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  1. Rear tires keep going flat...

    Yep, I have a feeling that rmaynard is on to something. If I were to wage an educated guess, these are the original tires that rolled off the showroom floor (tractor is a '92 312-8). The treads are pretty worn down and the sidewalls do not look 'fresh' by any means. I am wondering if when the wheels rotated around when the tires were basically flat, if that didn't cause any cracks in the sidewall to enlarge to the point where the tires are basically holding air for a few days at most. I think you have all convinced me not to slime. Here is my dilemma at the moment. It is winter in Vermont. I don't have a garage. Working with ungloved hands for long (I know wahhh), becomes unpleasant quick. I have also never broken a tire down before. I've taken the tire off without any problem, but breaking beads, putting in tubes, reseating beads. That I've never done. Would I like to learn to do it? Heck yes.
  2. Rear tires keep going flat...

    Does the slime hold up for all weather conditions? How does it do in the very cold weather?
  3. Rear tires keep going flat...

    As in re-tube them? Or do they not run tubes from the factory (dumb question?).
  4. Rear tires keep going flat...

    Yep, heard of it. Never used it before. Spray in type application, then reinflate behind it?
  5. This problem began towards the end of mowing season. Out if nowhere I'd begin to mow and realize something isn't right. Sure enough I look down and see that both tires are running nearly empty. Ok, no big deal, get 'em pumped up and finish up. Happened a few more times and it became irritating. Now that it's winter I've switched over to weights and chains. I fully inflated the tires after putting on the chains and then covered up the tractor in wait for the first snowstorm. Today I pressed on the rear tires and sure enough they are totally flat. It seems they are flatting out all the time now. Is there a cure for this? I'd not be all that enthusiastic about having to purchase two new rears. Thanks-
  6. Very first oil change (312-8)

    Before I run out and buy a couple of quarts, would this oil be fine for a cold New England winter in this motor?: Mobil 1 synthetic 5w30 oil. http://www.mobiloil.com/USA-English/MotorOil/Oils/Mobil_1_5W-30.aspx
  7. Very first oil change (312-8)

    Ok, that is very good to know. How could tell just from the photo? And, I would be safe to run straight 30w or a synthetic 30w in this engine?
  8. Very first oil change (312-8)

    Here is a picture of the tractor, I can get a closer shot of the engine tomorrow if this is not revealing enough.
  9. Very first oil change (312-8)

    Thank you Bill. I don't have the actual tractor manual, just the closest match from the manual section. How can I identify which power plant is in the tractor. I do know from the ID that the 312-8 was manufactured in 1992 if that does help.
  10. Very first oil change (312-8)

    Many thanks for all the replies and solid advice. Again a confirmation as to why this is the best forum I belong to. (Timely, honest answers for other good guys). It really is appreciated, Jesse
  11. Very first oil change (312-8)

    If you were changing your oil in your 312-8, heading into a cold winter, is there a weight and brand you would only use? Any to stay away from?
  12. Very first oil change (312-8)

    MaineDad, thank you!
  13. Very first oil change (312-8)

    Hi guys, Forgive me for starting another engine oil thread. Going into winter it's time to change the oil in my '92 312-8 and I have never done it before. I'm positive I could go out and manage just fine, but I've gained so much knowledge from here after asking a question ahead of time. I have downloaded the manual for the tractor and it looks pretty straightforward. My question is, would someone itemize exactly how they change the oil on their 312-8. Are there any tips or tricks you've learned over the years? Any tools that will make the job go smoother? I live in Vermont where the weather is about to get cold and nasty fir the next 5 months. If it's a good winter I'll snowblow with the machine at least 5 times or more a month. Is regular store bought 5w30 going to be fine? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks! Jesse
  14. Help me install my tire chains!

    I got them all hooked up. Thank you all very much for chipping in the advice!
  15. Hello- I am making an attempt to install my tire chains this morning and low and behold, I've never installed tire chains before. Seems like it should be pretty straight forward, and I am sure that it is. I get them all wrapped around the tire and hook on the inside of the wheel connected, but the tension part is where I am stuck. I took a picture: How to I pull tension on that to get the chain taught?