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  1. New here love my new Horse

    Where the heck did you find that kind of a steal? I'm just west of you (Granbury) and I've been searching high and low for more horses to join my 16 auto...kudos on the awesome find!
  2. #30 carb choke shaft

    Any of y'all know what the part number is for the choke shaft? I don't trust my hands to drill out the broken screws, so I am searching for a new shaft with no luck. Or even a new carb for that matter!
  3. Canton, Tx tractor show

    Will it be at the same spot as last year?
  4. Solenoid wiring help

    Fellas, Thanks for all of the tips to help me get y head out of my... Martin hit the nail on the head. After looking over what I did, I realized that I didn't run a wire to the switch like suggested. So, wiring the solenoid like Save Old Iron said, and running the wire like Martin said, she purrs! Thanks Guys!
  5. Solenoid wiring help

    Jimmy, Ground the other terminal? if it worked for you I will give it a shot. Thanks
  6. Solenoid wiring help

    Thanks for the welcome Believe it or not, that was the way I had it wired as soon as I mounted it. Nothing happened, so I did some searching and it showed the wire on the right one, so I switched it...same damn thing... Checked, double checked, and then rechecked all the wiring compared to diagram and it looks right. makes for a quick way to run out of patience.
  7. I got a '73 16 auto(1-0440) a while back for free and it didn't have a solenoid, battery, or ignition switch. I referenced the switch numbers and got a new one. Solenoid is a ford 4 post that I saw a few other guys have used. And then a battery from TSC. I have hooked up the solenoid like I've seen suggested and nothing happens. If you look at the solenoid from the seat: left post runs to the starter, right post goes to battery pos, small left post "s" is bare, and the right small post runs to "s" on the switch. (Deep Breath...) and nothing happens... Any suggestions? -Adam