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  1. B-80 essay contest???

    all i have is the pic from facebook. ask rmaynard he might have it.
  2. B-80 essay contest???

    oh ok.
  3. B-80 essay contest???

    so i was on facebook and i liked a bunch of different tractor companies and stuff like that. and i was scrolling through my newsfeed today and saw that international cub cadet posted a wheelhorse contest ad. ill try and post the pic. but any ways its for people from 8-18 years old and they have to write a 300-400 word essay. topis is what would i do if i won a wheel horse? and it shows the rules and so on and the prize is a 4 speed 8hp B-80. in restorable condition, dosent run but it used to and is located in Pennsylvania. wondering if anyone on here knows about this and who the "host" as you would say, is?
  4. Dealer Sold Out Looky What He Gave Me.

    where is he located?
  5. Raider 10 plow?

    yaaa that^ happened to me to but my problem is not the lifter its the angler handle. but i think if i take it off and reverse it like they said^^^^ i think that might work.
  6. Raider 10 plow?

    ok thanks guys
  7. Raider 10 plow?

    dose any one know if the raider series were supposed to be able to have plows? i have a 1971ish raider 10 and i got a plow for it and the handle the afjust the angle of the plow hits the right foot rest. maby i have the wrong plow?
  8. wheel horse from south jersey

    if you put the carb rebuild kit in and it dosent do much. change or clean the spark plug. other wise there not much to do but what he said^.
  9. Suburban 400 Hood

    awsome work!
  10. electro 12 throttle and chok cables

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/9135-Wheel-Horse-102119-Locking-Throttle-Control-Cable-/281061786191?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item417096824f go both my throttle and choke cables from ebay. still work and are very nice.
  11. is there such thing as a 2 piece pinion and one piece pinion? if so whats stronger.
  12. hey guys i was wondering if any one knew which wheel horse model had an 8 pinion differential with 1 1/8" axle and was an 8 speed. or where i could find one of these.
  13. hey guys i just got a brand new plow and they guy that i got it from didnt get it with the springs or the rear attachement that goes on the axle housing. i was wondering it any one had springs or the rear attachment part for sale. thanks
  14. 308-8 puller with tranny problems

    heres the pics he was talking about
  15. cool trick i learned today

    wow thanks for all the replies . hopefully they come out good