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  1. Snow plow info

    Thanks Garry. That was excellent. It will certainly help my CL contact sell his blade. EZRYDER Larry
  2. Snow plow info

    Thanks Mike, If anyone could be more specific as to tractors it would fit I would like to help this guy out who is trying to sell his deceased grandfathers plow. Larry
  3. Snow plow info

    I read this topic because there ia a guy on CL with a 39" WH blade that I was looking at. I was interested in possible fit for my C-121. In reading I did not see anything like his frame. Here is a picture. Can anyone identify it?
  4. This is Larry again from Long Island NY. What do you do for a living? If you are not an engineer then you should at least be making custom Wheelhorses for good pay!
  5. You are some crazy dude! But brilliant! Kudos. I am sure you make many of us feel like amatures (which I am) but I hope your real profession is some kind of well paid Engineer. If not, why not? Larry Long Island, NY Thanks Lars, it will be quite a while until she if fully painted and even longer until the dozer blade is sorted.. But these thingys take their time.. You more than welcome to have a drive at Ardingly. It's been quite hard to get anything done on this build this week, Monday's fiasco with the 312 has left me very short on energy for the rest of the week but steps forward have been happening over the past couple of days. All the joins have been welded and ground down, the missing patch has been patched and the curve on the top of the fender has been straightened by clamping it upside down to something strong with a bit of box each end to raise it off the something strong. then applying too much force with a big G-clamp in the middle until it sprung back straight... I may of missed a few photo's of that process in action but here's one after straightening. One of the jobs on the fender I have been putting off is trimming the outer lip to the right height, mostly because I don't a narrow but long enough straight edge to mark it out with.. So today I decided enough was enough and grabbed a roll of masking tape...... The tape looked a lot straighter in real life than it does in the photo. Trimmed, de-burred and given a quick lick of paint..... Yep, really happy with how the fender looks. If I don't get out to the shack at the weekend, Monday I can start mounting the fenders and work out how to sort the bit of body just in front and behind the seat.
  6. Some snow pictures from Saturn

    Where are you on Long Island ? I just made two contacts here. I am in East Patchogue, I am emailing one in Brookhaven, A guy from Southhampton contacted me today who happens to know an older one also in Southhampton (Noyac). We should start a Long Island club. My email in the afternoons during the week is lryder@mdipower.com other times ryderlj@optonline.net Larry
  7. Great! Somehow filling tires with fluid seems WRONG but I guess I need to try it! Larry
  8. Could someone please clarify "filling tires" How do you do it and how do you undo it? Larry
  9. Hey Larry! I keep my boat in E.Patch at Sunset Harbor... (the old Dockside 500). Would love to get together to discuss Wheelhorses... I've been looking for somebody or a recomendation of a company around here that will do some work on my GT14. I'd like to get the linkages all tighted/tiddy'd up, they are all a bit loose and sloppy. I think it would run a bit better... Great! I live 1/4 mile East of the turn off to Sunset harbor. I have a terrific mechanic who works from his house on Orchard which is one block East of me. I'll be glad to intro you. My email in the afternoons is lryder@mdipower.com other times "ryderlj@optonline.net Feel free to email me there at those times. Larry
  10. Brookhaven is two towns from me (East patchogue). I recently started my horse collection after 3 craftsman which I still have. I have a 1979 C-121 with thrower, mower, bagger which was partially restored by prev owner. I am about to pick up another horse Saturday which needs some work. Maybe we could hook up in person and share horse stories. Larry
  11. C-121 tow valve problem

    Thanks, that is worth trying Larry Worth a try. Thanks
  12. C-121 tow valve problem

    Thanks Martin, I wish I had the access as shown in your pic. I can't even get a socket over it because it is wedged against a body part.and it has no slot. I guess I need to get it on a lift so I can get under better and try to fashion some permanent tool for it. I can't be putting it on a lift every time I need to roll it. The garage is under the house so we smell all exhausts so I would like to roll it out before I start it. Larry
  13. I have a C-121 with automatic tranny that cannot be rolled unless a valve is opened on the tranny. The problem is that the valve consists of a 5/16" square cap on a bolt that I find nearly impossible to access. I can get to it with some difficulty but the is not enough room to get a ratchet socket over it and not enough room to even maneuver an open end wrench to get it loose. It is wedged in behind the left rear tire and there are a lot of brackets and things around it. Any help? Larry
  14. Is the PTO pulley supposed to spin even when the PTO clutch is not engaged? Mine does, is there an adjustment necessary? Larry