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  1. C-195 help

    I use Rustoleum Sunrise Red for my WH Red match. (close to it). For Blackhoods, I use a flat black to paint the hood's top and surrounds. Gloss black doesn't look original at all. For Blackhood wheel rims, Rustoleum Antique white is almost perfect if you can find it anymore. I haven't bought any in years. For decals, the only source you need to go to is this gentleman: https://www.redoyourhorse.com/
  2. She Ain't Pretty...

    Hi Cleat...............Look for signs that it may have had an FEL on it at one time. Most badly worn front tires I have seen on the 520's wore an FEL for awhile that added weight and caused the front tires to wear-out faster than usual. Not to hijack the post but...........I'm not a fan of the Onans but those air cleaner covers are always bright and shiny. As a matter of fact, I've never seen one that didn't clean up! I've seen 520's that looked like they were bathed in a caustic solution all their lives but the chrome air cleaner covers would look new! Just saying!
  3. I looks like someone was using that carb as a urinal. (I think they left the cake holders in there too)! MEK is a bit too nasty on gaskets and particularly any rubber or synthetic rubber parts if your soaking the whole carb without complete disassembly. Berrymans or NAPA carb soak works best if you give it time.
  4. 416-8 running out of ideas

    ONANS! Got to love em'!
  5. Thanks, Garry. Steady as always here I see. I sure do appreciate it!
  6. I have 6 or 8 bearings # 106084 and 106085...NEW. 

    $10.50 EACH...shipped to you in the USA.

    1. boovuc


      Thanks Dave but I already picked up the NAPA/SKF cross-referenced bearings this morning. Maybe not as "hardy" as the Toro part but they'll do the job!

      Hope you are well and Happy Easter!


      Boo Vuccola

      Mill Hall, PA

  7. I tried for half an hour searching the site but couldn't come up with a definitive bearing number/cross reference for my older 42" C-Series/300 Series mower decks. The one deck is a model "0542MS02". The other one is older so I'll assume it's a "0542MS01" model. Both need LH/RH spindle bearings top and bottom. I think the original WH numbers for both were 106084 and 106085 but I can't find a cross reference for a NAPA or Timken bearing(s) for them. Can I get a little help on the replacement numbers for these so I can cross reference them at NAPA? Thank in Advance, Guys!
  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Pete and everyone here on the Square past and present!
  9. Where are your winter Horses??

    My 520 with the FEL is now residing in Brookville Pa and was replaced by one of those orange "K" thingies with a Johnny Products hydraulic snow plow. However, nothing will ever replace this guy and it's always wearing it's winter ready apparel. It gets about 2 hours a year on it plus maintenance starts and attention. It's hard but I have been able to trim and keep my nice looking and great running WH tractors at 4 total for a year now. (plus 2 in need of love or a new home). I'm a recovering WH addict but it's tough to say no to some of these tractors that come up around here!
  10. Well I did manage to find two pics in the archives here of the contraption I made to "fix" the leaf litter issues on the Onan air intake screen. I got another chuckle just looking at this mess though it did work and would be an OK design if it wouldn't wallow out the mounts and you had absolutely no trees, hedges or anything in your yard!
  11. Well you know I had to weigh in on this! I built an apparatus to stop the continued build up of clippings and leaves on the P series Onan screen many years ago. (I wish I had the pics but a few PC upgrades ago and the pictures are gone. I looked here and also couldn't find them in the archives or on my older posts). It was a lighter gauge ventilation collar, (air duct flange and elbow), I ordered from McMaster Carr. I think it was a 15" or 16" round flange and equally round 90 degree elbow screwed to the OEM holes. This permitted approximately the same volume of air to enter the cowling but with the intake at high noon. There was very little debris on the screen which was now mounted at the top of the elbow. It was GREAT! For about two mowings then it worked loose and also warped the engine tin enough to actually make contact with the flywheel. It also severely limited how close you could get to objects on the left side of the tractor which is the side you WANT to get close to objects with! Oh.......and it really looked STUPID. Think REALLY STUPID. Think Steam Engine looking STUPID! They made a PVC flange and elbow but the weight was similar and I feared it would erode the contact points without metal bushings. After working both my 520 and 416-8 Speed with the Onan for many summers without the steam-engine look induction system, I too fixed the issue of debris on the screen by relegating the 520 to front loader only duty and letting the 416-8 do snow plowing only. (Both are now with new owners). I like what you did Todd and it's a great piece of fabricating. A hell of a lot better design then I came up with! But I agree with the comments that it won't get enough air volume to cool that engine well. Over time, it will adversely effect the rear cyl valve seats due in part to less air intake and MOSTLY by the belt guard impingement and the damn oil filter impingement all affecting the rear cooling. (Plus the added HEAT that the oil filter is blowing off inside the cowling). I want to note Lynmor's father who had an Onan in his Sears Tractor may not have had a P series in it. (The Craftsman III and a few in the early 90's had P series but I think they were mounted inline like a JD). The older SS Sears garden tractors were the BF/BG and the cast-iron CCK engines and they were much better motors plus these were mounted sideways. These older Onan's could take some abuse from lack of maintenance. This is especially true of the CCK. The 400 series JD tractors also had their issues with the Onans but not to the extent that WH did with their sideways placement verses the inline placement in the JD's and many other tractors of the day including the Ingersoll-Rand/Case and Steiners to mention a few. My KT 17 Series II's in the C-175 and 417's have very large screens that make up the entire engine tin on the air intake side. Same goes for the horizontal Briggs twin used on some Wheelhorse tractors. They pick up debris but there is always a lot of screen open to allow air to move through. Better design for use in a side-mount set-up. Even the original KT 17 that didn't have the over-sized screen never plugged up like the Onans do. They didn't require an extraordinary amount of air. I know a lot of you guys love your Onans just as I love my K, KT series and Magnum Series Kohlers. Hey! Every engine has it's faults. I wouldn't hesitate running an Onan in a Steiner if I had lots of money to buy a Steiner. (Sorry! No Green machines for me)! Onans work and run great in tractors designed better for them and their crazy desire for airflow. I've just seen enough over the years to avoid them in a WH. Every original equipment Onan for Wheelhorse is now between 20 and 29 years of age. A non-issue for some Kohlers. A big issue for me if it's an Onan.
  12. 520 just quit

    I forgot about the slow baking fuse holders in the 500 series tractors. They hold debris inside and with dampness slowly turn the fuses into works of abstract art. (Think Salvatore Dali). Lynnmor, I know what the decal says but as long as you move them slow, it doesn't matter if they are pushed or towed. Old men can't push them back to base like young guys can. And in mud or uphill, tow is the way to go.
  13. 520 just quit

    To the OP, Not only should you look at the 9 pin connector but all the connectors on your tractor. Start first with the 9 pin. Break it open and look for bad or broken pins and disconnected wires. Next, hit with with contact cleaner about 3 or 4 times. Next, put it together and coat the connector with a dielectric grease to keep the moisture out. Do the same with all the connectors on your 520. Even the ignition switch connector and your battery terminals. (Seat Safety switch, PTO Switch, brake switch, etc. Clean the contacts on the starter/solenoid as well). If a few rounds of this doesn't fix the issue, then turn your attention to the coil first since you replaced the magneto in the recent past. If your insane like most of us are, you'll have another Onan fired WH around. Take the coil off of it and swap them out. That is one of the benefits of having a herd verses just one tractor. If you have Onan powered tractors, by six more. That should keep one or two running for awhile!
  14. 520 just quit

    You can tow the 520 and all Eaton 11/1100 transmissions if you do it right! (Read the manuals). Place the motion control lever full forward, (brake off of course and slowly tow the "POS" back to the barn). Older Non-Eaton hydros have a tow screw that "should" be opened before towing to prevent hydraulic pressure from building while it is moving. Thank God you can tow a 520! Otherwise you would find them sitting in many a field and yard just where they crapped out!
  15. Mixed WH Feelings

    Big_Red_Fred, Knowing what I know now and knowing that I actually work my tractors, I like the C-175. BUT.BUTT! Big BUTT! For all the failings and knocks on the Onan powered WH tractors, the C175 has a BIG issue with the Series 1 Kohler. (The Series II is great). Both are points ignition verses electronic sparks. The C175 Auto has an earlier version of the Eaton 11/1100. So a C175 AUTO powered by a Series II Kohler KT17 gives you a very modern tractor comparable to a 520H minus 3 HP and forward assist steering. My Series I runs long in the tooth and forever on flat ground. Amen