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  1. 66' lawn ranger getting no spark

    i am trying to get the fly wheel itself off but its not wanting to come off, any ideas on how to take it off?
  2. 66' lawn ranger getting no spark

    i just pulled off the case covering the flywheel now what should i be looking for?
  3. Fly Wheel not catching

    it is a Tecumseh
  4. Fly Wheel not catching

    I am trying to fix up this engine but have had no luck in doing so, i got the engine in pieces and am trying to reassemble the fly wheel etc. But when i put it all back together i pull the, pull start pulley and my fly wheel does not turn. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Duke.
  5. 66' lawn ranger getting no spark

    thanks for the help
  6. Hey, i have been trying to restore my 66' lawn ranger but i have not been able to get any spark. Any ideas on what it could be?
  7. What Was The Best All Around...

    ya i have a 36" on my b80 and it cuts like a champ so i imagin the 42" cant be much different
  8. Exhaust Opinions!

    I like the original stock look myself over a stack, but hey its ur tractor Duke
  9. What Was The Best All Around...

    i like the 12 the best, ive got one on my 312. i do enjoy the 8's fuel economy though
  10. Shows in CT????

  11. Shows in CT????

    Hey, wondering if anyone knows of any shows in the CT area that are coming up. Duke

    there is a bolt that holds the shifter in, if u look down there u will see it, put it back in or if u do not have one then find one that would fit, screw it in with a nut and u should be good to go Duke
  13. Here is One I Did

    looks good!
  14. Home MadevCultivator

    Great idea!! and hope it works out good
  15. Neutral not engaging

    I got her the inside, so now we just wait till it thaws out. Duke