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  1. Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    I am hoping we can develop this into a yearly gathering of Indiana and close by Horses. I will have my autism horse there and I hope to pick up a second one for my wife to ride this spring. Beautiful tractors BTW. Mike the Aspie
  2. Kohler Block Heaters, Any good Ideas?

    A Kohler not starting in the cold is due for an ignition tune up. Seen it all the time when I was wrenching on these for a living Cold brings out the worst in battery ignition systems. Key switch failures, condensor and points giving up ect
  3. Those proud moments!

    Love it, just love it. I can plow snow in any gear, at idle with my 6.5hp Yanmar diesel powered Commando 8. Only reason I throttle up is the get the cylinder temp up so she stops smoking and doesn't start wet stacking from running cold to much. Need to find the small slot hitch moldboard plow this coming spring. Thanks for posting!
  4. Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    Ok, guys and gals, who can commit to bringing some horses to this years show so the gentleman can get an idea, as well if you know someone with WH parts to sell. Lets try to get something started, even if its in a small way this year and build into something really nice
  5. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Here is my Horse, just before the weather turned cold. no snow removal pics, first storm was brutal cold, just plow and get back indoors, second good storm this week, I have the flu and am not going outdoors! Mike the Aspie
  6. Snow plowing

    Mine is a genuine Yanmar 6.6hp diesel and has intake preheater grids like a dodge/cummins powered pickup truck
  7. Snow plowing

    Should be getting our first pushable snow this weekend. Lots like play time on Christmas eve here in north central Indiana. Calling for 1-3 with most melting on the pavement today and 2-4+ tomorrow and sticking. Gotta put the Horse's battery on the charger, has a bad cell and goes dead if I don't run the horse every few days. Got the recoil start just in case though. Gotta love a short frame foot dragger for snow duty, small and easy to get around. With those rubber link chains, I have yet to get hung up in past winters. This is the first winter with diesel power under the hood though. No issues starting so far, even in the teens temp wise I didnt need the intake heater Mike the Aspie
  8. Hot exhaust pipe

    Sounds like its time to pull the head and decarbon the head, top of the piston and inspect the valves and valve seats for build up. If the engine is getting a bit tired, or the carb isnt up to spec, she might be getting really carboned up and this is causing the exhaust valve to stick. Sticking exhaust valves are a common problem on aging engines. A bit of marvel mystery oil in the gas helps but the real fix is to overhaul the engine and get it back to factory specs. This includes reaming the valve guides to remove the carbon that gets down in them, espically the exhaust side.
  9. Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    Speaking of Eric! Now is up to the RS group to make it happen. I will bring my horse! This is an excellent place guys for a warm up to the big one out east or for those that are unable to make the long drive to PA. Mike
  10. Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    The Fulton Co group is very interested. Do we have someone here up that way that is willing to be the point man and get together with thier board and help me put this together? They want to know how many vendors(if we can get one or two guys to bring stuff to sell, or more that 2 would be wonderful) along with a rough idea how many tractors might show up. With my social difficulties due to my disorder, this is one area I need help in. Via email I can handle, in person, not so much. Thanks for the help in advance. I hope we can make it happen Mike the Aspie
  11. Commando 8 diesel exhaust set up

    Never cared for the motorcycle exhaust turned into a stack. If I do anything different it will be one of those custom jobs that he sells. And yes, I would keep the horizontal set up she has now. Not planning to change anything right away, its working well and not loud. How well is your clone holding up. I have seem them do ok, and others not last 50 hours of use if that much. Mine is a genuine Yanmar L70ae out of a surplus military gen-set. Mike the Aspie
  12. Commando 8 diesel exhaust set up

    Looks good!! All loud sound is very painfull for me due to sensory issues. I wear ear muff protection all day at work, anytime we go to concerts or sporting events and when I run the horse at full power. I am ok(usually) just idling around swap meets pulling my friend on his sulkey. But I do take them along as if I am having a rough day already, the excess noise might cause a meltdown. Mike the Aspie
  13. Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    The problem is, Rochester is usually the weekend before the WHCC show. Are the dates anounced yet for next years big show? That would help as i research what show we could possible use for an initial midwest gathering
  14. Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    I would love to do a raffle or fundraising to benefit either Autism Speaks or a local group in that area that helps others on the spectrum like I am. Many ways we could raise money for this excellent cause. Plus bring attention to the fact that the disorder does not go away when the child turns 18 or goes off thier parents insurance. This fact is often not talked about much with all the focus on childhood treatment, therapy and support. Just an idea. The Rochester show might be a good spot to have the first gathering. The Great Midwest Gathering of the Herd, Wheel Horses that is!
  15. Commando 8 diesel exhaust set up

    That is the one reason I have resisted the urge to put a stack on her. I found that muffler thats on her now at the summer Portland, IN show/swap. It has an insulated lagged outer cover like a steam locomotive boiler, flows nicely(important on a diesel) and is very quiet(unlike the knocking diesel under the hood!!). If she was a long frame, I would have put a factory style WH under hood exhaust on her, with some adaption to reach the exhaust port on the diesel. Not enough room for that in the nose of a short frame. Mike the Aspie