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    702 - The Family Heirloom - now retired to summer use only, in the family since'65.
    702 - complete but tired - the "Closest Living Relative"
    854 8 speed - purpose built Plow Horse. 854/C81 Special, my most recent project.
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  1. What Horse, and how old

    Mine was, and is a 1962 702 that my father-in-law bought used in 1965. It was used as a 4 season machine - cutting 1+ acres of grass, working in the 100 x 100 garden, and plowing snow around the home and business. He passed away in 1992, when I got it, it was pretty used up. Been working on it since, can't bring myself to lose the original patina & dents. Maybe just new decals. The first of my 5 Round Hoods ......... Bill
  2. Engine Oil Recommendations

    All: I too use straight 30 weight all year long in my 854 and the 702, but a couple of points are in order. Straight 30 weight comes in two versions - detergent and non detergent. I use the detergent, as there is no oil filter. Also, today's oils have NO Zinc additive in them as it clogs up catalytic converters - the zinc or ZDDP is desired in flat tappet motors like the K series. When I change the oil, in goes a couple of ounces of Lucas ZDDP Additive. As far as conventional or synthetic goes, one is "Barney Juice" and the other "Barbie Juice" !!
  3. All: I built one of these a yew years back from a running 854 with a bad 4 speed Unidrive. Picked up a complete 79 C81, minus the motor for 75 bucks. The pictures show it with a 702 hood and short 7HP air cleaner. Had to change the driven pulley on the Unidrive, shorten the dipstick & tube, and use a clutch rod from a Raider 10. I use it mostly for snow plowing. I also am interested in how get the parking brake hooked up. Right now, the plow keeps it from rolling in neutral. Bill
  4. Need Help Identifying 60's Wheel Horse

    GMC: It looks like it started out as a 1962, but some items were changed. The 1961 had a straight handle shifter and no parking brake. Yours has the bent shifter to clear the optional HY2 Hydraulic pump, and has the cutout on the left side for the missing parking brake. Judging by the gas tank and the key switch with separate starter button, it is probably a 702. Different motor makes it "A Horse of a different Kohler". Bill
  5. I know it is more work, but ........... it is far better to remove the tank, wheel and steering shaft as a unit before wailing on the roll pin. The 854 uses a 2 piece gas tank - the mounting ears are in the rather thin and delicate lower cover and will break off from heavy side impact. Then the tank leaks ....... Bill
  6. 854 snowblower

    Glenn: I was fortunate to pick up a complete NOS never used ST-324 for my 854 2 years ago. I have not used it yet, as I am adding the updates from the later versions first. I changed the jackshaft bearings to the floating style and added a second chain idler and longer chain to provide a better "wrap" on the auger sprocket. Almost done, anxious to try it out. Bill
  7. Front AG tires?

    Dells: I did have a wide pair of ag's on the back, but was disappointed with their performance - those are ice chains on the turf tires - great grip.
  8. Front AG tires?

    Red: I run Ag's in the front, filled and wheel weights. Better steering than turf tires.
  9. Kohler carb issues

    All: A couple of things come to mind - Check the condition of the tip of the needle where it shuts off on the seat. Some aftermarket carb kits have a solid brass needle - the original Kohler uses a soft Viton tip. The needle needs to seal tight - if it has varnish buildup or the sealing area is visibly damaged, change it. I have also experienced the problem with a small hole or crack in the brass float - it works fine at startup but gets fuel logged as you go and the needle cannot rise to shut off the fuel. Bill
  10. Stretched frame?

    Red: Looking at Farmer's middle picture brings one thing to mind - frame twist. The cast iron ears on the lower steering support that spans the angles will not tolerate much twist without breaking - seen this on a few round hoods used for plowing. Adding steel cross bracing, like as in ladder rungs, help but may not eliminate the problem. His subframe will help to withstand twist. Bill
  11. Valves

    All: Before I remove the valves, I check the clearance from the stems to the tappets. Then I remove the valves and check each valve face, the size of the margin - the flat portion of the major diameter, stem diameter where it goes thru the guide, the undercut for the keepers, and then chuck it in the lathe to check for wobble. If the face is resurfaceable, that's fine - if any else is not acceptable then I replace the valve. The seats need to be inspected, as do the valve guide diameters. Then I grind the valve faces and seats, removing as little material as possible, as this affects the tappet clearance. Then I put the valves back in the block with no springs and seating the valve by hand, check the tappet clearance. If it is too small, you have to grind the end of the stem accordingly. Once that is all set, I do lap the valve to the seat, as this leaves a visible ring on both the valve and the seat. If both rings are even all the way around, it's time one last cleaning and reassembly. Reassemble with the springs, check the tappet clearances for the last time, as it may have closed up a thousandth or so. Bill
  12. Antifreeze in tires?

    Hello, welcome to the Forum. I filled all 4 of mine on my 854 with winter windshield fluid.. They already had tubes in them to begin with, so the corrosion of the rim and the tire dry rot were not problems. Well worth doing if you are going to plow snow - the rears used 4.5 gallons each, the fronts about 1 and a quarter gallons. Greatly improved traction and steering. Bill
  13. 702 Ignition system wiring

    Red: Yes, that is the original correct style for a 702. I did swap mine for a later chrome bezel style, only because the needle "bounces" too much at anything less than wide open throttle. A couple of other things - don't forget to look at the frame attachment plate to the Uni-drive. If the tractor did much plowing as mine did, some or all of the 4 mounting holes can be cracked due to torsional stress twisting the frame. Same goes for the lower cast iron steering mount - one or both ears can be broken off. Sometimes hard to see on a 702, as there is a bent strap that goes from the hood stand under the dash over the top of the ears. Part of owning a Round Hood .......... Bill
  14. 702 Ignition system wiring

    Red: Yes, all the current goes thru the momentary starter switch while cranking the engine. You CAN add a solenoid and replace the 2 position keyswitch with a 3 position one and wire it like it was an 854. The old 2 prong Cole-Hersee switch is kind of neat, though ......... Both the 702 and 854 wiring diagrams are available here on the Forum. Bill
  15. Which round hood is best for me?

    Clip Round hoods are fun, I have 2 702's (one of which has been in my wife's family since 1965), a 502, and my 854. Any will cut grass and plow snow - within limitations. There are 2 styles of gear driven rear discharge cutting decks that fit, either 32" or 36" - nothing bigger. The plow is 42" wide and even the 8HP 854 can only handle that, nothing wider. The 702's have the one piece fuel tank with removable dash plate, the 502 and the 854 have the leak prone 2 piece bolted and gasketed tank with fixed dash panel. My favorite is the 854, as it has the K181 motor, cambered front axle, and the adjustable down stop on the implement lift - great for skimming the plow over grass at the end of the driveway. I swapped the tired 4 speed in it for a good 8 speed from a C 81 - that gives the rear a wider stance for better stability on hills. Funny thing finding round hoods, they seem to find you when you are not really looking ....... Bill