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  1. Harbor Freight Mini Tire Changer Eval

    I saw a tire INFLATING trick on another forum a while back that I thought was worth mentioning.. Sometimes we don't have the time to make props to expand the tire and wait for days for the tire to "re-form" to something that again resembles a tire ! If you have a tire that is shipped flat.. ( especially a wheel barrow tire), try this.. Use duct tape to cover any holes in the wheel and also cover the center axle hole... ( One or two layers of tape, depending on the quality of the duct tape you are using.) Use the tape on the side OPPOSITE of the wheel that has the valve stem ! Find a corresponding size bucket / sturdy container (without holes to leak air) that has an opening SLIGHTLY larger in diameter than the wheel you have.. ( Assuming you have mounted the new tire..) Place the wheel with mounted tire over the top of the bucket (valve stem up) and press down firmly enough to form a seal between the rim of the bucket and the sidewall of the tire.. When pressing down, you are forcing the top bead of the tire onto the wheel.. As you begin to inflate the tire, the bucket fills with air and creates pressure that will expand the bottom bead onto the rim.. With a little patience and some duct tape, you will have the problem tire mounted and be on your way !
  2. For an insert, you may be able to use a piece of standard 3/4" copper plumbing pipe.. I have used this trick several times in the past.