has their notch.