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  1. Hello Everybody, friendly greetings from the Cologne / Bonn region in Germany. After looking around for several months I bought a 1978 Wheel Horse B-111 ( built in the Belgian plant). It´s in good condition, almost no rust and built like a tank. I continuously observe internet makets in Germany hoping to find earlier U.S. built Wheel Horse tractors. About once a month a B-111 or a B-81 is on offer, normally in poorer condition. The impression I get is that the Belgian built models from the mid-seventies were the first Wheel Horse tractors marketed seriously here in Germany where German built lawn & garden tractors e.g. Gutbrod, Holder and Hako cornered the market. Even John Deeres from the late sixties and early seventies are quite rare here. It looks like I´ll have to go to the U.K. to get a B-100 or something older. I wish you all a lot of pleasure this summer mowing with your Wheel horses. I love it and I´m always looking for excuses to use the tractor. As well as the original triple-bladed mowing deck, I have a matching trailer and a lawn-sweeper and I´m on the hunt for a suitable lawn spiker-aerator. Mowermike.