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  1. stator wires

    Thank you for you help everyone
  2. stator wires

    Sorry Trouty56 i don't understand your answer
  3. stator wires

    Hi all I need to know why i have two brown colored wires coming from my stator,there not colour coded. I need to know what terminal goes to what terminal on the rectifier.I know the orange wire from the rectifier goes to the ignition switch,its just these two wires. I don't want to put them on the wronge way around in case i damage the rectifier.BTW its a c121 sorry. Any help would be great... Thank you.
  4. How To - Duplicate a Tractor Wiring Harness

    Nice one.I have to do my Harness as part of my resto,i will be using you idea thanks
  5. C121 wheel bearings

    Godiva bearings it was 47.85 each and you need 4 of them OMG
  6. Only Trike In The UK

    Nice one
  7. Brake Bands

    Wasn't me i think the guy who owned it before was a bit of a boy racer
  8. Brake Bands

    Wow thanks alot and its just up the road from me.Nice one
  9. Brake Bands

    Hi all Could anyone tell me if the material used on the brake bands contains asbestos also i want to replace mine.Could anyone tell me a good place to get brake band material from PS im in the UK
  10. C121 wheel bearings

    Thanks i took your advise and ordered them from the states.One company in the UK wanted £45 each what a rip off,i got 4 for $35 + postage.Thanks again.
  11. Ethanol content in UK and poss Euro Fuels

    Another Law passed by the unelected bureaucrats in brussels.The sooner were out of the eu the better.
  12. C121 wheel bearings

    Hi Folks Anyone know where i can get some front wheel bearings for my c121.There Heim RF12-22-14AP thats the number written on them anyway. Cheers!

    God bless you,your a great man for doing that.
  14. I start the restoration soon..... http://s1310.beta.photobucket.com/user/flytalk1/library/
  15. k301as points replacement

    Thanks People,I think im going to go with the points saver route.