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  1. Tire Question

    I checked out the Firestone Tri Ribs for $70.00 a peace which are expensive and went to a Firestone dealer which are special order any it was just a hassle, so I decided on the Vredestein V61's: which are cheaper. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Tire Question

    Tri ribs are pricey, these snow hogs are 53.00 the price for 18 6.50 8 which don't look bad. http://www.carlisletirestore.com/store/snwhog.htm
  3. Tire Question

    I like the tri ribs for it's turning and steering capibilities but don't know anyone that carries them. The Kendra tires are aggressive and cheap also. I have to find a price for tri ribs before i decied
  4. Tire Question

    I have a 520H with a 36" snowblower and new some new tires on the front, my current tires are lawn tires 16-750-8 and they slide when turning in snow and need better traction. Besides adding a chain or chains to the front tires i am looking for either tri ribs or Carlise snow hog tires. Which would be better. Thanks for any input you guys can give me.
  5. Wheel Horse 520H fuel delivery issue

    I always use high test with Seafoam, this helps
  6. Onan Fuel Pump Recommendations

    546cowboy Why would you need to block the vaccum line, can you just block both ends of old fuel pump. Do you mean the one behind the old fuel pump?
  7. 516H Surging

    Yesterday I loosened the gas cap and ran for 45 minutes, it didn't act up and worked ok but will use some more to be sure.
  8. 516H Surging

    I never thought about the fuel tank screen and the gas cap. I will try all, I don't have time until next friday.
  9. 516H Surging

    I have surging problem that I haven't experienced with my other Wheelhorse tractors. When started it runs perfect for about 20 - 30 minutes then starts surging. Does anyone think that there is a gasket or compression problem after the motor heats up. I haven't removed the carb to clean it yet, I just cleaned my 416-8 and it runs fine now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. 312-8 Starting Issue

    thanks for the feedback, i will check the PTO switch & fuse box, that makes a lot of sense, thank you.
  11. 312-8 Starting Issue

    Don, i have a 520H with a snowblower on it so i am all set for that.
  12. 312-8 Starting Issue

    Garry, thanks for the wiring diagram & Tunahead i cleaned the grounds but will have to check them again. I have since put this tractor away for the winter and will check in the spring, i don't have the time right now, thanks guys.
  13. 312-8 Starting Issue

    Model # is 21-12k801 and is a 1985 issue, almost 30 years old but runs great when it runs. The saftey switches for the seat and clutch have been disconected. I'm thinking it must be some kind of grounding issue.
  14. 312-8 Starting Issue

    I currently have (4) Wheelhorse tractors and i love them all except for electical issues which seem to come up all the time. My 312-8 when i turn the key nothing happens. I put a new starter switch in because it was all corroded and thought there was a polarity issue, also another solunoid and the battery is good, still nothing when i turn the key, if i jump the solunoid it will start, the only thing i didn,t do was clean all the grounds. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happining. Thank you for your support.
  15. I am interested in buying one of these for my Wheelhorse 516 Hydro. Are you still making these?