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  1. 551 foot treads

    hey guys and gals, i have a 551 i am restoring and i need a set of foot plates. its a 1961 551 model. i do use paypal, so please pm me or on here would be awsome! thanks in advance
  2. Hello I have a 520h wheelhorse with 20hp onan soon as I start it, it blows the O ring g our of the oil filter and sprays what can I do to fix this,

    1. SCOOBY 312-h

      SCOOBY 312-h

      not sure. pressure must be getting backed up some where

      also make sure it is not double ringed

  3. i need a 16 horse

    will also buy a whole tractor for the engine if I have too guys. thanks
  4. i need a 16 horse

    guys I need a 16 horsepower k series engine for a wheelhorse 416-8. if anybody has a running 16 please let me know. I am located in Johnstown pa and will pay cash. I run a shop here and it is a customers tractor.
  5. used parts load

    yes the public can come if they want. the store is bobcat of johnstown 826 tire hill road johnstown, pa 15905. like i said i have no idea what some of this stuff goes to or what it fits. but i do have the capabilities to parts lookup and wheelhorse tractor here. please if ur going to come up make sure i am here first. my name is corey and i go by scooby. there is also some briggs parts, a couple kohler blocks. no idea what any of it is or goes to. i work 9-5 monday through friday. untill 2 weeks from now this is my scedule. thank everyone for being patcient with me on this stuff.
  6. used parts load

    i didnt think 300 series tractors came with an electric option pto. and as far as those fenders go their off of a murry or simplicity or something. i will email pics of those to ya.
  7. used parts load

    i wanna become a supporter, its in the works
  8. used parts load

    thanks for all the help with this guys, im goin to tag all of the and just start throwing them up online here to see if i get bites on it all. look for the ads in the classified section. i can ship ups and take credit card info on these parts. but unfortunatly i cant do returns on this stuff, and that comes straight from the boss. so ill make sure im honest with rust, breakage and etc. i do aprciate all the help from all of you guys over the past year! and ill try and make it to the show this year i didnt get to come last year.
  9. used parts load

    hey guys, as you know i work for a wheelhorse dealership. i recently transfered to another one of our stores, and in doing so found a huge shelf in the upstairs portion of this place that houses a ton of used wheelhorse parts. i want to get this stuff sold to make room for other things here at this dealership. just curious to see what everyone was interested in seeing me throw up in the classifieds section. or rather what parts are popular among all of you that i can sell on here. im sorry in advance if this post is in the wrong place. i wasnt sure of where to put it all. pm me or let me know here what you guys wanna see sold in the classifieds section. oh yeah i forgot to mention, there is no part numbers on anything so bear with me on this stuff
  10. woohoo! ive been a member for a year.

  11. old car

    im looking to buy a car or truck pre 1970, if you know of any rotting away for for dirt cheap, please respond or mail me soon. im located in johnstown pa.
  12. Dealer List

    where i work. pristow's sales and service. 1900 bedford street johnstown, pa 15904
  13. ble blu blah. goin to raid a wheelhorse attick at a location to see whats there.

  14. Ignition Switch Needed for a GT-14

    part number 8362 switch i can sell ya for 45+tax+shipping, if that helps. now if you do want that switch make sure its the right one the boss here doesnt like returns on eletrical items. the 103991 switch has a different plug doesnt it?
  15. D200 restoration

    this should be interesting. ive never seen a d restoration before. look forward to seeing her shiny