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  1. D-160 with bad vibration

    Thanks for responding .....so you think that the problem is internal rather than an alignment problem, is that correct ? .............Ray
  2. D-160 with bad vibration

    Goodmornin guys.... the vibration increases as the enging speed increases..... thanks ..........Ray
  3. D-160 with bad vibration

    Hello Rick....mine is an Onan.....
  4. D-160 with bad vibration

    Hello folks....well I had this vibration start a while back and I think it may have started after I found some of the motor mount bolts loose and retightened them...but I'm not sure if there is any movement in those mounting bolts or not. Could that have thrown the alignment between the hydrostatic trany and the motor out enough to cause such a vibtration or does the coupler usually take care of some miss alignment between the two ? There is also a oil leak that started about the same time. Is there a way to check the alignment between the two shafts of the tranny and motor ? I do know it is not getting any better and hope someone may have some info on what to try. Thanks for your time and help ..........................Ray
  5. Jackshaft and sprocket

    B) guys for all the info and ideas and I will check them out. Yesterday I went over to a friends shop and used his tig torch and rebuilt the tooth, ground and filed it back into shape, added a new bearing that looked bad and put it back together this morning. It may be able to handle the snow that they say is coming, time will tell. thanks again for your help.......................Ray
  6. Jackshaft and sprocket

    B) I hope your blowing this week went better than mine did. This was extremely heavy wet snow and the old sprocket had had enough. The model # is 6-7451 and toro says its no longer available. Would anyone have any suggestions as to where I might find a replacement jackshaft and sprocket ? One tooth broke in half and with such a small diameter gear the othe teeth can't pick up the slack and it throws the chain. Maybe someone might have an old parts blower out back with a good shaft.........Thanks for your help..............Ray
  7. Roller chain for a D snowblower

    Hey TX... I'm going thru the same with my D and it is a #40 and should be availabe at most good hardware stores or farm stores.......good luck....Ray
  8. 48" snow thrower drum gear

    Hello folks.......Well I'm probably not the only one with problems with their equipment this morning. That storm we just had trashed the chain and drum gear on my snow thrower after just a short 36 yrs. in northern Vt. The chain I can get at the hardware store, but toro says the gear is NA. It bolts on with 6 bolts has 45 teeth and a 2 in. arbor hole. The snowthrower model # is 6-7451. Would anyone know where I could get one of these gears or would someone possibly have one for sale. Thank you very much for your time...................Ray
  9. spindle bearing removal

    Sarge...things got crazy here, sorry about the slow response, but that sounds like a great tool to have in the box. I was able to get them out with the help of a little heat from my B-tank. Once the housing got warmed up a little, they tapped right out with a large socket and mallet. I really appreciate the all the help that everyone offers....it's the way it should be..thanks again Sarge....................................Ray
  10. spindle bearing removal

    Thanks for the info WH nut and I will try that and I assume that you would press them out the snap ring end. thanks again.........Ray
  11. spindle bearing removal

    Hello folks..just a quick question if I may....I am about to remove the old spindle bearings in my 48" side discharge wheel Horse deck after the key in the shaft blew a large chunk of the shaft apart and I figured as long as the shaft had to be replaced, I thought it would be a good idea to replace the bearings as well. So....I would like to know how to do that so I don't mess up the spindle itself. I checked about downloading the manual, it didn't seem to be available for downloading. Thanks for your time.............Ray
  12. my new find

    Duff ... It's nice to have guys that know what the heck their doin'..... Ray
  13. Sunstrand Hydo pump shaft replacement

    Well it's a good afternoon......I guess soaking with pb blaster for a couple of days and a much larger hammer did the trick, The pump and pump housing came apart without anything breaking yaho.... so now on to the next phase........ guys for all the time and help............enjoy the sunshine.......Ray
  14. Sunstrand Hydo pump shaft replacement

    Micah....Not sure if this is of any help, but the pump tag(Sunstrand) has 3 lines of #"s 90-1173 LH the 2nd line has 3102902-02, the 3rd line has 04-WH 23818. The model of the 1980 D-160 is 01-16os01.
  15. Sunstrand Hydo pump shaft replacement

    MIcah....from your picture, your pump is attached directly to the trans and mine is atached to the flywheel with a coupling. Mine is a D-160 and the manual didn't mention anything about hexscrews inside that had to be removed. Are our 2 setups different ??? a little confused....Ray