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  1. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    Ok, would be nice to build a loader on though. I'm gonna wait and see if another WH pops up in the future.
  2. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    What about a GT-14? They look pretty heavy and powerful? Only 'bad' thing is they are a hydro and not a 8-speed? Take a GT-14 over a 312-8 or not if shape and cost would be the same?
  3. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    Probably gonna check a 312-8 out with 295 hours on a Kohler Magnum at the end of the month. Needs a little work but it wouldn't be fun without that!
  4. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    Thanks. Yea I'm not in a hurry. Tbh, I had in mind to pay around €500-600 for one in good shape. I was surprised about some of the prices I've found on the internet. I don't need one that's in perfect order, there can be some work on it and that's not a problem but the transmission and motor should be fine (or almost fine) for that price imo. I need to wait till someone (not a collector) sells one. Someone who is only selling the WH and not the emotional connection he has with it. I do appreciate the help I'm getting here! Thanks for that! Typhke
  5. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    Thanks, the reason I'm asking is because I saw a Wheel Horse for sale but couldn't read the type. It had a Kohler Magnum and saw that both the 300 and 400 series are available with Magnums. Newer and bigger means more expensive I'll need to find a balance between the 2 to get best value for money.
  6. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    Btw, what's the difference between the 300 and 400 serie? If the motor and transmission are the same, size of the tires?
  7. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    The trailer I have now (also home-made) is perfectly balanced. I can load it up to around 2000 lbs and still push it around by hand on my own (without tipping it), so the tongue weight is perfect. I will place the axle to have the same effect on my custom made trailer. I would like to have a way for loading my custom made trailer, maybe a little crane/winch on the trailer or a little front loader on the tractor. But a front loader would probably be useful for a lot of things. It's not a must but ofc it would be handy. It's not yet clear for me what I'll do in the future but I want to keep as many options open as possible . So a possibility to run hydraulics would be nice. I'm not sure about the clutch and brake pedal, but I think they both have the 2. Other can answer this better than me I guess.
  8. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    It's a small trailer for a car but big for a little tractor. Should have pointed that out in the beginning. In the long run, it will need to pull a custom made trailer I'm working on. Still in the thinking fase though. It will be a sort of log trailer which will also be a sawhorse. The trailer won't be for road purposes so I can fully adapt it to the Wheel Horse.
  9. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    Yes I know. We had another trailer back when we had the 212-5. But the size was pretty much the same. The 212-5 pulled it over a longer distance (1.5x the distance, same environment) for years without problems. The last years, it started doing the same distance and it got problems with 3 gear. We almost always used 3rd gear for pulling and mowing (pretty good soil just a little up- and downhill). So it probably was just normal wear. But I'd rather be safe and have some extra gears because with a heavy trailer, 3rd gear would be just a little too high while 2nd was too low. I've already had a look at Scotts hitch. They look really heavy duty! Haven't checked the others yet. Will do! Thanks!
  10. Hi all!

    Btw, our Wheel Horse (212-5 I think) use to have a weight sensor under the seat so if the person driving wasn't heavy enough, he could not start the mower. Is that a common thing or model specific? My dad placed a little metal plate over it when I was still a little kid, so I could mow the grass. I remember that I had to stand up to push the clutch, but I was too late once and I almost drove against the house , got stuck in the hedge a meter from the house. :woohoo:
  11. Hi all!

    That would be also pretty expensive, I think. Don't know how easy to find they are in the UK though. But I think I'll find a good one over here for a reasonable price, if I keep an eye out for them on the right websites. I just started my search, I just need some time to spot a cheapie .
  12. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    To Duff and WheelHorseSteve: Yes, I've noticed that there are quite a few different opinions here and preferences. The main point that I take from here, is that there are a bunch of guys willing to help! Thanks for that! Next to that, that a 8-speed will do and with some horsepower I'll be fine. It's easy for me to give you all the asking price but of course there is more to it than that. I do like the fact that I can maybe buy a Wheel Horse from a member here, that gives me some security on how the maintenance is done. On the other hand, I'll pay for that in cash. No matter what, it nice too know someone in the neighborhood with the knowledge and love for Wheel Horses. I've made this topic with 3 options to buy and already have the feeling that I learned a lot (also on the rest of the forum). Due to the fact I'm a student, I'll be occupied till the end of the month. So I've got some time to look around and I'm not in a hurry to buy a Wheel Horse. But using the 3 given options, I learned some more about the differences and what I should be looking for. I can still think about it and learn a lot before I buy one. May be one from a member (if they aren't sold by then), may be from someone else. We'll see and I'll keep you all posted Don't want to 'close' the topic here so more opinions are always welcome!
  13. Wow, looks like a really strong hitch! Nice work! Maybe I'll need to get one in the future, first get a Wheel Horse ;)
  14. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    Ok, it will be an 8-speed for sure. The trailer I would be pulling is bigger than the one that nylyon has. It's 3' 1/2 x 6 1/2 running on car tires (with air ), so a small car trailer. Weight won't go over 1500 lbs or 700 kg. Yea stopping will put some pressure on the tractor but it's a flat area where I can stop so that helps. Was thinking of using logs to drive against with the trailer wheels when braking. So they take the load instead of the tractor.
  15. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    The D200 is no longer a competitor, I passed the sellers details to wh1257 because he was looking for a D200 and the seller isn't thinking about negotiating the price so out of my league. Meanwhile, wh1257 offered me a C-111 (without mower deck) with a new B&S engine on it for €800. There may be an other competitor coming but I'm still waiting on some info about that one. So the 3 choices are now (all 8-speed): C-111 new B&S engine, no mower deck: €800 C-121 Kohler engine, new battery, with mower deck: €850 416 Kohler engine, check picture: €1250 @ Sparky: these older garden tractors are pretty rare over here. Don't see them that often and a little but good Kubota, Iseki,... would be at least €2500. I'll be mainly using it to drive wood from the front of the house to the back, that means 50% on cobblestones and 50% on the lawn. So the tires are not an advantage for me, but they do look good Thanks for all the input! Great responses, learning a lot!