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  1. How do I???

    Ok I have a c85 with a lamboardi diesel motor , the transmission is 3-2-1-R with a high and a low, and I'm wondering what I need to do , because low 3 gear is to slow to get moveing good enuff to keep going unless its hard packed ground, and 1high is to high , do I need to change my pulley on the motor, bigger or smaller pulley I'm thinking smaller?
  2. Breaking axles???

    Ok I'm doin this for a buddy of mine , his dad has a crazy puller don't know what year or model, but his dad says it has so much horse it go through rear ends like crazy, he said it was a great puller but every time he would pull he would break a rear end, he said he could like 3 pulls at the most out of one rear end , I'm pretty sure it's a 10hp motor, so my buddy is wondering are there any rear ends he can swap it out with so that he can stop breaking gears in the rear end and have to quit buying more and more. Can he beef up the gears or get a different rear axle so that I won't break the rear end anymore??????