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  1. Wanted Sickle Mower

    Thanks for the heads up,edited wanted to include location!
  2. Wanted Sickle Mower

    Looking for a sickle bar mower. I need it to fit a 414-8, it will be used to mow along RR tracks on my property so does not have to be a show piece. Will take one needing repair but would like it to be fairly complete. Will travel up to 200 miles to pick up otherwise shipping can be arranged. Thank you Location- Quad Cities, Iowa - Illinios.
  3. Separate Lifts 414-8

    Thanks for all your replies. I am going to look into the electric linear actuators Northern has a good selection. The rear of the 414-8 under the fender pan has room to fit one in there over the transmission. when I rebuilt the engine I replaced the three amp/ac stator with a 15 amp stator added a regulator and rewired the tractor, added 65 watt headlights and led taillights so it should have enough power for the actuator.
  4. Separate Lifts 414-8

    Has anyone modified the lift on a 414-8 to lift and lower the front blade separately from the rear? Would like to use a front snow blade with a scraper blade on the rear slot hitch with independent controls.
  5. Parts Catalogs

    Have some pictures of the horse under going wrenching, be warned she`s rather stripped !!:photo 1 (1).JPG]
  6. Parts Catalogs

    Thanks for all the welcomes and information !! Found some good pictures and drawings online but still no printed or pdf copy of a parts catalog. Toro told me they did`nt have any. I am hoping to spend the weekend in my shop working on the 414-8 and will get some pictures up shortly after. Received all the parts that were ordered, that and some wires(something at some time shorted out ) and the Horse might go for a test ride !! Have had the kohler fired up she clattered pretty loud - valves had .030 clearance, some adjusting, make new caskets for the breather (might slow down the oil leak) and we`ll see if it quiets down. :eusa-think:
  7. Parts Catalogs

    First I would like to thank everybody who replied. sorry I have not replyed sooner but I slipped on the ice and fell down the back steps, injuring my back still walking with a cane but getting better!! As soon as I can get out to my workshop I will post some pictures. The horse is partially dissassembled and wating on parts and me. ThankYou.
  8. Parts Catalogs

    Hi, I`m new to the wheel horse world, a friend gave me a 414-8 model 31-14k801 [ he unfortunatly bought a new cub cadet ] it came with a 1979 rear discharge 42in. deck model 95-42MR02. They are not in great shape as he left them outside most of the time and was a little lacking in the maintanance department. The up side to this is that allmost all of the original parts are still in tack and not molested as with some of antique HD`s I have restored. I am first just trying to make them run and usable. I have all of the original manuals but no parts catalogs and have been using the parts suppliers on line to see how they should be assembled. Do printed parts catalogs exist ? I have had no luck trying to locate a copy, can anyone point to were I might find copys? Thank You.