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  1. Dixon Grizzly/Honda Surging

    Well for what it's worth.......................the Dixon is running fine now. In the 7 weeks and 12+ hours I have on it, It has had: 1. Both fuel tanks removed, flushed/cleaned. Fuel cap breathers cleaned out. (Royal PIA). 2. New shutoffs to both tanks and all new fuel lines and a new splitter for the combining of the two separate tanks. (Improvement but not near fixed). 3. New Tygon tubing for the smaller lines at and around the carb. 4. New Fuel filter(s) as I progressed to see if there was improvement as I worked from the tanks to the Carb. 5. On still seeing large pockets of air leaving the fuel filter, I replaced the vacuum fuel pump and replaced the vacuum line. (More improvement). 6. Replaced the crankcase vent hose. 7. At this stage, it ran much better but still had a pulsating WOT but now at least it idles and doesn't require choking it. 8. Bought a new OEM carb and installed and it's fixed. (Plus switched it to Av100 gasoline like the WH tractors). I was able to do it all despite my bum hand. It just took a lot of time to do it and quite a few miles since I don't have a trailer wide enough to haul it so I had to do the work at my aunt's home. All in all, with the exception of having to adjust the PTO gaps since it doesn't engage until it cools off, I have about $2100 in the unit that has 531.5 hours on it now. (One owner/not used commercially). One Dixon Grizzly locally for sale with twice the hours and the dealership is asking $3500 for it. Same year with the 60" deck. Now this thing just needs to last me a couple years.
  2. What is this tractor?

    The black handle at the lower left side of the tractor and you can see some of the hydraulics just to the right of the flywheel screen.
  3. Onan No Start

    I would do a compression check of both cyl before moving on to other presumptions. If you have decent compression in both cyl, look at the ignition module and the coil. If you go to our friends in the electrical section, search and ye shall find the numbers a good coil will have when checked on a VOM meter available at Walmart, Harber "Fright", Lowes, etc. I watched my #1 520-8 with the FEL go from a go-to machine to a "wonder if it will start" machine as the coil degraded. If you have a combo problem with some diminished compression and a weak coil, it will not start. It's hard to look at a sparking plug and determine if it's a "hot" spark or a weak spark if you never looked at a healthy spark on that machine. (We always look when there is a problem). Most Onan starting problems that are not fuel related are compression and ignition related. You determined it is probably not a fuel problem. If you need a coil, look at a 60's, 70's or 80's Harley Davidson Sportster coil.
  4. Running higher octane gas?

    All my stuff, lawn mowers, tractors, the zero turn, generators and in my 2-stroke chainsaws, blowers and weed-eaters get 100 octane Aviation fuel. Up to a three year shelf life so it's not necessary to add anything to it. There is no Ethanol in it. Using it to mix a 50:1 2-stroke mix, it makes my saws run way better than regular gas mixed. I can also say that the KT17's I own run much better with it. The old K Kohlers run the same between both but I don't worry about leaving fuel in them over the winter and I know my generator will be good to go with it in there. If I'm going to be using a machine a lot, I'll throw regular gas in it but for the most part, I don't use it in small engines. It's $4.68 a gallon when I purchased it two weeks ago at our local airport. It really seems to make all the engines I use it in run cooler but irregardless, I have never had a carb go south using it and I had plenty of issues before I switched.
  5. Best mower for 10 acres?

    Started taking care of my family member's 5 acre flat lawn/orchard this Spring. About 12 apple and pear trees plus ornamental trees, bushes, etc. Total time to mow ALL of it WELL on my 48" 417-8 speed was 3.5+ hours and that was without trimming afterwards. (Needing to slow down on the turns and not go too fast without leaving grass and clover strips that the front wheels knock down). I've had a 520 with the 60" belly and it would have cut down "some" of the time but still not mow well and get close to objects. (Plus having the d@#% Onan suck all the chafe into the flywheel air intake cover plugging it every 10 minutes). My answer was a 60" 2005 Dixon with a little over 500 hours on it. Total time to mow the same area is now 1.3 hours and I could do it quicker if needed. The cut is much better than the 417 could do and I use less fuel. (24HP Honda running 1.3 hours verses 17HP Kohler running 3.5 hours). Honda has an oil cooler and carries 11 gallons of fuel on-board. DON'T buy a Dixon though. They were bought by Husqvarna Group and then they dropped the Dixon line altogether so parts etc will be hard to find. (Plus they have their fuel delivery demons I have been working on since Spring). Do go look at used commercial mowers. Many homeowners bought commercial units so their hours will be low when traded. Exmark, Scag, Kubota, etc with a 60" fabricated deck and twin hydro pumps will make short work out of your mowing. I never though I would ever own a zero-turn mower. But if you value your time and equipment, they are the absolute way to go if all you need to do is mow! Let the horses chew grass on small pastures and perform Garden Tractor chores.
  6. 417-A Hydraulic Valve leaking

    Any hydro shop worth their salt will be able to supply you with orings/gaskets for that spooler. Beware of any that tell you they can't help you!
  7. How many hours?!?

    Or an ignition switch left on once or twice.........a year.
  8. C-175 8 Speed Price Check

    Oh and it does have the gray replacement motor that the owner painted black except for what came off the fins.
  9. C-175 8 Speed Price Check

    600-700 is what I was thinking. I didn't have my phone on me when I went over the last time. (One year ago). Typical Blackhood for the year. It would clean up better than my C-175 does. Decals are not pealing but faded. No rust except on the belt guard where the plow angle lever hits it occasionally. seat is good. No dings. Lights works. Amp meter works. If bought, I would have three KT17's. A Series II on my 417-8 and this one and my old C-175 still sports it's original Series I. (Plus a backup KT17 Series II motor on my bench ready if called upon). Thanks for the replies.
  10. I have a gentleman that asked me after 10 years of inquiries if I wanted to buy his C-175 8 Speed. It's in pretty good shape and has always been garage/barn kept. Used for snow plowing only the past 10+ years. It has a 48" deck, condition very good. The plow is in good shape and he has chains and aftermarket wheel weights. (Non-WH). The Series I motor was dealer replaced with a Series II when they were having "issues" with them. It runs, drives OK. Steering is a little loose but it's 30+ years old. I haven't kept up with the horses the past three years so I need a little help in what would be a reasonable price for his machine. Thanks in Advance! BooVuc Central PA
  11. Dixon Grizzly/Honda Surging

    I feel like a leaper on this site.
  12. Bert, Just happened to see your post while checking mine in "Other Brands". Just for giggles many years ago, I put a dead P216 on the frame of my C175 while I had the KT out of it. The engine top and muffler came too close to the top and edges of the hood in my opinion. This was also with the KT cradle out of the frame but no plate under the motor.
  13. Dixon Grizzly/Honda Surging

    Guys....I need some help from you guys. (I trust the brain-trust here better than the internet at-large)!!! I bought a used 2005 Dixon Grizzly 60" with the 24HP Honda GXV 670 as it's powerplant. This 2 barrel carb is surging and I don't have time to tear it apart let alone if I can still do it. (Hand surgery last year left my left hand really spastic to do small parts work). I can't do the wrenching I used to anymore and it's frustrating as all He#@! I was looking for a replacement carb on Amazon & fleabay but i want to make sure I'm getting a usable carb. My engine model number is: GJAH 1011005. Needless to say, my engine is vertical shaft. The complete carbs on sale on line just say GX 670. Some that mention Model numbers are not mine but they certainly look like my carb. I used a cheap complete carb replacement to get me through while I got the OEM carb rebuilt on my mother's little tractor last year after the surgery. (Saved on a small engine shop tearing it off and it kept me mowing while they rebuilt it over a few weeks! Any thoughts? I am mowing an aunt's house that has Alzheimers and I'm her POA. It's 3 acres of flat orchard and way too much for my Wheelhorses to try to take care of. Especially with the way the grass is growing this Spring! Over 3.5 hours just to mow a "decent" amount of it the last time with my 42" SD 310-8. Not much shorter time with my 417-8 with the 48" SD on it. I'm really up against it time wise! Any help from you multi-manufacturer guys is appreciated! This Dixon mows her grass in an hour flat and that isn't going all out. I'm not used to zero-turns and don't want to collide with one of her Apple trees! Thanks!
  14. Hi Guys/Gals, I had a top bearing go south on me on a much older 42" Side Discharge deck I recently had welded. (WH C Series, 300/400/500 compatible). The model number tag is long long gone on it. It is probably an 05-42MS01 but I'm not sure. The deck itself is very solid. Just needed some cracks taken care of on the adjuster mount. I removed the spindle housing and took it apart and found that the housing was cracked right through one of the bolt thread holes so it needs to be replaced. The spindle has a large flat piece at the bottom that the blade goes up against verses the smaller backing found on most of my other decks. The spindle has a keyway and the pulley is held in place by a key. I really don't want to change out all the spindles on this deck but in all my "extra parts", I don't have this spindle housing or spindle spare. (Or bearings for the damn thing, pardon my French). If anyone has a complete spindle, please shoot me a PM here or answer back. I have a spare deck on this tractor but I have no spare mower decks ready to go at the moment. I may gut a newer rear-discharge deck of all it's parts and use all three on this side discharge if need be. (I don't care for the rear-discharge decks). Quicker fix is to address the one bad spindle/housing. Thanks in Advance!
  15. C-195 help

    I use Rustoleum Sunrise Red for my WH Red match. (close to it). For Blackhoods, I use a flat black to paint the hood's top and surrounds. Gloss black doesn't look original at all. For Blackhood wheel rims, Rustoleum Antique white is almost perfect if you can find it anymore. I haven't bought any in years. For decals, the only source you need to go to is this gentleman: https://www.redoyourhorse.com/